Is There Anything Redeeming About Taylor Cotter's 'I'm Sad I'm Not Poor' HuffPo Essay?

Taylor Cotter, pictured here, is 22. She's got her dream job, a car, and an apartment, but she's sad that she's not poor. She's so dissatisfied with les bons temps, in fact, that she recently penned an essay for HuffPo about her harrowing experience "A Struggle of Not Struggling."

Explains Cotter: "What about that 10-cents-a-word life that I always wanted? What about New York City? What about freelancing, penning newspaper columns and urban adventures? What about the struggles that I see on Girls and the tales of credit card debt and ramen noodle dinners? Aren't these the things that really make you 22?"

Now, as obnoxious as Cotter sounds -- and she does sound obnoxious -- let's look at her essay to see if she's really as bad as she seems -- or whether she maybe just lacks nuance as a writer (and common sense as a human being.)

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Does Julia Allison Know What Burning Man Is?

JA burning man .jpg

The above is a photo Julia Allison tweeted today of the bags that she's taking to Burning Man, the crunchy outdoor sweat-festival in Nevada.

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Model Carolina Ramirez Gives Us Her Fashion Week Diary

Brad Walsh
Carolina Ramirez
Every Fashion Week we're in awe of how much models are put through. They're running around from show to show; they get their hair yanked, straightened, curled; they get touched on almost every part of their bodies by dressers, wear loads of makeup, and, probably the worst of all -- aside from the minimal intake of carbs -- have to wear insanely high heels for hours on end. Alright, no need for a violin cue. Sure, a model's life isn't for everyone, but when part of your job is to get gawked at while wearing amazing, expensive clothes, we'd say you're pretty lucky people, right? More »

Playboy Mansion Party May Have Sickened 100

Los Angeles County health officials are investigating Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion because 100 people fell ill after attending a party there. In the days after the party on February 3rd, all these people started reporting "fever, respiratory problems and violent headaches." Because of the Playboy Mansion. Oh God! There are so many jokes to be made about this that I can't quite come up with right now, involving Hugh Hefner being old, and all the weird sex going on there, and just the general grossness of the Playboy Mansion.

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Fashion Week: Porter Grey, Richard Chai, and Backstage at Duckie Brown (VIDEO)

Freakazoid fashion alert
Normally we'd never wake up so early, not even for the first day of Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, especially not in this crazy cold weather, but it's as though something bigger was pulling us out of bed yesterday morning. Could it have been the Santa Claus-like man wearing a multi-colored jacket with knee-high furry white boots that we saw guarding the Lincoln Center fountain? No, that wasn't it. Maybe it was the thought of free pinot noir and raspberry liqueur mochas being served all day. Bingo! Either way, we're definitely glad we showed up, not just for free booze, and freakazoids on the streets, but for the morning gaze of amazing clothes and male models. More »

How Not to Regret Your Life in 23 Easy Steps, by the Internet

Crystal Absolutely NO Regrets.jpg
What is happening to everyone? This week, two prominent blog posts about regrets people have surfaced on the Internet. One, made up of all stripes of reader submissions at the New York Times CityRoom blog, the other, via The Hairpin, made up of women in their 30s' submissions at AOL's Lemondrop. They are easily Two of The Most Miserable Blog Posts Ever Written. To make everything better, we packaged that information into a handy guide to help you not regret your life.

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10 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Simple, elegant, easy.
Ack, Halloween is on Sunday! Which means if you're even remotely socially astute, you need a costume for Saturday. And today, in case you're not fully there, is Friday. Which means, oh, crap, the last-minute Halloween costume rush. Why does this always happen, and what can you make from simple things found easily around your very own home?

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Fashion Week Day One: Nicholas K; Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, and Jessica Simpson at the Extra-Long Project Runway Show

We've been counting down the days until this very moment: the first day of Fashion Week at its new location. And although Bryant Park is a mere two miles away from Lincoln Center, it feels like we're in another world. We take our first glimpse of the new setup and see no sign of white tents or big crowds -- granted, it is 9 a.m. -- and we can't help but miss the commotion of the Bryant Park scene. But wait, who is this, walking right next to us through the gates of heaven? None other than Michael Kors, albeit in his usual get-up (black blazer and jeans)...things are looking up already! More »

Fashion Week vs. Kindergarten Admittance: Both Really Hard

If you have a young child and you're involved in the fashion industry, you probably want to scream and pull your hair out this week, both Fashion Week and the first week of school. Realizing what a bitch these two yearly milestones can be, the New York Times wrote about both in shockingly similar articles. Our findings: Enrolling your child at a private kindergarten and landing a front-row seat to an anticipated show are equally trying tasks. Here's why: More »

Project Runway: Go Eat Some (Gucci) Worms

1. We open on the Runway contestants' Spartan apartment and an eloquent diorama of good versus evil, i.e., previous challenge winner Casanova chattering benignly about his recent victory as wicked sisters Gretchen and Ivy continue to verbally desecrate Michael C. Cut to stern, sepia flashback of Tim Gunn scolding the Runway lemmings for following the "manipulative" Gretchen into last week's unsuccessful attempt to oust Michael C. It is even funnier in muted hue (important fashion lesson, ahoy).

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