Bob Turner, Congressional Candidate: No Palestinian Chicken Next to Goldblatt's Deli?

One good nontroversy deserves another. Now that Anthony Weiner has abandoned his post representing New York's 9th Congressional District over rather silly reasons, and will soon be replaced by Democrat David Weprin or Republican Bob Turner, it seems fitting that the special election is being framed by the most important economic issues of the day the equally silly, year-old non issue, the Ground Zero "Mosque."

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"Ground Zero Mosque" Loses New Imam Already

The so-called "Ground Zero Mosque" is once again without an imam, as Sheik Abdallah Adhami, who took over only weeks ago as the leader of Park51, the Islamic community center and mosque in Lower Manhattan, announced he would not be sticking around. Just last month, the site's developer Sharif el-Gamal replaced Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who himself went on to say that he would be fine building the center at another location. "Imam Feisal has no authority or control over this project, over its board of directors or over Soho Properties, which controls the real estate," said the developer at the time. "Park51, the Islamic community center in Lower Manhattan, is more than any one personality or imam." Next!

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"Ground Zero Mosque" Moving to St. Vincent's?

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia may purchase the closed-down St. Vincent Medical Center and would consider housing the so-called "Ground Zero mosque" at the West Village location, according to an exclusive report in the New York Post. The King would also reopen some of the medical units at St. Vincent's, which shuttered due to bankruptcy in the spring. Soon after, and then unrelated, national outrage erupted over the placement of the mosque, though no one -- especially opportunistic Republican politicians from the Midwest -- really knew what they were talking about. Actually, the original proposed location isn't really that close to the World Trade Center! St. Vincent's, though, is even further.

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Park51 Developers Apply for Federal Grant

Remember that whole Park51/"Ground Zero Mosque" thing people were getting really upset/crazy/stupid/bigoted about a while back? The Daily Beast says the developers have applied for $5 million from a $20 million federal grant designated for post-9/11 redevelopment. On your mark, pundits. [SH]

The "Ground Zero Victory Mosque" Attack Ad (Video)

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It only took psychopaths from outside of New York City what, a month? The inevitable "Ground Zero Victory Mosque" attack ad has finally arrived. Via The Atlantic, it comes from a conservative PAC from Iowa, and yes, it's as gross as you imagined it to be.

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Donald Trump Offers $6 Million Cash for Site of Mosque Near Ground Zero, Gets Shut Down

Runnin' Scared theme of the day: ridiculous religious intolerance. Providing an "exit strategy" for Islamic Center investors, New York's most famous billionaire offered Hisham Elzanaty 25 percent more than what he paid for the site of the proposed mosque near Ground Zero, making the $6 million offer not because he is sold on the location but because it would end "a very serious, inflammatory, and highly divisive situation," according to a letter released by Trump's publicist and reported by the AP.

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Breaking: Koran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Cancels Koran-Burning in Exchange for Reported Promise to Move 'Ground Zero Mosque'

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Damien Cave, the New York Times' Miami bureau chief, has just Tweeted out that at a press conference, the potential Koran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones of Florida has decided to cancel his Koran-burning. He supposedly got a promise from the Feisel Abdul Rauf, the imam behind Park51 (a/k/a the "Ground Zero Mosque") to move the mosque away from three-blocks-from-Ground-Zero, in order to do so. Jones and Rauf are reportedly meeting on Saturday. Runnin' Scared's own Jen Doll weighs in: "Now #terryjones can have his life back." Also, you may finally put your Jonathan Franzen books away. UPDATE: Video after the jump.

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Abe Foxman is Confusing Us by Being Sensible, Admirable, and Nuanced

We've noted Abe Foxman -- the Anti-Defamation League's very public, very loud, very condemnation-happy public face -- as an "known racist" and egomaniacal asshole" here. We're not the only ones who aren't fans of his: one ADL award-winner, Fareed Zakaria, recently returned a $10,000, five year-old award to them after the ADL announced their opposite to Park 51, the Cordoba Center (or, for those of you right-wing psychos who hate read us -- Hello again! -- the "Ground Zero Mosque"). So why are we so confused with Foxman's recent, sensible stances?

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Gunshots Follow Fire at Site of Tennessee Mosque

As Joe mentioned on Sunday, the fire at the future site of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, in Tennessee -- a fire which destroyed one vehicle of three doused with accelerant -- has been identified by the FBI as "probable" arson. Now Rutherford County Sheriff's deputies are also investigating nine gunshots fired near the site over the weekend.

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More Mosque Violence: Fire at Tennessee Islamic Center Ruled Arson

To many, the stabbing of a New York City taxi driver by a deranged passenger who first asked if the driver was a Muslim seemed like a culmination of weeks of irrational debate about the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque." Now, federal officials are calling a fire at an Islamic center in Tennessee -- -- far from New York City -- arson. If you don't see the connection, you're doing it wrong. As usual, Glenn Greenwald says it best:

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