Will de Blasio Scrap the New Outer Borough Taxi Cab System?

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You're walking down the street, and you pass a cab. Nothing out of the ordinary, it seems, except instead of the traditional yellow the cab is painted a sickly neon green. You rub your eyes. Yup, still green. That's because you've just happened upon an Outer Borough Taxi, one of more than 1,000 already on the road since the program opened in June. For those of us who live in the outer boroughs (read: most of us), this is welcome news: There's nothing worse than standing on a street corner for 20 minutes waving your hands around like and idiot trying to catch a yellow cab that will never come. So why might Bill de Blasio shut down the program when he transitions into office?

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Taxi Cab Jumps Curb in front of 30 Rock, Severing A Woman's Legs and Injuring One Other Victim

The scene of the accident from above.
A taxi cab jumped the curb in front of 30 Rockefeller Center at approximately 11:30 a.m. FDNY has confirmed that at least one victim, listed as 23 years old in numerous reports, lost at least one leg in the crash.

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Uber App Gets Thumbs-Up to Hail Yellow Cabs

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On Friday, New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission approved the savvy, San Francisco-based Uber as the first app New Yorkers can use to hail yellow medallion taxi cabs. After nearly a year of delays, the announcement marks the start of a year-long pilot program, during which the TLC will be able to experiment with different "e-hail" providers.

Since 2010, legions of drunk, lost, or tightly scheduled San Franciscans have been using Uber to hail luxury cabs without standing in the middle of the street and trying to flag them down. The app operates like a map, showing users which cabs that have signed up for the service are closest to them. From there, it only takes a few finger swipes to arrange for one of those cabs to come pick a traveler up.

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The Best Passages From This Weekend's Reddit AMA With a NYC Cabbie

The Ask Me Anything forum on Reddit allows users of the insanely popular (and insanely addicting) aggregation site to propose inquiries of all shapes and sizes to the character in interest. It's a Q&A for the masses and, seriously, the "anything" is highly stressed.

By now, we're sure you've heard of it. Why? Because the President has done one. And so has a participant on MTV's deceased wonder "Pimp My Ride." Pretty much everyone currently significant in pop culture has signed on for the ride.

But, last weekend, the AMA was localized for our viewing pleasure. On Friday, the Reddit community welcomed a 26-year-old cabbie from the Big Apple with open arms. The twentysomething gave this description about himself:

I'm not the typical New York City cab driver. I'm younger and I was born and raised in the USA. I went to prep school and four year university. I have been moonlighting, sometimes heavily, for 3 years. I'm working full time now until the end of the summer when I'm quitting for good. I work the night shift.

Transportation truths we've all been thinking about definitely ensued. Here's a few that every New Yorker should read:

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Cabs Will Have On & Off Lights Now So You Won't Have To Yell At Them

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It's happened to all of us (and, for whatever the reason, always when we're in a rush): standing in the middle of an avenue, hailing down a cab in the later hours of night and having numerous cabs fly by you, waving their hand in a gestural "Tough luck" sort of way. And, of course, the later realization that the cab you're flailing your hand at is 'off duty' but that always comes when it's too late. Luckily, the last part will now be a thing of the past.

Yesterday, the Taxi and Limousine Commission voted 7-1 to put some new lights on the yellow machines that grace our streets. And they will only include two options: medallion light on, medallion light off.

No more 'off duty' or any of the other Rockefeller-Center-like light shows that some of these taxis put on. This, of course, is following that classic New Yorker mentality that every taxi cab is out to make your day worse by not noticing that you're in a rush. And this rush, of course, is indicated by how fast your waving that hand of yours. Because taxi drivers are telepathic; don't forget that.
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Taxis

City officials are considering raising taxi fares by 17 percent, which has made cabbies very happy.

Today, the New York Post reports that cabbies would be made even happier with more money: They want a $1 surcharge during rush hour, up from the current $.50 cost.

If a compromise can be reached, the Taxi and Limousine Commission might vote on these proposals as early as July. Of course, the bargaining process between the TLC, drivers union, and medallion owners isn't seamless -- from disagreements over vehicle rental rates to health insurance pools, these negotiations have had as many bumps in the road as New York City cabs' storied history.

In the spirit of this ever-changing institution, we would like to present 15 things you didn't know about taxis.

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Assembly Member Micah Kellner: 'Taxi of Tomorrow' Is the 'Cathie Black' of Cabs (UPDATE)

New York's Taxi of Tomorrow, said to be a big step up from the Crown Vic fleet circulating the city, might be so yesterday.

That's because embattled mayoral candidate/ Comptroller John Liu, who has become very vocal on a variety of issues as his campaign progresses, will not ink the agreement unless the cabs are wheelchair accessible. Other local pols have banded behind him.

Liu said at a press conference today that New York must take after cities such as London, and that Mayor Michael Bloomberg botched an opportunity to right a wrong "that New Yorkers with disabilities have been fighting to achieve for nearly two decades." (Note: The Voice didn't attend, but was provided with participants' comments.)

He also claimed the future taxi currently presents legal challenges, saying: "Requiring cabs to have independent passenger climate controls is nice, but when you fail to make them accessible to a growing number of New Yorkers, it's not just a slap in the face, it's illegal. We will send back any plan that does not uphold the civil rights demanded by the Americans with Disabilities Act."

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New York City's New Boro Taxis Are Green -- Apple Green, That Is

green taxi.JPG
Sam Levin
The new "apple green" Boro Taxi, unveiled at City Hall this morning.
It's not lime green, not key lime pie green, not sea-foam green, nor is it chartreuse. Nope. The city's new taxi for upper Manhattan and the outer boroughs, unveiled this morning, is apple green.

The mayor's office emphasized this specific shade of green at a press conference at City Hall this morning by having a basket of green apples on site and one prop apple at the podium that speakers could hold on to and toss in the air if they wanted, to emphasize that this new taxi is in fact "apple" green -- a topic of much debate among reporters in attendance.

In front of the steps of City Hall, the mayor's office took the cover off a model of the new taxi, which looks a lot like the yellow taxis, only it's (apple) green.

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New York's Taxi of Tomorrow: What's Missing from The Cab of The Future

New York has supposedly stepped into the future with high-tech taxis which, sadly, are nothing like the vehicles in The Fifth Element.

Anyway, the City will soon have a new official fleet of Nissan NV200 cabs, which will feature amenities such as sliding doors, skylights, USB cell phone chargers, GPS, and odor-resistant(?) upholstery.

While some herald the end of the Crown Vic era as a step in the right direction, there's clearly lots of room for improvement -- aside from making these cabs more Korben Dallas-like. Runnin' Scared's expert team has come up with a list of features that must be added to these Nissans immediately.

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The Longest Taxi Ride Ever Makes a Stop in New York City

Sometimes the best ideas come to you while you're sitting drunk in the back of a taxi cab.

At least that's how it happened with three adventure-seeking buddies from England who are riding a taxi across the globe in an effort to break the world record for longest taxi ride ever.

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