Does New York City Need Micro-Studio Apartments?

Yesterday, Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced a competition for developers to design 275 to 300 square foot studios ("micro-units") that might serve as a model for New York's swelling small-household population -- city stats indicate that NYC has 1.8 million one- and two-person homes and only one million studios and one bedroom apartments.

How it works: The competition entails what's called a "Request for Proposals" for an apartment building made entirely out of these miniature units -- which, by the way, would have bathrooms and kitchens.

However, they would be smaller than what current regs permit. So, Bloomberg will waive some zoning rules so that a City property at 335 East 27th Street -- in Kips Bay -- can serve as an experimental space.

But is this really necessary?

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Two Thirds of Single People Have Given Up on Sex (on Valentine's Day, at Least)

Only one third of singles expect to get laid on Valentine's Day -- about the same number that Facebook stalk their exes, a new study reveals.

The survey of 515 self-identified singles, conducted by Facebook dating app, finds that 33 percent plan on winding up in bed on what's marketed as the most commercialized romantic day of the year. (Gross.)

Apparently, singles are not deterred by blind dates -- 74 percent would totally meet up with a stranger "indicating singles are not intimidated by the romantic pressure the holiday typically brings."

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Remember That Time You Taught Me What "Less Than Three" Meant?: A Totally Platonic <3 Letter to @thisisjendoll

‚ÄčIt is Jen Doll's last day today. We feel things. We read things Jen once wrote. We wrote this.

Oh, Jen. It seems like just yesterday you were starting at the Voice. You had just been another unemployed daughter living in the East Village. We listened with rapt attention over the cubicle wall as Foster tried to coach you on how to get 100 twitter followers. And look at you now, @thisisjendoll: two years later you have 2,455 tweeps, not to mention your name on 3,433 blog posts, on three cover stories in the paper, and on a 30-year mortgage (in Brooklyn, no less)!

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This Map Shows You Where to Find Single People in NYC

Should you be one of those people who assumes that your dating "issues" in the city stem from the fact that there are fewer men than women here, there's a map for that, and, no, we're not saying you have issues. But there is an interesting new twist. Economists at the NYCEDC ran the numbers, and, according to the latest census data, New York City's population is 53% female and 47% male. But, of unmarried singles between 20 and 34, men actually outnumbered women, 742,400 to 729,500. As for people over 34, they are geriatrics too old for love and unworthy of acknowledgment.

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The MTA Wants to Know About Your Subway Crush

Thumbnail image for rsz_romanceqtrain-thumb-550x412.jpg
In preparation for a Valentine's Day event (a "Love-in-Transit Party," to be specific), at which the New York Times' Alan Feuer will read poems based on Missed Connections and Sophie Blackall of Missed Connections illustration fame will sign copies of her book, the gossip-hungry MTA is seeking tales of your transit romance. "Did you find love on a bus? Feel your heart race on a subway? Make shy eye contact on the evening commuter train?" Get in touch and tell them! If you did anything more graphic, obscene, or animalistic, tell us!

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How to Find Your 'It's Gonna Snow This Weekend!!!' Boyfriend

Have you heard!? In the first notable time since October-snow, there is supposed to be white stuff on the ground, flakes in the sky, frozen precipitation swirling about our nubile bodies and landing on our rosy cheeks and making everything look temporarily clean and crisp and pure, denoting absolutely perfect weather conditions for boyfriend hunting. It may happen as soon as tonight. Gird your loins, gird your girdle. Wear a hat. Your Winter Weather Watch is on.

As with any change in weather, a change in the usual life norms is in order. All bets are off. This is how to make it work for you.

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Broadway Heir Accused of Pulling Hair

Theater people are just like us, prone to childish foibles and the occasional bad decision. For instance, take Eric Nederlander, of those Nederlanders, you know, the Broadway ones, and former husband of Jessica Seinfeld, nee Sklar. He was arrested at the apartment of his girlfriend, Nancy Okun, who has a "limited order of protection against him" -- making one wonder why he was at her apartment, and, in fact, why she is still his girlfriend -- after he allegedly pulled her hair while she was sleeping and accused her of cheating on him after looking at her cell phone.

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Scientists Determine that People on eHarmony Want to Get Married

How do you date successfully? Some might say it's only when you stop dating, a/k/a, find someone and settle down, or whatever people do. Others might say that it's as simple as going on a good date, or learning something from the experience, even if it's bad. Free-living caddish types and those who adore them may pin it all on sex. Now science has decided to ponder this question with a focus on online dating, and we thank them, in part because their findings can help us justify our oft maligned behaviors. "According to Drexel researchers, marriage isn't the only measure of success among people looking for love in cyberspace." Oh no?

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Yes, There Are Still Fewer Men Than Women in New York City. So What?

It's that time of year when we dredge up old stats and check them again! And in so doing, we can confirm, via Census data and the New York Post, that women outnumber men in the city "by 52.5 to 47.5 percent," translating to 410,045 more women then men overall, and nearly 10 percent more women than men among 25- to 29-year-olds. This, says the Post, echoing many, gives "scientific evidence" to the age-old moan and groan that you can't find a good man in this city, which, paradoxically, they dub "a man's city." Earlier this year I wrote some words on the subject; you can read all that here, but the subject seems worthy of some new discussion.

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10 Things We Would Like the Talking Doll We Got for Christmas to Actually Say

Truth: We didn't actually get a talking doll for Christmas. We are way too old for that sort of nonsense (no offense, kids). But we did watch this video of a talking doll calling someone, quite agreeably, it seems, a "crazy bitch." Or whatever she's trying to say. And it inspired something in us, call it our entrepreneurial toy-making spirit, because we thought, with a laugh that spewed out a dribble of coffee, what a brilliant creation a talking doll that could really tell it like it is would be. A doll that stopped being polite and started getting real. We might even hope to own such a talking doll, to carry her around in our handbag on the daily journey of life to ward against the common lifestyle scrapes we find ourselves in, occasionally. In honor of Toys 'R' Us's "You & Me Interactive Play & Giggle Triplet Dolls" -- one of which is featured in the above clip -- here are 10 things we would like a talking doll to say. Things that might, you know, actually be helpful.

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