Scientology's Infinite Pit and Water Wall -- More Crazy Rooms in the Super Power Building!

We've gone through even more files in the massive leak of plans that describe the soon-to-open "Flag Mecca" in Clearwater, Florida -- otherwise known as Scientology's "Super Power Building" -- and we have more things to show you. In the wild "Perceptics" area on the fifth floor, there's this Heartbeat Wing, for example, which features a treadmill, wall-mounted monitor, and an "anechoic chamber" -- because we all know echoes suck when we're testing the old ticker, so we need a chamber that cancels them out, right? (Click on images to embiggen.) Come inside for even more weirdness.

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Scientology's "Super Power Rundown:" What is it, Anyway?

Prepare to unleash your super self! Secrets ahead!
On Monday and Tuesday, we released previously unseen renderings and architectural drawings of what Scientology's $100 million "Flag Mecca" -- also known as the "Super Power Building" -- is going to look like when it finally opens. (The building will open "soon," according to the church. Go here for a basic primer on Scientology.)

As we explained Monday, it was a new counseling process that L. Ron Hubbard came up with in 1978 -- the Super Power Rundown -- that eventually resulted in current church leader David Miscavige breaking ground in 1998 on the massive new building.

Drawings show that it's on the building's fifth floor that special equipment is being installed to help deliver the "Super Power" process -- equipment that includes an "oiliness table," a "smell wall," and a pain station, among other oddities.

But what is the Super Power Rundown itself -- what amazing philosophical, mental and spiritual insight is it that Hubbard came up with that calls for a $100 million building more than 13 years in the making?

After the jump, we'll reveal it to you. Prepare to be stunned.

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Scientology and Oiliness: More Renderings from the Super Power Building


Yesterday, we made public a leak of major proportions: we obtained hundreds of new renderings and architectural drawings of Scientology's $100 million "Super Power Building" -- what the church calls "Flag Mecca" -- in Clearwater, Florida.

Of all the "perceptics" installations on the building's "super power" fifth floor that we learned about, one that seems to disturb readers the most is the notion of an "oiliness table." We're still not sure what Scientologists will be subjected to when they have their sense of "oiliness" checked, but we found this rendering of the apparatus, and we have additional, never-before-seen images from the building after the jump...

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Scientology: Secrets of the Super Power Building

The Voice has obtained hundreds of new renderings of Scientology's Super Power Building in Clearwater, Florida, as well as a comprehensive collection of its architectural drawings. [Go here for our primer: What is Scientology? Update: More renderings of the building's odder features. And we reveal part of how the Super Power Rundown itself works.]

A few renderings of Scientology's expensive new "mecca" were published as long ago as 2007, but that release, and a few since, have included only a few images of how the building's interiors will look once it is finished.

This new leak of material to the Voice is much more comprehensive, and includes detailed information down to the building's fasteners, fixtures, and signage, not to mention its major architectural schematics.

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard devised the "Super Power Rundown" in 1978. He envisioned it as a series of counseling routines, some of which would be used to enhance the human senses with the use of elaborate and futuristic platforms and machines. Hubbard died in 1986, and it wasn't until the early 1990s that the rundown was performed on a few wealthy donors at Scientology's secretive "Int Base" in the California desert. Then, in November 1998, Hubbard's successor, church leader David Miscavige, broke ground on a massive new building project, "Flag Mecca," known commonly as the Super Power Building, where the new rundown would be housed. Thirteen years and $145 million in fundraising later, the building is thought to be largely completed, but it is still not open for business. On the following pages you'll get a detailed look at what's inside...

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Scientology's 'Super Power' Building: Cash Cow for the Church

Part 4 of the epic Scientology series at the St. Petersburg Times hit the web last night and hits streets in Florida this morning.

This fourth installment focuses on Scientology's biggest construction project: its "Super Power" building that was started a decade ago and still isn't finished. Whether or not its spacey facilities (see photo) will really provide high-level Scientologists with the awesome superpowers they've been chasing throughout their careers, the building also served a very different purpose for the church, write St. Pete Times journalists Joe Childs and Tom Tobin.

Telling church members that completing the building will heal the problems of a troubled planet, Scientology has pried at least $145 million from its parishioners.

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