Open House New York Is Your Chance to See NYC Behind the Scenes

Williamsburg's Nighthawk Cinema, by Ty Cole
Open House New York, a yearly opportunity for you to creep into the secret, often forbidden or under-acknowledged corners of the city, a/k/a, a celebration of the city's architecture and design, is being held this year on October 15 and 16. With the support of home owners, architects, cultural institutions, volunteers, and the public, the ninth year of the event brings access to hundreds of sites, plus tours, talks, performances, and family and kids activities. Some you have to reserve and pay a nominal ($5) fee for; others (including all the family/kids events) are free.

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Liu Bolin, Chinese Contemporary Artist, Camouflaged Himself in the Houston St. Mural

Today, the Kenny Scharf mural on Houston and Bowery was transformed into a multimedia piece when Chinese artist Liu Bolin camouflaged himself in the painting. Bolin's performance was part of his ongoing series "Hiding In The City," in which he paints himself so that he completely blends in with his surroundings and then someone photographs him. We walked down to the mural to see if we could spot Bolin, but we're pretty sure he either wasn't there, or his camouflaging is really, really good. DNAinfo had better luck and snapped some great shots of the artist at work. Oddity Central reports that Bolin intends the series as a protest against the Chinese government's persecution of artists; in 2005, his studio was shut down. Speaking of Sharf's mural, on Thursday, it will be replaced with a piece by the Inside Out Group called "Lakota, Dakota Nation." [EV Grieve]

Breaking: Photographic Evidence Lady Gaga Shops at ABC Carpet & Home Emerges

BlackBook Magazine/BlackBook Media's fearless content leader Chris Mohney was on his lunch break, milling about phenomenally expensive Manhattan home decor design store, ABC Carpet & Home, when he spotted in the wild Lady Gaga. And took a picture. Photographic evidence below:

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Hipster Leaves: They Were Into Autumn Before You Were

Via Bite.Ca.
Remember when The Byrds sang "turn, turn, turn" about the seasons? Well, every season does indeed bring its own changes and new visitors, and this season -- Fall -- which started yesterday, is no different. Hipster Leaves are coming, and they likely think The Byrds are totally overrated.

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Young Matador Experiences Perfectly Natural Reaction to Raging Bull (Video)

Ever have one of those days where you're just like, naw, not gonna do it? Ever have one of those days when you're expected to face an angry animal that wants to kill you? Well, we haven't, exactly, but we can only imagine this is pretty much what we'd do. Because sometimes knowing your limits is important, even if you are arrested for it (which our reticent Mexican matador, Christian Hernandez, 22, was, for breach of contract). "There are some things you must be aware of about yourself," he said afterward, once he'd taken off his pink and gold getup and had a nice shot of tequila, we presume. Hilarious video of matador fleeing bull after the jump.

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