Year-End Top Ten Lists: We Rank Each Number

The year-end list is an odd phenomenon. In the past, they were one-offs newspapers ran to fill space during the holiday doldrums. Because the Internet is basically an excuse to run slideshows and top tens, year-end lists take center stage. You've read dozens of these pointless and arbitrary rankings in the past week, so we present to you the most pointless and arbitrary year-end list of them all: The top ten numbers used in year-end top ten lists.

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The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Has Arrived

Mifflinville, Pennsylvania's most famous resident has been chopped down and is now in place, "hoisted," as it were (is that what we're calling it these days?) and waiting to bring you Christmas joy and excessively festive tidings at Manhattan's own world holiday (Rockefeller) Center. He/she is 74 feet tall, and hails ethnically from Norway, and spruces. Soon, 30,000 lights and five miles of wire will cover his/her branches. Gorgeous, dahling.

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