The Epic A to Z Guide of Expressions That Should Be Retired From the Internet (and IRL)

Oh. Hi.
There are times in the great big blogoverse in which we are faced with the fact that certain things we have been doing are somewhat or hugely annoying. Upon that discovery, we generally continue to do those things, but with a nagging feeling of guilt and self-doubt that only continues to grow in intensity until we can't stand it any longer and throw up our hands and shout, "Make it stop!" And then, we blame everyone else, because they made us do it.

In a similar vein, and because it's Monday, here is a hand-crafted artisanal guide of commonly used words and phrases that we can take no longer, whether online or outside the confines of an internet connection. Mostly we hate them because they are overused, lazy, cliched, boring, deplorably cutesy, or could be better put another way. Other times we hate them because, well, frankly, haters gonna hate. Read on, after the jump.

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Here's a Taste of What You Can Expect at This Year's Village Voice Web Awards

The finger on the right is this year's winning finger.
Perhaps you didn't notice, but we're kind of excited about our upcoming Web Awards soiree (yeah, we're fancy). So if you haven't, please nominate the web-based individuals and sites you feel deserve accolades -- you have until the 21st of November to write in your picks. Then: We're having a big old party on December 7, and we will award the chosen Internet greats with compliments and also foam fingers, among other prizes, and we will all imbibe cheerfully and enjoy one another's brilliant and hilarious company. Did we mention, foam fingers! Also, esteemed special guests and judges!

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More Americans Than Ever Support Legalizing Marijuana

Happy Tuesday. More Americans than ever are in favor of legalizing pot, according to a new Gallup poll that shows the highest percentage of those in favor ever, since the first Gallup poll asking about marijuana in 1969, when only 12 percent of respondents thought it should be legalized. Today, 50 percent say YES to legalized pot. This is also the first time people in favor of legalization were in greater numbers than those opposed, reports MSNBC. (Last year 46 percent weighed in favor of legalizing the drug.)

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Tell Us Your NYC Favorites or Pay the Price (Of Not Winning CMJ Badges)

Thumbnail image for bestof2011_header.jpg
Our annual Best Of New York City issue will be out on October 19. But enough about what we think is best -- what about you? We want to know your favorite restaurants, stores, places to walk, bars, clubs; everything! Tell us these things and you have a chance of winning two CMJ badges. Here's what you have to do:

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Best of New York City: Share Your Favorites! Please?

As you prepare to enjoy your long weekend we are hard at work on this year's Best of New York City issue, in which we identify things we truly, truly love about this town, from soup to nuts, and non-food items, too! But we also want to know what you think. Our reader's poll is up, and there are 66 things that we desperately need your advice on. Like, best wine bar. This is relevant to our interests.

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On May 21, the World Could End. What Should You Wear?

Thumbnail image for A1C08DB8.jpg
Earlier today, I received the following URGENT text message: "What are you wearing for judgment day? I don't want to overdress." This is an important point! One should always dress for success, for the job they want, not the job that wants them, or the god they want, not the god that wants them, as the case may be. After all, whether you're a chosen person or a sinner who will remain on the planet as chaos and hellfire and brimstone commence, you'll want to be wearing something light and flexible, made of fabric that breathes. (Leather pants are a no-no, as is nudity, as is an ironic Rapture joke tee, which no one will think is funny.) After the jump, we share our end times fashion knowledge in the hopes (prayers?) that this will get us in good with the guy/gal upstairs, you know, beforehand. What to wear is just as important as figuring out which atheist is going to take care of your dog, you know. For dog clothes, you're on your own.

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Righties Like the Right, Lefties Favor the Left, and People Without Hands Are Excluded Again

Every wonder why your right-handed friends are always raising their right hands for things, or reaching to the right, or gazing longingly at whomever's sitting on that side of them? Meanwhile, left-handers are looking mournfully at their left hands, because it sucks to be left-handed? No? Well, regardless, scientists have found that right-handers prefer the right side of anything, and left-handers like the left. Thousands of years of behavior now make sense, as does your deep-seated need to sleep on whatever side of the bed.

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