This Week in the Voice: Philip Glass, an East Village Voice

This week in the Voice, out today: Steven Thrasher profiles Philip Glass, tracing the 75-year-old composer's career and love for New York, "Regardless of success, neither Glass's life nor his music have ever abandoned their East Village sensibilities. He worked as a cab driver and furniture mover until he was in his early forties, and his identification (politically and artistically) has never left the idea of downtown."

Lauren Shockey reviews Family Recipe, and finds that the Japanese restaurant is carnivore and vegetarian friendly, though the archipelago's take on the pancake is one of her faves, "Family Recipe's do-or-die dish is the okonomiyaki, served as a nightly special. The first evening we sampled it, the cast-iron skillet held a molten pancake chock a block with shrimp and kimchi and drizzled with mayo. Smoky bonito shavings writhed like go-go dancers under wisps of steam."

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This Week in the Voice: Victoria Jackson, Tea Party Princess

This week in the Voice, out today: Gus Garcia-Roberts profiles Victoria Jackson, chronicling how the former Saturday Night Live star became a Tea Party darling: "Her comedy career, which took her from Johnny Carson's stage in Los Angeles to 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, long ago squeaked its last breath. These days, she's a Miami-area suburban grandmother and wife of a buff local cop with a Bad Boys-esque career full of shoot-outs and commendations. And to some Christian conservatives, she is a seer of truth."

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Norwegian Blogger to Americans: 'What if it Was You Who Didn't Have Any Butter?'

Tommy ponders his butter-less Christmas
If you are like most Americans, you are blissfully unaware of the Norwegian butter crisis. To help you catch up, here is a comprehensive recap and analysis: Norway is almost out of butter. You probably didn't think about this as you slathered golden pads of greasy joy on your fluffy pancakes this morning. Perhaps you would be more inclined to care if the crisis had a face. Enter Tommy, a blogger from Oslo, who asks in a video both heartfelt and heartbreaking, "What if I came home to you and took your butter from your fridge?" Check out Tommy's plea after the jump.

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The Epic A to Z Guide of Expressions That Should Be Retired From the Internet (and IRL)

Oh. Hi.
There are times in the great big blogoverse in which we are faced with the fact that certain things we have been doing are somewhat or hugely annoying. Upon that discovery, we generally continue to do those things, but with a nagging feeling of guilt and self-doubt that only continues to grow in intensity until we can't stand it any longer and throw up our hands and shout, "Make it stop!" And then, we blame everyone else, because they made us do it.

In a similar vein, and because it's Monday, here is a hand-crafted artisanal guide of commonly used words and phrases that we can take no longer, whether online or outside the confines of an internet connection. Mostly we hate them because they are overused, lazy, cliched, boring, deplorably cutesy, or could be better put another way. Other times we hate them because, well, frankly, haters gonna hate. Read on, after the jump.

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Park Slope Sex Survey Confirms: (Most) Park Slopers Have Sex

Screen shot 2011-11-11 at 1.08.31 PM.png
Singles in Park Slope
Last week we wrote about a sex survey going down at Fucked in Park Slope that promised to reveal some interesting things about the neighborhood. Today, part one is out! Turns out the neighborhood has (a few) more women than men, more straight people than otherwise -- and nearly a quarter of Park Slopers are single and looking for a relationship.

From FIPS: "While no one is fucking like a rabbit in Park Slope, 51.5% said they have sex one to three times a week. Unfortunately, another 30% have a nonexistent sex life. About one in three readers have had a one night stand in the neighborhood. When it came to ménage à trois, 41.7% said it was a pipe dream. Coordinating schedules (and orgasms) proved to be too much work for 55.3% of the group."

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Michelle Matson Wins, Sucklord Rules: Your Cheat Sheet to Bravo's Work of Art 2, Episode One

Picture 204.png
Actual poll currently running on the Bravo site

There is a Bravo show called Work of Art: The Search for the Next Great Artist. As we've told you before, it's a reality-TV competition ostensibly about searching every gallery nook and gutter grate for America's Next Great Artist--not a Very Good Artist or an Eventual Great Artist or even anything superlative and exonerated like America's Next Best Artist, but simply a Great One, which is good enough for TV. Sarah Jessica Parker produces. A very pretty lady named China Chow hosts. The judges are important art-world people like Bill Powers, who co-owns the Lower East Side's Half Gallery with James Frey (yes, that James Frey) and Kate Spade CEO Andy Spade, and New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz, who I once sat beside in an editorial meeting at the Village Voice once or twice and seems like the kind of guy who would not find such juvenile asides amusing. The second season's premiere aired last night.

I know, I don't have Cable either.

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Alec Baldwin Speaks Out Against Attitude-Having Starbucks Barista

Not only is Alec Baldwin not/maybe/possibly running for mayor someday, he's also a consumer advocate, little did we all know.

baldwin starbucks.png

Oh. Shit. Jay should watch out! Except Jay doesn't exist.

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Watch Bodega Cats in Their Natural Habitat...Bodegas

Wait, is that a mouse? No, it's just a shoelace. And so it goes, the inner workings of the mind of a bodega cat, as evidenced by this Internets Celebrities video giving NYC's bodega cats the National Geographic treatment. The New York Times is now on this like a cat on a shoelace, asking city dwellers to send in their favorite cats in bodegas, rebelliously flouting the city health code rule that states that having live animals in an establishment that prepares food is a big-time violation. If you don't want to get your bodega cat in trouble with the law, you can simply check out this BuzzFeed photo gallery of bodega cats keeping cool. We love #3. [@thisisjendoll]

What's on Steve Buscemi's Stoop? We Talk With the Guy Behind the Tumblr

Have you heard of the Tumblr called What's on Steve Buscemi's Stoop? On it, a man who is not Steve Buscemi but happens to live near him chronicles the interesting, bizarre, and mundane miscellany placed out on Steve Buscemi's stoop by, it can generally be assumed, Steve Buscemi. He's been at it for a few years now, taking photos of hats with attached ponytails, old doors, vintage mixtapes, and other discarded Buscemi treasures. We spoke to that man, who wishes to remain anonymous but goes by the pen name of Elliott Larkfield (a name with what may be the shortest Wikipedia entry in the history of Wikipedia entries associated with it).

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Peacock Escapes Central Park Zoo; People Go Crazy

C.C. Kellogg
Hot on the heels of that Bronx Zoo Peacock that went on the lam and got a Twitter account back in May, there's a new escapee bird about town. This one hails from the Central Park Zoo and was sighted on the fourth floor of 838 Fifth Avenue near East 65th Street this afternoon, prompting onlookers to tweet jokes like "Hey @BronxzoosCobra, lunch!" and "Don't jump! We promise to get you a new birdbath!" According to our own C.C. Kellogg, who was on the scene and shot this photo, a cop said of the whole event, "Well, this is awkward."

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