Why Is the NYPD Gassing the Subway?

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Today is an airflow study day in the New York subway system. That means that, mixed in with the 4.3 million riders who board the subway on any given day, there will be about 150 researchers conducting an experiment that the NYPD hopes will equip officers with the information they need to respond if there is a terrorist attack on our subway system.

Tokyo, 1995: Sarin gas released on multiple subway lines kills 13; 50 more are severely injured, thousands suffer from temporary blindness. Madrid, 2004: Coordinated bombings strike a commuter rail line, killing 191, wounding 1,800. London, 2005: A series of bombs triggered during the morning rush kill 52, injure 700. Subways are a favored target for terrorists, and New York has one of the busiest subway systems in the world.

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New G Train Ridership Stats Prove Why a Full Line Review Is Needed ASAP

A few months ago, we learned that the MTA would bow to the demands of everyone and finally take a look at the dreaded G train. You know, the Crosstown Express, the green one, the one that comes whenever the hell it wants. A full line review and decision will come in July and, if yesterday's news is any sign, there's no better time for this subway to get a makeover.

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Photo Essay: It Happened on the NYC Subway

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A princess rides the F train

Usually, New York City's labyrinthine subway system is just transportation. But sometimes magic happens, and I was lucky enough to have my camera when these odd scenes occurred. In doing so, I was inspired by Walker Evans, who worked for the Farm Security Administration during the Great Depression. From 1938 to 1941 he made a series of surreptitious subway photos by concealing a Leica 35mm camera in his overcoat, outfitted with a lens that shot at right angles. I used a small point-and-shoot, too, often undetected by the subjects of these photos, which were made between 2009 and 2012..

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Chill, Guys, No One's Trying to Scalpel Your Pup

Twitter user @thomasgensemer
Have you seen these Puppylift ads on the subway recently? From a distance, they appear advertise plastic surgery for dogs, asking, "Is your dog a 'total dog'?" They also display pre- and post-facelift pics of a client's furry friend.

It's enough to make sleepy commuters double-take. On closer examination, though, there are hints the ad isn't for real. For instance, the quote splashed across the center of the ad -- "When push comes to shove, I wouldn't trust my dog's plastic surgery to anyone but Dr. Armond!" -- is attributed to a fictional character on TV's Kroll Show.

Also, the doggy surgery clinic's website, Puppylift.com, redirects to Comedy Central's website. Fact-checking on the subway is tricky though, considering most phones don't get 3G service underground, which has helped trick MTA passengers into thinking the ads are real.

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Going Rate to Lick Entire New York City Subway Railing: $1

Congratulations! You've got hepatitis!
You know that thin, slimy film of what we can only assume is liquid hepatitis found on just about every piece of metal in the entire New York City subway system? You probably don't know what it tastes like, do you?

Well, YouTube's latest "star" does, and that's because he licked an entire subway railing -- literally, the entire thing -- and he did it for one dollar.

We watched the video -- and threw up in our mouths a little bit. And you can, too, after the jump.

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Will Subway Stations Soon Have Wifi?

Subway fares might be going up, The MTA's capital plan might be funded by debt, and the city's mass transit lines might be overrun by rats but hey, commuting in New York might not be all bad.

Boingo and Transit Wireless will start hooking up wifi in the city's subway stations over the next five years, according to an announcement today.

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Saturday Subway Fun: Stats Show Crime, Ridership Up

A lot of news this morning about our favorite thing to love, hate and love-hate: the subway system. So, what's new below ground? Oh, just your usual multitudes of people, crime and service issues. We'll rattle off some of the specifics. First up, MTA stats are showing that 2012 has been a boon for below-ground criminals. What NY1 calls "major subway felonies" have gone up 30 percent this January opposed to January 2011. As a point of comparison, 85 robberies occurred last month when only 64 did in same time frame last year. Why? NY1 has police saying it's because people are eying those shiny things on laps and in hands. That's right, people are looking to nab gadgets, so hold onto your iPhone tightly!

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MTA Plans 59 More Nights of Subway Closures This Year

subway changes .png
Brace yourselves -- MTA plans at least 59 more nights of subway closures this year under its new FasTrack program. In total, that adds up to 413 hours of limited service on certain subway lines. Every month this year (except August and December) will see at least one major line shut down for repairs overnight during the work week.

Carmen Bianco, the MTA's senior vice president of subways, told the NY Daily News:

"We know it's an inconvenience to our customers and we apologize for the inconvenience. Hopefully, our customers will only have to walk a block, or two blocks at the most, to get alternate service."
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Straphangers Sang Whitney Houston On The Subway Last Night

Usually when we post videos of things that happen on the subway, they show the underbelly of New York's underbelly. But sometimes lovely moments do happen on trains, like the one above via Gothamist. Last night, after news of Whitney Houston's death spread people on the 2 train responded with an impromptu "I Will Always Love You" sing-a-long.

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New York's Ugliest Rat Calls Seventh Avenue Station Home

via Rat Free Subways
Let's face it -- as New Yorkers, we have certainly seen our fair share of ugly rats. They're in the parks, in the subway, and if you're particularly unlucky, in your apartment building.

But this rat -- this rat is the ugliest, at least according to the Transit Workers Union, which ran a photo contest to find the ugliest rat in the city. This particular rat, found at the Seventh Avenue station, won the race with a score of 4.8 out of 5 (somewhere between "ugly" and "beastly").

TWU started the contest as a way to bring more attention to the rat problem in city subway stations. As stated on the Rat Free Subways website (be warned -- probably not for the rodent-averse):

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