What Your E-Mail Sign-Off Says About You

We write so many e-mails nowadays, it's easy to just go through the motions (It wouldn't be surprising if the term "phone it in" is replaced by "e-mail it in" soon). This is mostly because we receive so many e-mails; the recipient will give it a quick read before motoring onto the next one. But those final words of your e-mail--the sign-off--are what usually stick. The sign-off is the last thing people see and it's the thing that props your name up. Why rush it?

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Brand It, Post It, Sell It: How Millennials Are Reshaping Business As We Know It

social media.jpeg

Laura Murray, an FIT student by day and live music photographer by night, has a fascination with exposure: "Being able to show people things that are going on all over the world sounds incredible." She admits on her website that she has a "slight case of wanderlust" and her dream job would be a band's designated photographer. To satisfy and achieve both journeys, she had to start off with basic grassroots marketing that required little cost: she handed out promotional marketing cards anywhere she snapped photos at, made up stickers with her name on them and assisted photographers in every way possible. 

But her biggest obstacle was the ambiguity that came with a popular form of artwork like photography: she had equipped herself with skills in the field throughout high school and college but she also knew that thousands of other people her age could muster those same talents.

"It seems that everyone with an SLR (single-lens reflex) camera these days wants to get into photography, just no one knows your name," she said. It was her goal to stand out among the rest - a credo of the entrepreneurial spirit. In the usual fashion of small business, she had to brand herself. And what better way to do that by using her name.

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School Has Trouble Spelling 'School'

Screen shot 2012-01-24 at 8.44.12 AM.png
Another school, another spelling mistake.
Attenshun, streat crossang gards adn teechers and stoo-dents, and, peeple who paynte street sines. Spelling is still very important! Not doing it properly, or at least double-checking your work before it goes down semi-permanently in the asphalt, makes you look stooooopid. Hence, the mockery that has been heaped upon the Lower East Side's own Marta Valle High School, which features, on nearby Stanton Street, the designation "SHCOOL X-NG." It has been there for months, reports the New York Post. Monfs!

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Slave Plantation Hawks "Day of Pure Chocolate Indulgence At Monticello," Proudly Extolls "Chocolate Was a Favorite of Jefferson's"

Straight from the files of "Historical Shit That Can't Be Made Up," we woke up this morning to a pretty unbelievable email from the Thomas Jefferson Foundation with the subject line, "Taste: Chocolate at Monticello."

Oh my, we thought, before opening it. Surely someone in TJ's PR office might be sensitive to and knowledgeable enough of, er, certain Jefferson proclivities to be wary of harping about his "taste" for chocolate!?

Apparently not.

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No Pants Subway Ride Is Over, Put Your Pants Back On

Paul Quitoriano
Of Improv Everywhere's many pranks in public places, perhaps the most well-known repeat prank is the one that brings humanity into the subway, around the world, to remove its pants. The No Pants Subway Ride has been happening since 2002, and we've been taking photos of it since 2006! It happened again, this Sunday. Fortunately, January has been rather mild. This year for the first time there was also an after party, featuring pants-less minigolf.

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Is This Painting Squirrel Actually Painting?

Animals doing human things! We enjoy this immensely! In the same vein as "Deer Prefers Beer" and "Moose Learns Valuable Lesson About Moderation," except, of course, artier, there is Winkelhimer Smith, the alleged painting squirrel, who in the last week has taken the Internet by storm, primarily because the Internet loves nothing more than a painting squirrel that may or may not actually be painting.

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Happy Good Riddance Day: Time to Dredge Up Your Worst Memory of the Year and Destroy It

You may not be aware, but today is an important day on our nation's calendar. It is, yes, several days after Christmas, and several days until the New Year (and the eve proceeding that year). And it is a Wednesday, a/k/a, "Hump Day." But more important than all of that is, it is Good Riddance Day, a day in which you are supposed to say goodbye to all that lingering crap and the bad memories that have been clogging up your arteries or pipes or apartment or emotions or brain. Dredge that shit up and throw it away!

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Relax, That Terrifying 'Extreme Alert' Message on Your Cell Phone Is Only a Test

Alert: You need a new phone.
Today between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., the Office of Emergency Management will be sending out texts that say "Severe Alert" or "Extreme Alert." This would be frightening, perhaps even terrifying, but, not to worry, this is only a test! In partnership with the Department of Homeland Security, the FCC, and others, the OEM is conducting this test of Wireless Emergency Alerts, a new free emergency notification system that will allow government officials to send geographically targeted alerts in case of danger to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Sprint customers. While random text messages on our cell phone generally send us into a tizzy even if they only say "Hey," or "What are you up to?" these practice texts are for our safety, and should be met with much joy.

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Finally, It Is 'Seasonably Chilly' (And It Might Snow)

WTF, weather? For days we've been sashaying about complaining and/or rejoicing (whether we're feeling glass-half-empty or glass-half-full) about the bizarre temperate weather. Our actual winter coat has only been worn, like, twice! But today, in weird conjunction with the MTA's announcement that they'll be better about the winter this time, they promise, comes a winter weather advisory from our friends in the know. It might snow, and it's definitely going to drop quite a few degrees. In fact, it already has.

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Blowfish, a New Over-the-Counter Hangover Cure, Will Soon Be in Your Duane Reade

Have you heard of "Blowfish"? It is not a fish. Nor is it something that you buy on the streets from a shady-looking guy whispering your fake name. It is a tablet that will be available over the counter in New York City drugstores come January. (Apparently it's already in Ricky's -- we're investigating and will report back.) Blowfish combines aspirin, caffeine, and an antacid to fight the symptoms of having imbibed a bit or way too much. According to the hangover gurus at ABC News, "When dropped into a glass of water, it fizzes up a lemony brew that packs the hangover-fighting power of two extra-strength aspirins, three espressos and a greasy breakfast."

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