How-To: Tip Like A Sane Human Being in New York

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Confession time: We forgot to tip the coat-check guy last night. He was really cute, too, and had this great accent that we couldn't quite identify (Australian, maybe?) and we got flustered and dropped our scarf and then walked away without giving him a single buck. Ugh.

But it got us thinking about tipping etiquette. New York City is fueled by service industries -- stats from 2011 and 2012 say we've got access to 13,270 licensed taxis, 16,251 full-service restaurants, and 2,657 bars. Add that to the countless delivery people, doormen, bathroom attendants, tattoo artists, hair stylists, bellhops, and, of course, coat check guys (sigh), and you've got thousands of workers who you're supposed to tip on a regular basis.

How to keep track? And, more importantly, what's the proper amount to tip for various services?

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Today in Awesome New York Signage: the Jersey Couture Tuna Cheddar Melt

A friend of Runnin' Scared has alerted us to this delightful mashup of Dunkin' Donuts and Jersey Couture billboards, sighted at the Fulton G stop today.


Lean in close and let's take a listen:

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Got a Story about the NYPD? We Want to Hear from You

Have you ever tried to report a crime to the NYPD? Were you dissatisfied with the response? Did the cops give you the runaround?

Graham Rayman, who wrote "The NYPD Tapes: Inside Bed-Stuy's 81st Precinct," in this week's fresh-from-the-presses issue of the Voice, wants to hear your story.

Are you a police officer currently on the job or retired from the force? We'd love to hear your take as well.

Send any anecdotes, impressions, and experiences of how the NYPD takes crime complaints -- particularly if you've witnessed an emphasis on hitting statistical targets -- to

Tips, Please: We Want Your Data, Details, and Dirt

See that little box right there on the side? It's a tips line, and we want you to use it. If you're a flack with a cause to promote, a release to push, or a secret to air? Hear something worth looking into on the DL, hush-hush, or QT? Or just feel like waxing poetic or talking shit? Shoot Runnin' Scared an e-mail at or, a call at 212-475-1951, or an IM via AIM: RunninScaredTips. All tipsters will be kept confidential. We want to hear from you, and hear what you've got to say.