Does New York City Need Micro-Studio Apartments?

Yesterday, Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced a competition for developers to design 275 to 300 square foot studios ("micro-units") that might serve as a model for New York's swelling small-household population -- city stats indicate that NYC has 1.8 million one- and two-person homes and only one million studios and one bedroom apartments.

How it works: The competition entails what's called a "Request for Proposals" for an apartment building made entirely out of these miniature units -- which, by the way, would have bathrooms and kitchens.

However, they would be smaller than what current regs permit. So, Bloomberg will waive some zoning rules so that a City property at 335 East 27th Street -- in Kips Bay -- can serve as an experimental space.

But is this really necessary?

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Good News, Dudes: You Might Not Have Herpes

At the Voice, we're all about staying healthy, especially when it comes to sexytime-area health -- hence our brief expose on the
pros and cons of going commando -- which many a lady use as a way of keeping cool in the summer.

That got us thinking: What about dudes? Does the season's heat impact their nether-regions, too? And, perhaps most importantly: Is freeballing healthy?

So we decided to hit up Planned Parenthood New York's resident expert on menfolk health, Janeen Lopez, lead clinician at the Brooklyn center. What did she say?

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Two Thirds of Single People Have Given Up on Sex (on Valentine's Day, at Least)

Only one third of singles expect to get laid on Valentine's Day -- about the same number that Facebook stalk their exes, a new study reveals.

The survey of 515 self-identified singles, conducted by Facebook dating app, finds that 33 percent plan on winding up in bed on what's marketed as the most commercialized romantic day of the year. (Gross.)

Apparently, singles are not deterred by blind dates -- 74 percent would totally meet up with a stranger "indicating singles are not intimidated by the romantic pressure the holiday typically brings."

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Derek Jeter Is a Kind, Generous Man

Upset that your last one-night stand gave you absolutely nothing, except a dash of insecurity, a sprig of morning awkwardness, and fortunately unmerited concerns over a possible STD (safe sex, people!)? Set your sights on Derek Jeter, who not only is ever so athletic and handsome, but also, should you choose to bed him, will leave you with a veritable Harry and David basket of goodies, including autographed memorabilia, "usually a signed baseball," but possibly other delights you will be sure to put to use at some point down the road when the memory of his touch has faded. Maybe you can even sell them on eBay for a hefty profit!

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Living Alone Increases Your 'Risk of Dying'

O.K., let's get something straight. To be human is to die. It WILL happen. The best thing to do is to enjoy yourself until it does, or, at least, that's our philosophy. However! There is a new study out that may worry some of you who are a bit less footloose and fancy free. After analyzing data from 45,000 participants in 29 countries, the researchers determined that if you're younger than 65 and you live alone, you may have a greater risk of dying.

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More Adult Men Are Living With Their Mommies and Daddies

98% of dogs still live at home with their parents.
Here is a reason to check upstairs when you're hanging out in the well-appointed basement pad of your new man friend. He might actually be living with his parents. According to a new Census Bureau study, nearly one in five men in their late 20s and early 30s -- late 20s and early 30s -- are living with their parents, a number that's risen from 14 to 19 percent in the past six years. Is this terrible? Do we judge them for doing so? Well, not completely. After all, the job market is tough, there's this whole lingering recession thing, and mom's macaroni and cheese really is the best. Nobody else makes it like that! (We draw the line at our man friends also wearing adult diapers, however. We're seriously putting our foot down.)

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Todd Remis, Divorced in 2010, Sues Photographer to Recreate 2003 Wedding

This statement in the New York Times makes me mad: "Of all the many things that make up a wedding, few are more important than the photographs." Perhaps the Times, writing of Manhattan man Todd Remis's lawsuit against H&H Photographers for missing the last 15 minutes, including the last dance and that horrible ritual, the bouquet toss, of his wedding in 2003, is being a bit tongue in cheek. Because Remis and his ex-wife, Milena Grzibovska, have since divorced, and Grzibovska is "believed to have moved back to her native Latvia."

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Mister PeePee, Notorious Starbucks Masturbator, Has Gotten Shy

Mister PeePee is the delightful Twitter handle of a delightful fellow, a guy with big dreams, those dreams being to masturbate in the bathroom of every single New York City Starbucks. Aim high, PeePee -- but not that high, you might damage something. After PeePee's efforts were discussed in various notable blogs including the Awl, Gawker, and Daily Intel, following his grand plan being revealed on Starbucks Gossip (and also on his own podcast), PeePee seems to have gotten cold feet. His Tweets are protected and his Foursquare page is missing, as is that original podcast.

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Voyeuristic Commuters With Cell Phone Cameras, There's a Website for You!

Are you dashingly handsome, the type that everyone assumes, immediately, must be a model, or maybe a professional athlete? Are you well-dressed, or perhaps sweatily clad, so coming from your athletic endeavors, and, yet, that is only a benefit to your fine self? Are you a person who takes the subway? Someone is probably taking your picture! (Maybe you are taking your own picture!) The Daily News has discovered, which they dub the "racy new website" that "has straphangers snapping photos of 'hot guys' on the subway." Oh, you straphangers!

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Pretend You Have a Girlfriend With

Ricky Robinett is a software engineer who, in his "down time" from his day job, has given himself the task of launching one project a month in 2011. He's currently done nine, one of which -- we admit, the one that caught our eye -- is, the purpose of which is pretty self-explanatory. As the site says, "Are you tired of being embarrassed by the fact that you don't have a girlfriend? Do you wish that you could get interrupted by a loving phone-call during man time? Let me introduce you to FakeGirlfriend." This is not the first of the many ways technology can make people think you are less lonely than you actually are (here are some great suggestions on how to do that!), but we were intrigued nonetheless. We got in touch with Robinett to find out more.

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