Best Of the Media Power Coupler App

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It was bound to happen.The new Media Power Coupler puts the most eligible/powerful media singletons together, in combinations that may shock, surprise, and totally ignore whether people are gay or not. The following is presented without (as in, with some) comment. As of this posting, we're still fact-checking these couples. We swear we'll stop after this. We swear.

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Fact-Checking The New York Observer's Media Power Bachelors List

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New York Observer
The New York Observer, a publication which really enjoys a good media power list here and there, has a new one out today. It's "The Free Agent List: 2011's 50 Most Eligible Media Bachelors." Look, there's poor Brian Stelter on the front, kissing a black hole where his girlfriend used to be. Fifty strapping young (or not very young at all) media guys, just ripe for the taking, ladies. Julia Allison is studying the list carefully. Except some of them are not ripe for the taking, because some of them are not single. Oops. After the jump, the mistakes that we managed to find.

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Valentine's Day is the Absolute Worst

Tomorrow, millions of unoriginal people will give and receive chocolates, flowers and diamonds for the elaborate courting ritual of Valentine's Day. Women will wear red or black lace lingerie and men will take them out to dinner at expensive restaurants with prix fixe specials for V-Day, and if he went to Jared, which he did because of those abominable commercials, the women will receive diamonds. Then these people will go home and have boring, conventional sex.

Meanwhile, hip couples will have smug "anti-Valentine's Day" things in which they ironically wear red and make their own artisanal chocolates at home. While all this is going on, single people will feel kind of down all day and either stay at home and get drunk by themselves or get together with their other single friends while everyone assumes a false mien of cheerfulness about being single.

Valentine's Day is the absolute fucking worst.

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