Rookie, Tavi Gevinson's Teen Girlmag, Is Here

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via Rookie
Tavi Gevinson, the teenage fashion blogger and budding media mogul, has launched her new online magazine for adolescent girls. Rookie is here, it has a cool vintage-y design, and the first issue features contributions from big names like Sady Doyle, Dan Savage, Joss Whedon, and Zooey Deschanel. There are a handful of articles so far, from a roundup of different adults recounting their first year of high school to a back-to-school fashion editorial featuring girls who are impossibly chic for high-schoolers. Overall, Rookie looks to be miles ahead (aesthetically and substance-wise) of most media targeted towards teenage girls.

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Teen With Learner's Permit Hits Nevins Street Subway Station

Learning to drive can be an embarrassing experience. One or both of your parents is in the car with you clinging to the armrests for dear life, you are being cursed relentlessly by surrounding drivers, and your mistakes are very public. That's why we kind of pity this kid who crashed into the Nevins Street subway station in Brooklyn yesterday. The teenager was driving with his father on Flatbush Avenue when he, according to the New York Post, "lost control, jumped the curb and smashed into the railing and sign."

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New York Democrats Want to Send Sexting Teens to a 'Reform Program'

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In a bit of news that got passed over yesterday because of some adult sexting, New York state is working on a bill that would send teens caught with naked photos to an "educational reform program" instead of it being a criminal offense. Proposed by the Democrats, the "Cyber Crime Youth Rescue Act" is meant to be more lenient, so sexting kids don't have to be charged with possessing or spreading child pornography and register as sex offenders just for exploring their bodies together with technology; New Jersey has already made similar steps.

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Study Suggests Teen Internet Addiction Leads to Drug Use

Lately, it seems as if everything has to be turned into a diagnosis and a treatment. Trouble sleeping? You probably have restless leg syndrome. Bored at work? You probably have ADHD. Check your Facebook a bit too often? You probably have an internet addiction. And while we won't deny a mild case of internet dependency, it seems a mite overboard that a study conducted on more than 3,500 Connecticut high schoolers found that "problematic internet use" could lead to future issues with drugs and aggression.

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Modern-Day Romeo and Juliet Missing in Florida

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Nicole and Jackson.
A high school couple are sought by police in Florida after having disappeared two days after their senior prom. Jackson Powell, 18, and Nicole Dones, 17, are believed to have run away together due to their families' disapproval of their precociously serious relationship. They've been missing since April 18. More »

Sexting Today: Teenagers Are Awful, the Times Reports

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The New York Times is tackling the issue of "sexting" among teens today, joining the ranks of newspapers and magazines tackling sexting over and over and over again. Anything new this time around?

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An Epidemic Of Scantily Clad Teen Girls?

Hey, here's a new thing: teenage girls wearing revealing clothing. That doesn't sound like teenage girls! The Wall Street Journal has a far-out opinion piece about the phenomenon. Jennifer Moses, the author of Bagels and Grits: A Jew on the Bayou and Food and Whine: Confessions of a New Millennium Mom, wonders: "Why do so many of us not only permit our teenage daughters to dress like this--like prostitutes, if we're being honest with ourselves--but pay for them to do it with our AmEx cards?" More »

Staten Island Teen Dealer Can't Outrun a Horse or Legally Sell Weed Out of a Mayo Jar

A Staten Island teenager was given a summons for carrying a mayonnaise jar filled with weed. We didn't realize that "Hellmann's Medical Strength" had come out yet, but it sounds great. The teen was meeting with a group of kids his age in a shady part of Miller Field on Staten Island and the cops noticed. Everyone scrambled when they saw the two officers approaching on horseback, but the dealer decided to bolt. Running away from the cops is never a good idea -- especially if they're on horseback. Police Lt. Bryan Waite told the Staten Island Advance, "He tried to run. You're not going to outrun a horse."More »

Scary Teens Are Bullying the Wrong People

Teenagers usually get yelled at for doing drugs, drinking, cheating on their homework, and having premarital sex. But nowadays, those are just things their "boring older siblings" did "like five years ago." So what does the generation that follows the 16 and Pregnant generation do to get some attention around here? Things their older brothers and sisters would never imagine doing.

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Eleven Percent of This Memphis High School is Pregnant

Pregnant teens! Here, there, and now here: Frayser High School in Memphis can now boast that the 90 (!) girls who were pregnant or had a baby this year comprise 11 percent of the student body.

That's a whole lot! The Daily News can't control its urge to apply the word "epidemic." But why is it happening? The same old reasons that get dredged out every time something like this happens, of course.

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