Study: Texting's Popularity Didn't Surge This Year Overall

According to a new study by the Pew Research Center, texting -- beloved, good old American texting -- is starting to be slightly less new and exciting. The average number of texts per day sent and received by Americans only increased a tiny bit this year, though it's still more than 40. (Forty! For real.) It's no surprise that teenagers are still texting their hearts out and old people still don't know how. Some relatively astonishing figures:

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Sexting Today: Teenagers Are Awful, the Times Reports

teens sexting.jpg
The New York Times is tackling the issue of "sexting" among teens today, joining the ranks of newspapers and magazines tackling sexting over and over and over again. Anything new this time around?

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Google Creates "Speak-to-Tweet" Service for Egypt; Noor Group Shut Down; Mobile Service to Go Next

Google has created a "speak-to-tweet" service to allow people in Egypt to tweet with just a voice connection. Via the official Google blog, you can tweet without an Internet connection by leaving a voicemail on one of these international phone numbers (+16504194196 or +390662207294 or +97316199855); the service will instantly tweet the message using the hashtag #egypt. You can also listen to the messages by dialing the same phone numbers or by going to

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Do Not Try to Buy Your Drugs from Crime Stoppers

A New York man with a hankering for drugs and a very twitchy finger made a major misdial, reaching Crime Stoppers instead of his intended target. Which is one way of cutting to the chase. Despite the sheriff answering the phone "Crime Stoppers," the man still announced he was looking to score some drugs and requested a hookup. Ultimately the hapless caller was used as an informant, but not arrested himself, probably because there was no point. You live, you may or may not learn. [via AP/Yahoo News]

Sexting's New Extreme: Young People Can't Stop with the Mid-CoitiuSMS

The "Kids" these days! They're so easily distracted. Even, apparently, from sex. Because some of them are picking up their phone and texting while having it.

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The Most Epic Hipster Break-Up Text Message, Ever: The Interview!

A week or so ago, we found something fairly legendary as far as Texts From Last Night -- or any night, or time of the week -- are concerned: a breakup text so absurd, so superficially cruel, we couldn't not invoke The Sacred H-Word. It was -- and still remains -- The Most Epic Hipster Breakup Text Message Ever. And now we know where it came from, and who received it.

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The Most Epic Hipster Break-Up Text Message, Ever

File this under legendary Texts From Last Night, as what you're about to see is one of those rare circumstances where it's absolutely impossible not to invoke The Sacred H-Word. Assuming this is real, this is dictionary-definition-level Capital-H Hipsterism and Cultural Snobbery, taken to an entirely new level. UPDATE! We found the recipient of the text!

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