St. Mark's Bookshop Has Moved to East 3rd Street, Won't Be Called East 3rd Bookshop

The new location at 136 E. Third Street
It's been coming for a long time, but it still doesn't quite lessen the sting: St. Mark's Bookshop has moved from its longtime location on 3rd Avenue. The venerable bookseller had been battling its landlord, Cooper Union, for a number of years, trying without success to keep the school from raising their rent. But they are not, repeat, not gone for good: they've got a new shop location in the East Village, at 136 E. Third Street, between Avenue A and 1st Avenue. The move was made possible in part by an IndieGoGo campaign; bereaved book-lovers donated almost $52,000 to help out.

The bookshop staff reports on Facebook that they probably won't re-open until next week, the week of July 7. In the meantime, no one is mourning their departure from 3rd Avenue quite as keenly as Jeremiah Moss of Jeremiah's Vanishing New York. Moss petitioned passionately to save the bookshop when it was first endangered back in 2011. He notes that the store left behind a lovely Ted Berrigan poem in their window to say goodbye. And he's written St. Mark's a love letter of his own, which made us just a little prickly behind the eyes.

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Cooper Union Board Votes to Begin Charging Tuition in Fall 2014

Cooper Union's Board of Trustees voted Friday to move forward with plans to begin charging tuition in the fall of 2014. It was the second time the board has voted to implement tuition at the school that has remained tuition-free since its founding in 1859.

The first vote, in April 2013, ignited a firestorm among students and alumni, which culminated in a 65-day occupation of the college president's office. As part of negotiations to end that occupation, Cooper Union administrators promised to go back to the drawing board and "leave no stone unturned" in their efforts to keep Cooper Union free.

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Cooper Union Board Refuses to add Student Rep; Cooper Union Students not Pleased About it

"Board of Trustees, you have made a terrible mistake."
When Cooper Union students ended their 65-day occupation of university president Jamshed Bharucha's office in July, it was with a certain understanding.

They understood the administration would create a working group of students, faculty, and alumni that had until December 2013 to "leave no stone unturned" in its effort to keep Cooper Union free. They understood the administration would open a communal space for students, faculty and alumni, and they understood that a student member would be added to the board of trustees.

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Cooper Union Administration Grants Amnesty to All Occupiers

cooper union1.jpg
After observing a media blackout since striking a deal last Friday, The Cooper Union's President's Office, administration, and Board of Trustees released a joint statement affirming the agreement between student occupiers and university officials ending the occupation in exchange for increased student input and participation in governance. Though the debate over the school's decision to charge tuition continues, it appears the parties are at least making a show of being on the same side.

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Cooper Union Students End Occupation of President's Office

After 65 days, the Cooper Union students holed up in President Jamshed Bharucha's office ended their occupation last Friday. Student organizers announced the decision to vacate via Twitter midday Monday.

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Cooper Union Occupants Inch Toward Bargaining Table

Supporters of the protest gathered in a Cooper Square apartment Tuesday night to discuss their options.

"LET'S TALK IT'S IMPORTANT" the meeting invitation demanded--there were urgent developments to discuss in the protest against instituting tuition at Cooper Union. About 30 Free Cooper Union supporters formed a lopsided circle in a homey apartment at 36 Cooper Square on Tuesday evening; the meeting opened with each of them stating their name, their major, and the year they graduated from the university that has remained proudly tuition-free for over 100 years.

Half a block away, a group of students continued to occupy the office of university president Jamshed Bharucha. A contingent has remained there for close to two months, but there was an indication Tuesday that the occupation may be nearing its end.

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Cooper Union Part-Time Faculty Votes in Favor of Tuition-Free Education

School's been out for weeks, but the controversy over Cooper Union's leadership instituting tuition for the coming school year is still moving along at a nice clip. The latest entry: The Cooper Union's part-time faculty have joined the fray, dissenting against the school's administration.

The Voice has obtained a copy of a statement submitted just hours ago to President Jamshed Bharucha, the Board of Trustees, the students still occupying the president's office, and the alumni organization's publication, the Alumni Pioneer, in which the part-time faculty come down in favor of continuing tuition-free education.

As the tuition controversy continues, this is a crucial vote by the 149 professors classified as part-time form the majority of the faculty at the school. Check out the body of the letter after the jump.

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Cooper Union's "Unusual" Tax Breaks Pour Salt on Tuition Wound

onesevenone via Compfight cc
A "museum-quality architectural" reflection on Astor Place.
Even though Cooper Union will begin charging tuition to the class of 2014, breaking with its 111-year tradition--and, some say, mission--of keeping education free, the school will still be receiving special tax breaks from the city, an issue that an Independent Budget Office analysis has critiqued. And no, we're not just talking about gifted rent from the Chrysler building, either.

In addition to the land beneath the Chrysler building, Cooper Union also maintains special tax breaks on 51 Astor Place--the site of that new, god-awful office building--and 22-36 Astor Place, a former parking lot. While Cooper Union obtained 22-36 Astor Place, which used to be city property, on the agreement that it would be used for "educational purposes" in 1959, it later leased the land to real estate developers who built 21 stories of "museum quality architectural loft residences" on top of it.

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Cooper Union Speaker James Sprang Mic-Checked Commencement in Front of Mayor Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg's commencement speech at the Cooper Union on Wednesday came amid an ongoing occupation of the president's office, and just a day after students launched a guerrilla art show on the seventh floor in honor of their mission. The confrontation could have been nasty--after all, it was Bloomberg, villain of the Zuccotti Park eviction of 2011--but graduating students largely kept their efforts honed in on president Jamshed Bharucha, who faced a horizon of red protest squares pinned to black gowns, including some faculty's.

Still, the event was not without some vocal protest.

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A refreshing take on the Cooper Union occupation today from The students, alumni, and other folks protesting the school's decision to charge tuition are "multiculurists [sic] with a political agenda" and "dream of a Spolied Brat [sic] Socialist Utopia."

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