Atlantic City Diving Horse Act Creates Controversy

If you watch Boardwalk Empire you are aware that the Atlantic City of yore was filled with some pretty bizarre attractions (exhibits displaying babies in incubators, Paz de la Huerta). Well, now one attraction that originated in the 1920s is set for a return, and is making animal activists angry. If the Steel Pier's owners get their way, the "diving horse" act -- which is exactly what it sounds like -- will be on view by the time people flock back to the beach.

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Summer, We're Over You: 8 Reasons to Look Forward to Winter

Yeah, you wish.
Listen, we (that is, Jen) loves summer. But maybe not everyone does. And because it's our dear intern Esther's last day, we're letting her sound off on the subject. Let the summer-hating commence!

It's August, and it has been for two weeks now. Summer is almost over. We made you a seasonal bucket list. Internships (including mine at Runnin' Scared!) are ending, back-to-school ads are airing (Old Navy, calm down), and we're all getting a little fatigued. As our days of complaining about how hot it is grow fewer, we find ourselves beginning to wistfully dream of those days when there's a chill in the air.

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11 Things You Really Must Do Before the Summer Is Over

Thumbnail image for 3-288x300.jpg
Today is pretty much perfect, a day that reminds us how much we adore summer. Back in June we gave you 33 reasons to love the year's three hottest months, through all the sweat and toil and pain. It seems like barely a minute has passed and yet, here we are, practically mid-August! What the fuck happened? Now is the time to take stock, people. Have you done everything you wanted to this summer? Have you done anything you wanted to this sommer? Whether you've got it covered quite nicely or you're feeling like you need a do-over, we have some suggestions. Here are 11 things you really should accomplish before it's October and we're wearing sweaters (sweaters?) and getting out of work in the dark again.


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Who Are the Boys of Mission Corps, the Abercrombie-Like Protesters Outside of Planned Parenthood?

A group of relatively attractive young male protesters stood around reading Bible verses outside of the Planned Parenthood at Mott and Bleecker earlier today. (Our Robert Sietsema got a few photos.) Most of them are khaki-clad and youthful, a few held rosaries; many wore loafers or sneakers. All, minus the two priests with them, wore navy blue polo shirts bearing the name "Mission Corps." Yet, the anti-abortion Nazarene World Mission, whose website URL is (and whose HQ is in Kansas City), had no idea what we were talking about when we called.

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Riots in the U.K. Spread; U.S. Stock Futures Are Up; Upper East Side's Suspected Serial Groper Caught

Riots and looting in the UK continued last night, spreading in intensity and span, affecting not just London but areas in locations including Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, and Bristol. Prime Minister David Cameron, who returned home from vacation in Tuscany, has pledged that 10,000 extra police officers will be put on the streets (making that number 16,000), and that Parliament will have an emergency session. Shops, cars, and buildings were set on fire, and there were said to be "hundreds of arrests." A 26-year-old man was shot and killed in Croyden, the first known fatality since the riots began on Saturday. Countering back, some citizens have been cleaning up debris today (here's a great photo of two offering tea to the officers protecting their street). The Telegraph has live coverage of the riots. [NYT, Telegraph]

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Tomorrow, Humans Will Briefly Own the Streets of Manhattan

Tomorrow marks the first day of this summer's Summer Streets, the three consecutive August Saturdays in which, from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m., a route normally used by cars and buses and things of a vehicular persuasion is for humans alone. The 2011 route connects the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park, making it possible to traverse quite a lot of Manhattan without worrying about traffic, from Lafayette to Fourth Avenue to Park.

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East Village Backyard Spaces You Can Use for a Pittance (That Aren't 'Timeshares')

Steve Cannon.JPG
Steve Cannon's backyard
It might be tempting to fork over $350 for the right to grill and party (but not imbibe) for four hours in an urban "backyard timeshare" like the one we wrote about earlier today. If, however, you're looking for more recession-friendly options in the neighborhood, we've compiled a few of our own local favorites in the $25 to $50 range.

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Falling On My Ass At the High Line Roller Rink After Hours

Esther Zuckerman
At the roller rink birthday parties of my youth there were always the people I like to call "the show-offs." They would skate laps around everyone, do tricks and put the rest of us, clinging onto the railing, trying to stay upright, to shame.

I was prepared to meet some of these people when I headed out to the High Line's new roller rink for their first Saturday night 21+ skate.

Instead, I met Dr. Dan (sometimes called "Dangerous Dan").

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'Tanning Concierge': A Job Title That Exists

The Wall Street Journal has declared that the city's "best summer job" goes by the name of "tanning concierge." Okay, so what the hell is that? When we hear "tanning concierge," we think of someone sitting at a desk under neon lighting in some tanning bed salon, drearily checking in the Snookis of the world as they prepare to get orange. But no, being "tanning concierge" is apparently a lot more glamorous. Read on.

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Cab Hits Horse-Drawn Carriage; Cops Seek Greenpoint Jewelry Store Robbers; Kids Ride Sheep

• A cab hit a horse-drawn carriage on Central Park South last night, rear-ending it and throwing a woman out onto the sidewalk and the horse onto the street, with the carriage on top of it, according to a witness. A man in the buggy suffered a head injury that was not life-threatening, and the three other passengers suffered minor injuries. The horse was fine. [NYDN]

• Cops are looking for two men who robbed Studio Jewelry in Greenpoint yesterday afternoon, shooting the owner, Richard Sanocki, in the stomach. Sanocki is expected to be OK. There's surveillance video of the robbery here. [NBC NY]

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