Mega Millions Winners Sold In Illinois, Kansas and Maryland; Olbermann Fired, Replaced by Spitzer; State Budget Approved

You probably didn't win the $640 million Mega Millions jackpot -- the chance of winning was 1 in 176 million -- but the money will be divided up by at least three people. Lottery officials said winning tickets were sold in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland. In New York, 17 people will get a second-prize of $250,000 each. And the lucky numbers? Those were 02-04-23-38-46 with a Mega Ball of 23. People around the country collectively spent about $1.5 billion for a chance to get their hands on the winnings. [CBS New York, NYDN]

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Budget Deal Stalls; Second Mile Mulls Future; 'Twilight' Rakes it in

Yesterday, a bipartisan congressional committee was unable to come to an agreement on a new budget. The New York Times reports Democrats rejected the Republican deal because they said it did not contain enough new revenue. "Central to the impasse is a fundamental disagreement over how much revenue would be raised toward the $1.2 trillion, and what the role of the Bush-era tax cuts, which are set to expire at the end of next year, would play. Republicans want to maintain the cuts; Democrats want them eliminated for the nation's highest earners." The deal is due Monday. [NYT]

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Bloomberg Calls State Budget an 'Outrage,' Dubs NYC the 'Jewel' of State's Crown

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"We're the one that's generating the money," said Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday, calling the budget agreement in Albany an "outrage." Bloomberg argues that the cutbacks Governor Andrew Cuomo hopes to make will affect mostly the city in the form of education and heath care trimmings. "We are the jewel of the financial crown, if you will, in New York State," Bloomberg explained via the City Room blog. Real New Yorkers everywhere nodded vigorously and cursed in agreement.

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New York State Made $1.3 Million on eBay

That's right. Our great state, saddled with debt, started a little business on the side, selling junk on internet auction site eBay, according to a report in the Daily News. The Office of General Services is in charge of the peddling and spokesperson said they are "very pleased with the program." As they should be! In 2010, they raked in over $1 million.

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MTA May Soon Squeeze Yet More Money Out of You

We've been through a lot with the MTA. They took away the V and W trains, along with a bunch of buses; they raised a single fare to the price of more than two slices of 2 Bros Pizza; and now, they might make it so you have to pay an extra dollar every time you lose your MetroCard and have to get a new one. This means that I will end up giving the MTA approximately $5,000 extra per annum.

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New York State Wants to Give You Back Your Money Now

In terms of financial fantasies that will never happen to us, the one where that great-uncle we only met once dies and leaves us a fortune ranks pretty high up on the list, just slightly ahead of the one where the state turns out to owe us a ton of money that we never even realized was missing and goes ahead and pays us back, with interest.

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Gov. Paterson Looks to "Sinister" Union Heads for NY State Layoffs-by-the-Thousands Woes

New York Governor David Paterson is now talking about laying off thousands of state workers as part of a plan to balance the state budget. And he just brought some state workers' union leaders into the fold, by talking some serious smack on them.

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