Hispanic Man Killed and Eaten

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Today in El Diario, that newspaper at your bodega you always wondered about...

A man killed and ate the eyeball and part of the brain of a Hipsanic man from Connecticut, the Spanish-language daily reports.

Police arrested Tyree Lincoln Smith, 35, on Tuesday night El Diario reports. They say that Smith, of Florida, killed Angel L. Gonzalez with an axe Dec. 15, then left his body on the third floor of an abandoned apartment house in Bridgeport, Conn.

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Gingrich 'Wounds' Romney; Latinos Demand Solutions from Obama

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Newt Gingrich badly wounded Mitt Romney in the South Carolina primaries. Now, Romney has to revive his campaign in Florida -- or risk losing the Republican ticket, the Spanish-language daily reports.

The three distinct winners in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina prove Republicans' uncertainty and that there is a conservative "rebellion," as GOP loyalists look for an "anti-Romney" to rival Barack Obama's chance for a second term, El Diario notes.

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Gangsters Love Scarface, 'Tough Life'

Today in El Diario, that newspaper at your bodega you always wondered about...

Two recent crimes involving Scarface have left many wondering whether the gangster world is nostalgic about the movie, the Spanish-language daily reports.

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Bullying in the Bronx

Parents at P.S. 64, an elementary school in the Bronx, worry that an "out-of-control" bullying epidemic threatens students, according to the Spanish-language daily.

They say that small kids get picked on by bigger students, and that the school isn't doing enough to stop it, El Diario reports.

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OWS Protesters Have Varying Political Views: Report

Wall Street occupiers have spent months protesting without a concrete place where they can put down roots, after getting kicked out of Zuccotti Park, the Spanish-language daily reports.

Now, some plan on demonstrating on foot and bringing their battle to November's elections, according to El Diario. Others, however, still don't want to get involved in politics.

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Mitt Romney, Alleged 'Vulture Capitalist,' Gives Woman $50

Mitt Romney, Republican presidential frontrunner, has been called a "vulture capitalist," but recently gave an unemployed supporter at least $50 -- maybe even $60 -- according to the Spanish-language daily.

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Puerto Ricans Demand Cancellation of Work It

For 30 year-old Puerto Rican Antoni Jimenez, being "boricua" and being a drug dealer are not synonymous, much less something to joke about, according to the Spanish-language daily.

Evidently angry, the man joined dozens of protesters Thursday to demand that ABC have more respect for Puerto Ricans.

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Deadly Prescription Drugs Threaten Society: El Diario

To stop the prescription drug abuse crisis in New York, the state's top lawyer is calling for the creation of a real-time database to monitor the sale and distribution of medications, the Spanish-language daily reports.

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Latinos Confident in Obama: Report

The national media might be be abuzz with news of the New Hampshire Republican primary, but most of the city's Hispanics didn't know about the race, and those who were "on the ball" did not really care about the competition because they think Obama will win the 2012 election, according to the Spanish-language daily.

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Fidel Castro Wants Robot To Be U.S. President

Fidel Castro, former president of Cuba, wants a robot to be president of America, the Spanish-language daily reports.

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