Local Strippers Also Horrified by Long Island Nursing Home That Hired a Male Dancer

Photo via Ray, Mitev & Associates
The classiest news story of the week comes to us from West Babylon, Long Island, where a man named Franklin Youngblood is suing his mother Bernice's nursing home, on the grounds that they hired a male stripper to perform for the residents. Youngblood is suing East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on behalf of both himself and his mother, alleging that the strip show caused "disrespect, dishonor, embarrassment, ridicule and humiliation" in the residents, as well as "loss of dignity."

Franklin states in his suit, filed by attorney John Ray, that he went to visit his mother in January of 2013. It was then that he discovered the photo you see above, depicting a muscular, tighty-whitey-clad gentleman leaning over Bernice, hands on the back of her wheelchair, "clutching a wad of bills," as the suit notes. The elderly woman on Bernice's left, Franklin adds, "appear[ed] to be crying."

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Rick's Cabaret Strippers Won the Right to Minimum Wage, But Some Dancers Think It'll Only Make Things Worse

Image via Rick's New York
The hottest trend in the nation's strip clubs is the dancers suing the pants off their employers. Latest case in point: Rick's Cabaret, conveniently located right near beautiful scenic Penn Station, and the site of a three-year-long stripper vs. management wage and hour lawsuit. On Tuesday, a federal judge sided with the strippers, ruling that they are employees of the club and deserve to be paid a minimum hourly wage . But will the lawsuit actually make working conditions at the club any more fair? On Stripper Web, a private forum for dancers, the reaction to the Rick's ruling was highly skeptical. Working strippers have seen these lawsuits before, and they've learned to be wary.

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First Ever In-House Strip Club Coming to Atlantic City, the City's Future Apparently Depends On It

Photo Credit: duncan via Compfight cc
Welcome to your Tuesday in cockamamy headlines. The Associated Press' "Bust to Boom: Can Strippers Save Atlantic City?" asks you, gentle reader to consider the following: Will a giant strip club buoy the failing economy of the East Coast's capital of vice?

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Lap Dances Officially Not "Art," Court Rules

Categories: Art, Strip Joints
Sorry, strippers -- rubbing your asses on strangers is officially not "art" thanks to a ruling by the New York State Court of Appeals this morning (yes, the court actually had to decide whether lap dances are "art").

In a 4-3 ruling, the Court ruled that lap dances are not tax-exempt works of art the way other performance art forms -- like ballet -- are.

How the case reached the state's highest court is somewhat sleazy -- as we reported last month, the lawsuit is little more than a creative way for an Upstate strip club to get out of paying taxes.

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Upstate Strip Club Ready For Obama's Visit: "U.S. Secret Service Welcome"

Albany Proper
President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Albany tomorrow and a local strip club isn't missing the chance to cash in on the visit by inviting the Secret Service to enjoy some topless (hopefully legal) entertainment.

Shenanigans, located on Central Avenue in Albany, is your run-of-the-mill strip club (which we may or may not have visited in our younger years). From our experience, there's no sex in the champagne room, so a trip to the club might keep any horny Secret Servicemen from exchanging cash for sex (or failing to exchange cash for sex, which is what got a few of Obama's protectors in so much trouble down in Columbia a few weeks ago).

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Christians Pole Dance in the Name of Jesus [Video]

Thumbnail image for stripper-pole.JPG
Trend watch! There's a fun new way to celebrate your body, which, after all, God made, which means that celebrating your body is really celebrating God, and are you a Christian or are you a Christian? Via The Frisky, "Pole Fitness for Jesus" lessons are set to "Christian music" (Stryper?), and women attending such lessons say inspirational things like, "God gives us these bodies and they are supposed to be our temples and we are supposed to take care of them and that's what we are doing," "I feel a spiritual connection," and "Hook low and then you just bring it through." Watch and learn.

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Veniamin Gonikman, Smuggler of European Girls to U.S. Strip Clubs, Finally Busted

Veniamin Gonikman
​Veniamin Gonikman, sought by U.S. immigration officials for trafficking in Eastern European girls and making them work in U.S. strip joints, was finally busted yesterday by ICE. Not that ICE really did anything but arrest him when he got off a plane at JFK that everyone knew he was on. The 55-year-old goniff Gonikman had been deported Wednesday from the Ukraine, where, though he's a U.S. citizen, he has his roots.

Check out the 2007 Capitol Hill testimony on human trafficking by "Katya" about Gonikman's smuggling her from the Ukraine. She thought she was coming to the U.S. to be a waitress in Virginia. That's not where she wound up.

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