New York State Senator Throws Tantrum on CNN, Still Thinks We Should Torture Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

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Two days before the federal government filed charges against Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, New York State Senator Greg Ball jumped on news of the teenager's capture and recommended spicing up traditional due process. On Saturday, the lawmaker suggested that authorities torture Tsarnaev. Yes, torture, illegal under international law.

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Rikers Island Jailer Wanted to Feed Prisoners Spoiled Meat

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One jailer at Rikers Island gave new meaning to the term jail bait when he suggested that the jail could have served spoiled meat to the prisoners. On July 11, 65,000 pounds of rotten meats were discovered in two malfunctioning freezer trailers on Rikers Island after one supervisor complained about the nauseating odor. The meat, which was valued at $130,816, was disposed of, but one official allegedly complained that instead of stretching the prison's budget even further, the meat could have been washed with cider vinegar and sodium bicarbonate and served to the prisoners. Official spokeswoman Sharman Stein, however, insisted that it was "absolutely incorrect that [the Correction Department] considered serving the spoiled food."

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Quadriplegic Man Has Very Bad Experience on "It's a Small World" Ride

A quadriplegic man who got stuck on a broken "It's a Small World" ride at Disneyland and had to hear that insufferable music over and over again when Disney failed to evacuate him in a reasonable amount of time is now suing the company. While waiting for help for some 40 minutes as other people were evacuated, the man, Jose Martinez, suffered from a high-blood pressure condition called dysreflexia. As he put it, "It feels like an ice pick going through your temples. The pain was exacerbated "especially when you couple that with the continuous, 'small world' music in the background."

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