Science Solves Age-Old Mystery of Why the Trip Home Always Seems Shorter

Pondering the long-held befuddler of why getting somewhere always seems to take longer than coming home afterward (and it's not because you're running late, or had a few drinks upon arrival at your location), science has determined that the return trip seems shorter because...your expectations have changed! In the study, 350 people took a bus or bike trip, or watched a video of a person taking a bike ride. Upon being quizzed about duration times, they felt that the the home journey, as experienced or viewed, went by "22 percent faster than the outward journey" -- even though it was the same.

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Longer-Lasting: Spitzer's Dong or Spitzer's Cable Show?

Page Six may have lost their longtime skipper Richard Johnson, but they are still throwing some heat. Today's column has a great item about one of New York's most infamous dicks, (the one attached to) Eliot Spitzer.

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Budweiser Will Get You Drunk via Free Beer on Facebook Today

Here's how to make your Wednesday better, with free beer, in five easy steps, while benefiting corporate interests in the process:

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What's Up The Jews' Asses on Yom Kippur?

butt out jews.jpg
Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement for The Jews -- of which New York City has many -- is coming at this city faster than a first-time Brooklyn Tornado. For some Jews, it can't come fast enough -- funny, because The Jews fast on Yom Kippur -- which has something to do with why some Jews in New York are reportedly putting things up their asses before Yom Kippur. Sound sacrilegious? Well, it's not.

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More Manhattan Apartments for Rent Than Almost Ever, Also, Still Ridiculously Expensive

Renting an apartment in Manhattan is never not hell. It's now apparently less hell, though still just as an expensive of a hell as it was before.

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Smart Money, Huh? American Student-Loan Debt Now Greater Than American Credit Card Debt

Hey, creditors, leave those kids alone! All along, it turns out, they were just another brick in the massive wall of student-loan debt Americans have now acquired which -- fun fact! -- has now surpassed American credit card debt, reports to the Wall Street Journal. Which is how much, exactly? The Journal's Mary Pilon notes:More »

Kobayashi Cleared: Charges Against Hot-Dog-Eating Champ Dropped

The government of the people, by the people, and for the people has proven itself adept to knowing the people's will, as charges against The People's Hero -- some tiny Japanese guy who could eat an entire fraternity for lunch -- have been dropped as of today, according to the New York Daily News.

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