Mohammed Wali Zazi, Dad of Subway Bomb Plotter Najibullah Zazi, Gets Prison

Mohammed Wali Zazi, whose son Najibullah plotted to bomb the subway, could get up to 40 years in prison for destroying evidence and lying to cops, according to the Associated Press (via Wall Street Journal.)

Najibullah earlier admitted that he started making bombs in his Denver house and plotting attacks several years ago, after coming back from a trip to Pakistan.

In September 2009, he drove to New York and planned on attacking the subway in an Al Queda-sanctioned "martyrdom operation," but ran back to Colorado when he released he was being tailed by the FBI.

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Al Qaeda Hit List Names Specific People, Wall Street Firms, Think Tanks and More

A new website tied to Al Qaeda includes a detailed "hit list" of 40 names and 26 photos of powerful Americans, urging terrorists to attack them at home, NBC New York reports. The FBI alerted the people on the list, as well as law enforcement, of the website, which they say "is aspirational and it's unknown if the threat will progress beyond these discussion forums." NBC declined to name anyone targeted, but teases that it features not only politicians, but Wall Street firms, think tank members and military contractors -- leaders of all kinds "in government, industry and media." New York State Homeland Security Director Michael Balboni calls the threat "much more specific, individual targeting than we've seen before," but stresses, "You don't want to scare people." Too late! [NBC NY]

Photos of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Co. Watching Osama Bin Laden Mission

Screen shot 2011-05-02 at 5.25.22 PM.jpg
The official White House photographer Pete Souza captured a dramatic series of images yesterday, May 1, 2011, in the Situation Room of the White House as President Barack Obama gathered with Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other national security team members while they received updates from the mission that ultimately killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. If you're like us, you've consumed thousands of words of news and analysis today on the subject, clamoring for details of the attack, but few so far do as much as the faces above to tell the story. Another moving photo of Obama after the jump.

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Man Who Vowed to Grow Beard Until Osama Bin Laden Was Killed Finally Gets to Shave

This may be the only facial hair-related Osama Bin Laden story of the day (correct us if we're wrong!). Bin Laden's death had a singular meaning for an East Wenatchee, Washington, middle school science teacher named Gary Weddle. In the week that followed the September 11 attacks, Weddle simply forgot to shave. Then he vowed he wouldn't cut his beard until Bin Laden was either captured or proven dead, thinking it would only be a month or two until that happened. In the years that followed, he and his wife both really wanted that beard cut, but, as Weddle says, a vow is a vow. Finally, last night, they got their wish. It was not unemotional.

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Rudy Giuliani: Osama Bin Laden Was a 'Symbol,' But 'Symbols Are Really Important'

Thumbnail image for RudyGiulianiii.jpg
Rudy Giuliani, New York City's mayor on September 11, 2011, was reached for comment on Monday morning by Politico about the United States' killing of Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the historic attacks nearly ten years ago. "I feel a great deal of satisfaction that justice has been done, and I admire the courage of the president to make a decision like this because if something had gone wrong everyone would be blaming him," Giuliani said. "And I admire the courage and professionalism of our military intelligence officials who carried this out and this is a great victory against terror. nobody can minimize it. He was a symbol more than anything else right now but...symbols are really important." New York City's current mayor Michael Bloomberg released a statement on the death, as did New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. More from all three after the jump.

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FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists List: Osama Bin Laden Is Deceased; DNA Testing Confirms

You surely know at this point that Osama Bin Laden is dead, killed in a 40-minute operation that Barack Obama gave the final sign-off for on Friday. Bin Laden had been in a secure compound in Abbottabad, in Pakistan. U.S. officials report that at least three others were killed in the operation, including a man believed to be one of Bin Laden's sons and a woman who was used as a human shield by one of bin Laden's aides. The FBI Most Wanted Terrorists List, which notes that Bin Laden was wanted in connection with the 1998 bombings of several U.S. Embassies, has now been updated to indicate that he's deceased. Meanwhile, with "No body. No photograph or DNA evidence - at least, not yet" the conspiracy theories have begun. UPDATED: DNA test results are in. More after the jump.

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Osama Bin Laden Is Dead: Reports From Ground Zero This Morning [UPDATED]

Photos by Steven Thrasher
It was quiet and foggy at Ground Zero this morning -- the first New York had woken up to knowing Osama Bin Laden was dead -- but not entirely silent. By 5:30 a.m., the impromptu all night party was still going on in pockets, most noticeably in front of the 9/11 Memorial storefront preview space. But the party had turned into the same drunken dawn scene you might find outside of an Irish pub in the wee hours on March 18, or in Times Square any January 1. Only the hardcore dregs were left, and they weren't exactly painting representing American patriotism in the best light. (When one man tried to work a plug for his website into an interview, it was apparent that Ground Zero right now is an irresistible magnet for some as a viral marketing opportunity and a chance to be on TV.)

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New York City on Terrorism Watch After Osama Bin Laden Killing

Thumbnail image for 20101028_nypd.jpg
CIA Director Leon Panetta says that al Qaida will "almost certainly" attempt to get revenge for the killing of Osama bin Laden, and thus, nowhere are security officials on higher alert than in New York City today. The New York Post reports that the NYPD "will pay special attention to subways, Wall Street, Times Square, the Empire State Building and other tourist attractions, as well as federal courthouses." Police Commissioner Ray Kelley kept last night's midnight shift on through this morning in order to keep an eye on rush hour, while sending a "directive" to his officers, "ordering his 35,000 cops to keep their eyes peeled."

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Bin Laden Book Club: Terrorist's Recordings Recommend More Than Killing Americans

Sunday's New York Times includes a somewhat original, overlooked take on the most infamous terrorist in the world, the still-not-caught Osama bin Laden, who released two new audio recordings over the weekend. The article, instead of the standard "Where's Waldo?", focuses on bin Laden's "wide-ranging, idiosyncratic commentaries on current events," which include -- in 30 audio, video and text messages since late 2001 -- support for flood relief in Pakistan and shouts to former President Jimmy Carter. What else? Below is a list, so you can know what to avoid if you hope to remain a Real American.

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