Daylight Savings Ending (This Weekend!) Is Good for You, Claim Certain People

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Your sunrises and sunsets, today through Tuesday.
It's that time of year again, the time that we are plunged into terrible darkness by 4 in the afternoon and the hours wile on, interminable and chilly, like vampire hands. Or, whatever, it's the end of daylight savings! No biggie! And apparently, say some people in the sleep business, this "fall back" crap is actually good for you, even if you have to pull out your SAD lamp and sleep on it.

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People With Bigger Brains Have More Facebook Friends

Here is some weird news that you can brag about, if you happen to be one of the privileged few with many, many Facebook friends and a giant brain. Actually, you should probably post this information, along with a photo of your brain, on your Facebook wall -- we hear that's the way to get even more friends! According to a study done by researchers at University College London, not only are certain regions of many-friended Facebook users' brains bigger, the big-brainers also have more real-world friends.

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Fox News' Brazen Sugarcoating of News Corp's Hacking Scandal

They've outdone themselves!

I mean, damn. The obviousness of it. The comparison of the News Corp hacking scandal to the hacking incidents at the Pentagon and Citibank boggles the mind, since the Pentagon and Citibank were the victims of hacking, while News of the World was the perpetrator. Not that that should even have to be spelled out.

[The Atlantic]


New Yorkers Don't Spend Enough On Dates; Reddit Responds

The dating website WhatsYourPrice recently reported that New York City men spend only $145 on average for a first date. This puts us in 11th place as big spenders, behind D.C., Dallas, Seattle, Toronto, and Denver. While the Post took the story seriously and chastised New Yorkers for being "cheapos," the boys of Reddit found humor in the story. After the jump you'll find some of the funniest reactions:

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Obese Man Found Fused to Chair

There aren't many times in life that you get to fuse a man to furniture in a headline, so we're taking this opportunity. Say of us what you will. Here goes: In a case that the Daily News describes as "horrific," an obese man had to be cut out of his "living room chair" that he'd sat in for two solid years after he was found there unconscious. And thank goodness he was unconscious. (Don't read on if you're eating.)

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