Is Obama Doing Enough For the Gays? We Ask Metro Weekly's Chris Geidner About LGBT Workplace Discrimination and the White House [VIDEO]

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Part 1 in a series.

Apart from GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans, there is no doubt that all the major organizations which make up Gay Inc will be solidly behind President Obama in his reelection campaign over the next six months. (Mitt Romney may have once pandered to gay voters in Massachusetts, but those efforts are now as dead as the Buffet Rule since Romney swung so hard to the right in his primary and pandered even harder to the National Organization for Marriage.)

For supporting him with gusto in 2008, the gays have gotten a couple big wins with President Obama, most noticeably passage of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act and the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Obama's gotten a bit of a pass on not coming out for marriage, as he (and Michelle) continue to play wink-wink, nudge-nudge around an issue that is largely out of the president's direct control.

But Gay Inc is starting to get very loud about an issue that is very much within the president's control, at least when it comes to federal contractors: protecting LGBT workers from being fired.

We asked Chris Geidner of Metro Weekly about it, who has the scoop.

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Preston Mardenborough, 68, on Looking for People from 1960s Greenwich Village on Craigslist

Preston, when he was working at the Sea Colony
For about two years, Preston Mardenborough has diligently continued to post an ad to Craigslist seeking people who remember a bar called the Sea Colony. Mardenborough, now 68, was one of the few men who worked at the long-closed lesbian hangout in Greenwich Village in the mid to late '60s, and he wants to find and reconnect with his old pals. But he hasn't found any.

"I had a lot of good friends there, and everyone just, poof, disappeared -- like everything else, I guess," he told us.

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Michele Bachmann Thinks Being Homosexual is "Part of Satan"

Jeremy Hooper has identified the money shot audio of Michele Bachmann's 2004 speech at the 2004 National Education Leadership Conference in Minneapolis. Although she insists she's not "bashing people who are homosexuals, who are lesbians, who are bisexual, who are transgendered," Bachmann goes on to say she has a "member of our family that is" in "the lifestyle," and that "this is not funny. It's a very sad life. It's part of Satan, I think, to say this is gay. It's anything but gay."

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Phil Trzynka, Trinity LES Lutheran Pastor, Will Perform Free LGBT Weddings For a Year

via EV Grieve
While the pop-up chapel in Central Park will only be around for a limited time, the Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Parish will be offering free weddings for LGBT couples for the entire year. After EV Grieve pointed out the just-posted sign advertising the deal this morning, we spoke to Pastor Phil Trzynka to find out more about his plans.

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Here Comes the Pride Parade, All Dressed in White

Esther Zuckerman
Christine Quinn
At this year's Pride March the Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps added a surprise number, trombone player Jeff Nordahl told us before the parade started: a "wedding medley." Right after the purple and white clad band marched away from their station between Madison and 5th Avenues on 40th Street to begin their part of the parade a woman stopped us. She had noticed.

"The band that just took off, they were doing the 'Wedding March,' it was just so touching," said Janet Green, who was heading down 5th Ave. with Continuum Health Partners.

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Shocker: 'Guidos' of Jersey Shore Show Insensitivity to LGBT and Bullied People Communities

Heartbreak. It's the only way to describe how one could feel on the shocking revelation that the cast-members of MTV's Jersey Shore -- and Village Voice Queer Issue cover-models -- are showing hatred toward the transgendered and bullying victims communities.

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If You Bully Gay Kids, This MMA Fighter Will Come to Your Door and Beat Your Ass

Either someone is a mensch of the highest order, or a genius publicist. At this rate, it doesn't matter. If you are a bully, and you target gay youths, please continue to do so (without causing irreparable harm, of course) long enough for the following to happen:

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What Does Mayor Bloomberg Think of Paladino's Gay-Bashing?

Thumbnail image for bloomberg_stern_290.jpg
Earlier today, we looked at the fascinating path Carl Paladino's views on America's gay population have taken over the last day or so. The mayor of our fair city has not, up until this point, weighed in on the various things that make no sense that have come out of Carl Paladino's mouth, like the aforementioned remarks. Until now.

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How Carl Paladino Went From Gay-Basher to Gay-Sympathizer in Less Than 24 Hours

paladino people.jpg
Remember that time New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino said those ugly things about The Gay Population of the World? WNYC reporter Azi Paybarah first reported yesterday Paladino saying that he didn't "want [kids] brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is an equal valid...option." One day later -- Happy Coming Out Day! -- Paladino is already back-pedaling on his remarks.

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Will Hurricane Earl "Smoosh" With Jersey Shore?

Hurricane "Snooks."
Labor Day weekend isn't looking to be the last-hurray-of-summer-sunshine affair its supposed to be, with Hurricane Earl ready to very literally rain on the plans of anyone about to have one last blowout before calling the summer off. And it looks like the Jersey Shore -- which had its first post-Jersey Shore summer in 2010 -- might be right in its Eastern Seaboard path.

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