5 Reasons Why Touré Is Wrong On Blacks, Gay Marriage and Obama

We like the idea of Touré, but as a person and concept, he's got two sides.

There's the Good Touré, who writes beautifully, gave us a nice shout out once, and frolics around the Brooklyn neighborhood we both live in with his adorable kids, while making bookstore appearances and tweeting furiously.

But then, there's the Bad Touré, who attributes off the wall crazy race tweets to a non-existent "PhD student/insane mf" cousin, thinks he's the only person to opine (or joke) about Trayvon Martin, and who'd even stoop to using anti-immigration bigotry to (poorly) try and bully Piers Morgan from reporting in America or even conduct an interview with George Zimmerman's brother. It's this Touré who seems destined to make news, whatever it is, whether it makes light of something he takes seriously or casts himself as the only African American (or American, or earthling) allowed to think or talk about race.

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Blackface, Genital Mutilation, and Cake Cutting in Sweden! Do They Add Up to Racism, Sexism, or Art?

Oh, my. We're not sure how we missed this story out of Sweden last week (which makes that country's Girl With The Dragon Tattoo read like Cinderella in comparison), but thanks to Channing Kennedy and Jorge Rivas at Color Lines, it came screaming at us this Monday morning.

So here's what appears to be, at first glance, something of a simple question:

When you combine someone painting themselves dark in blackface, putting their blackened face at the head of a cake made in the shape of a woman's body, then have someone else perform a female circumcision on the body and feed the baked-good genitals to the screaming, writhing blackfaced head, what's at play here?

Is it racism, sexism, or art? Or some bizarre combination of all three?

When this happened in Sweden of all places, last week, it turned out to be a not so simple question the more you delve into it.

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Neo-Nazis in Greenpoint: Hipster Hoax?

Picture 54.png
The Daily News wants to know: Are there neo-Nazis in Greenpoint?

The question comes about after a series of pics taken by Brooklyn photog Adam Krause apparently hit the web Monday evening, in which he chronicled five self-professed Polish neo-Nazis. Gawker seems to have broken the story, and did disclose that Klause is "a friend." The news site treated the scoop as true.

The Daily Mail quickly picked up Krause's saga, prompting him and his subjects to become the object of international attention.

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Papa John's Apologizes for 'Lady Chinky Eyes' Receipt

Yesterday, we reported on the Papa John's customer who was identified as "lady chinky eyes" on her receipt from a store on Broadway and 142nd Street. The above image comes from Papa John's Facebook account, and the terminated employee they refer to is reportedly a 16-year-old girl. Hopefully, this entire incident hasn't tarnished pizza's good name.

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Papa John's Receipt Lists Customer's Name as 'Lady Chinky Eyes' [UPDATE]

Minhee Cho, who is the Communications Manager for ProPublica, just tweeted a photo of a receipt from a Hamilton Heights Papa John's with her name listed as "lady chinky eyes." The picture, which can be seen in full after the jump, is from an in-store order placed last night. This looks to be part of the worst trend ever.

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Franchesca Ramsey, Vlogger, On Making "Shit White Girls Say...To Black Girls"

Yesterday, graphic designer, vlogger and comedian Franchesca Ramsey posted her video "Shit White Girls Say...to Black Girls," the latest (and to us, the funniest) YouTube video riff on "Shit Girls Say." It got over 1.5 million views its debut day. The Voice spoke to Ramsey by phone this morning to chat with her about her YouTube videos, being accused of hating white people (even though she's engaged to one), and her flap with Perez Hilton.

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Nivea Pulls Kerfuffle-Causing Racist Ad

nivea ad .jpg

The above ad is a part of Nivea's new "Look Like You Give a Damn" men's campaign. Is it racist? GOOD thinks so. So does Questlove, and BuzzFeed, and pretty much the whole Internet.

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"The Whites Have Become Black," British Historian Says About Riots

Oh dear. David Starkey, a British historian, was on BBC2's Newsnight and gave an assessment of The U.K. riots that has sparked controversy and contempt. Starkey, an expert on the Tudor dynasty who is responsible for a series of successful documentaries on the subject, said, "the problem is that the whites have become black." Was this narrow-minded, vague and offensive quote taken out of context? Full video after the jump, you be the judge.

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Andover's Rap Crew Was Not Invited to the Obama Hip-Hop Barbecue

andover hip hop bbq.jpg
In case you missed it, President Obama threw a "hip-hop barbecue" yesterday for his birthday, which somehow failed to create jobs. Or so shrieks this headline from Fox Nation, Fox News' aggregation organ. Non-hip-hop artists Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock performed while "Rome burned" (look at the URL). The race-baiting and unethically edited aggregation have been mentioned elsewhere, so we'll raise a somewhat different question: where was Philips Andover's stable of up-and-coming young rappers during the Obama Hip Hop BBQ, such an important event in the genre?

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Frank Borzellieri, Catholic School Principal, Linked to White Supremacist Group

frank borzellieri.jpg
Frank Borzellieri, a conservative writer and educator with ties to a white supremacist organization, is the principal of a Bronx Catholic school where most of the students are black or Latino, reports the Daily News. Borzellieri, 48, has been running Our Lady of Mount Carmel School for two years. He's also the author of a book called Don't Take It Personally: Race, Immigration, Crime and Other Heresies which outlines charming viewpoints of his like how "diversity is a weakness," and he's a former Queens school board member whose positions included a push to ban a biography of Martin Luther King Jr. from schools.

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