"Krills," "Yams," and "Grizz": Decoding NYC Gangsters' Facebook Faux-Pas


In October, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly publicly announced that he was doubling the size of the Department's Anti-Gang Unit and would be stepping up efforts to bust gangsters using social media websites like Facebook and Twitter -- where gangsters have recently taken their turf wars.

New York City's gangsters must not read the papers -- 10 more alleged thugs got popped recently, much thanks to their social media stupidity.

According to the NYPD, 10 leaders of the "violent, drug dealing" street gang "WTG" were indicted yesterday on six counts of conspiracy to commit murder, assault, weapons possession and sales, and narcotics possession, as well as 35 related substantive counts.

Many of those indictments were aided by law enforcement's ability to crack the gangsters' social media codes.

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Ray Kelly Goes Gangbusters: NYPD to Double Size of Anti-Gang Unit; Target Facebook Thugs

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly will give a speech later today in which he will announce his plans to double the size of the NYPD's anti-gang unit to combat the escalating problem of gang violence in the city.

Kelly is calling the plan "Operation Crew Cut," which will bring the number of detectives assigned to the department's anti-gang unit from 150 to 300 in response to a particularly violent summer, during which many innocent victims -- including several children -- were injured or killed by warring "street crews."

"We'll focus those resources not on large, established gangs such as the Bloods and Crips, but on the looser associations of younger men who identify themselves by the block they live on, or on which side of a housing development they reside," Kelly will say during his speech (see full text of the speech below). "Their loyalty is to their friends living in a relatively small area, and their rivalries are based not on narcotics trafficking or some other entrepreneurial interest, but simply on local turf."

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Feds Nail 11 MS-13 Thugs ("Bam-Bam" and "Scooby" Included)

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Federal authorities have rounded up nearly a dozen members of the murderous MS-13 street gang, each of whom face multiple counts of murder, attempted murder, robbery, and other acts of thuggery dating back to 2008, the United States Attorney's Office announced today.

In a 50-count indictment, the feds lay out a pattern of senseless violence that continues to plague Long Island and other outlying areas of New York City.

One of the murders detailed in the indictment happened at a grocery store in Brentwood, which happens to be the same grocery store where another MS-13 murder took place less than five months later (which we wrote about in a profile of a witness who managed to escape the shooting with his life).

According to the indictment, on September 12, 2009, MS-13 thugs Joyser "Baby Boy" Velazquez, 28, and an unidentified co-defendant entered the Los Hermanos Grocery Store near Timberline Drive and Second Avenue in Brentwood with the intention of robbing it. Waiting outside to act as the getaway driver was 30-year-old Francisco "Spoiler" Ponce.

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Crips Members Unimpressed With "Fake Ass" Facebook Gangsters

There have been a slew of new, young street gangs popping up in New York the last several years -- including the "Very Crispy Gangsters" and "Rockstarz," each of which were "taken down" by law enforcement earlier this week.

These new gangsters have taken their battles to the Internet (which is why the aforementioned thugs got busted. More on that below), posting threats against rival gangs on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter -- a very un-gangster thing to do, according to a Voice source who is a member of the legendary "Crips" street gang.

While the jump to the web might be seen as a sign of the times, it's not "how real gangsters do shit" -- according to our source, anyway.

"They put that shit up there [on Facebook] like they don't know the cops is readin' it," one Crip member tells the Voice. "That's dumb shit -- amateur shit. That's how niggaz end up in jail."

At the ripe old age of 20, the Crip member with whom we spoke has been shot four times -- including one shooting incident that involved him shooting himself in the leg (he happened to be sitting on my couch at the time, as evident from the bullet hole in my faux-leather sofa).

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Facebook Leads To Fall Of Two Brooklyn Gangs; "Very Crispy Gangsters" Are Crispy No More

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Advice for gangsters: stop talking about illegal shit on Facebook!
As it currently stands, the body count from the ongoing war between the "Rockstarz" and the "Very Crispy Gangsters," both thuggish Brooklyn street gangs, stands at three dead VCG members -- which prompted a member of the "Rockstarz" to post on Facebook that "Rockstarz are up 3-0."

Unfortunately for the gangsters, authorities can also access Facebook, which is why 49 thugs are now behind bars, many of which are facing murder charges.

The dead-gangster tally doesn't include a handful of innocent victims of the street war for a section of East New York, including a 10-year-old boy who was hit with a stray bullet while watching TV in his own home. That shooting -- as well as several others -- also have been linked to the gangs.

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Latin King Gal-Pal Supposedly Held Captive For Years By Gangster Boyfriend: "He Loves Me"

Latin King gangster Michael Mendez has been charged with kidnapping and other charges after police found his girlfriend locked in a room in his apartment last week.
A woman who police say was held captive by her gang-banger boyfriend for up to a decade seems to be channeling her inner Patty Hearst.

The unidentified woman was found last week in the Patterson, New Jersey home of reputed Latin Kings gangster Michael Mendez. When police found her, she was in a room that was padlocked from the outside, and was complete with its own "slop bucket" (read: makeshift toilet).

Police suspect she'd been locked away in the room for at least two years, and could have been held there for up to 10.

But she now says she loves her alleged captor, and denies that she was held against her will.

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Cy Vance Goes Gangbusters In Harlem; "Flow Boyz" Crack-Slangin' Operation Takes Hit

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If you've been buying your crack at East Harlem housing projects, you may need to find a new commodities distributor -- the crack distribution operations of two alleged gangs were shut down yesterday, and nearly 20 alleged gangsters are on the hook for multiple crack-related felonies.

The two gangs -- the "Flow Boyz" and "20 BLOCC" -- operated out of the Wagner Houses and Taino Towers housing projects in East Harlem, where Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance says the thugs operated an "open-air drug market," and residents were forced to "pass through a gauntlet of drug dealers" just to get to their homes.

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Brower Boys Street Gang "Taken Down" Thanks To Facebook And Stupid (Alleged) Criminals

This is a screen-grab from one of the Brower Boys "rap" videos (which you can watch after the jump).

Here's a tip for any potential criminals out there: don't bicker about the proceeds of robberies you've committed on Facebook. Believe it or not, cops also have access to Facebook, and monitor it for dopes dumb enough to announce to the world that they're criminals.

That said, more than a dozen members of the "Brower Boys," a Crown Heights street gang, actually were dumb enough to turn to Facebook to argue about the proceeds of robberies they'd committed -- and now they're in some pretty deep shit.

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Netas Gangsters "Boobie," "J-Live," And "Lae" Charged In 2004 Shotgun Murders

Three members of the Netas, a street gang that's found its way from the prisons of Puerto Rico to the streets of New York, have been indicted on murder charges in the 2004 shotgun slayings of two rival gangsters.

According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, the three gangsters -- Alvaro Cabral, a.k.a. "Boobie," Luis Benitez, a.k.a. "Lae," and Jason Cabral, a.k.a. "J-Live" -- murdered two members of the Latin Kings, a rival Hispanic street gang, by blowing their heads off with shotguns.

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Rapper G-Dep Gets 15 Years To Life In Prison For Murder He Probably Would Have Gotten Away With

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The "ghetto legend" is heading to prison.
Puff Daddy-approved rapper Trevell "G-Dep" Coleman's heading to prison for a murder he probably would have gotten away with -- if he hadn't walked into a police station in 2010 and copped to it, that is.

Coleman was in court this morning where he was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison after he was found guilty of second-degree murder for the 1993 slaying of a Queens man during a robbery-gone-wrong in East Harlem.

On December 16, 2010 -- after the case had been cold for nearly seven years -- Coleman walked into a police station and turned himself in.

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