NTSB Removed the Train Union from the Metro-North Crash Investigation for Breaking Confidentiality

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C.S. Muncy
There will now be one fewer hand in the all-hands-on-deck effort to find out what caused the Metro-North derailment. The National Transportation Safety Board has barred the Association of Commuter Rail Employees from further involvement in the investigation. ACRE general chairman Anthony Bottalico broke one of NTSB's big rules: Keep your mouth shut until the investigation is finished.

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Republican National Committee Calls Barack Obama 'Awkward' in New YouTube Smear

Barack Obama spent some time chatting with Joe and Jane six-packs in his Google+ Hangout yesterday afternoon, where he made clear that college is important (as long as you don't pay to study the liberal arts) and that drone planes are totally BMFs.

During this exchange, a Texas woman mentioned her unemployed, college-educated, semiconductor-engineer husband, and wanted to know why Obama allowed the H1 work visa program -- which helps foreigners! -- when Amuricans couldn't get jobs.

Obama said that engineering posts are, in fact, available in the U.S. and asked the woman to send him her husband's C.V. (This was either a shameless 'I'm-for-the-everyman'-P.R. stunt or the best resume boost EVER. Imagine this guy's "references" page!)

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NYC Traffic: The Worst in the Country

New Yorkers, it's time to rejoice in our misery and impatience! All of those long tedious hours stuck in standstill traffic are finally paying off. New York City was unfortunate to have two honors bestowed upon it: the worst single roadway in the country and the worst bottleneck in the country! Although Los Angeles is still the most gridlocked city in the nation, NYC is set to become number one soon enough. This all according to data released Tuesday by INRIX, an institute that studies traffic information. So what are the two worst places to drive in New York City?

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Bristol Palin and the Situation Star in Most Cringeworthy PSA in Human History

There are many, many problems with this pro-abstinence and, yet, also pro-condom public service announcement, for which we can thank the Situation, Bristol Palin, the Americans who watch Dancing With the Stars, the Candie's Foundation, and the devil. This is precisely the sort of televised experience that will have our nation's teens turning to carnal pleasures for escape instead of sitting idly by while this happens. Among its sins...

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CNN's Resident Assclown Rick "Dirty" Sanchez vs. "Bigot" Jon Stewart and the Jewish Media Conspiracy

There are not enough words to describe the extent to which Rick Sanchez has -- without fail, time and time again -- aired out the worst aspects of his arrogant, patently unlikeable persona -- one which seems to thrive on his own incompetence like it's an anabolic steroid -- on full display, defying the figurative physics of stupidity. And today, Sanchez has taken us into a new, gilded Era of Incompetence.

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MetroNorth and the LIRR Have Spent $300,000 Repairing People's Pants

Howard Stevens leans on the same type of armrest that snagged his pocket a few months ago.
In 2002, the LIRR installed new train cars. Two years later, MetroNorth installed the same M-7 cars on the Hudson and Harlem lines. Everyone likes a shiny new train car, except...these "new" trains have a bit of a problem: The armrests, which jut out at a slight upward angle and are coated with a rubber-like material, have a tendency to rip the pants pockets of commuters.The torn-clothing issue started with isolated incidents and built to a peak in 2007, when MetroNorth received 398 of the 1,397 claims since 2004.

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Mel Gibson's Quotable Wisdom: The Flow Chart

Hey! Remember that time yesterday when Radar Online released the news of tapes with audio of Academy Award-winning director, producer, and What Women Want actor Mel Gibson spewing racist, misogynist invective at the mother of his lovechild? We certainly do. And we also promised that we'd get to work on a flowchart of this thing. So, without further ado, do you want an easy, beautiful way to know all the awful things Mel Gibson said?

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Mel Gibson's Fashion Tips: Helping You Avoid Rape by a "Pack of Ni**ers" Since 2010

Remember that time Academy Award-winning director, producer, and Lethal Weapon 3 actor Mel Gibson made headlines a few years back when he called a female cop "Sugar Tits" and blamed "The Jews" for all of the world's problems while getting a DUI? Well, that made him go away for a bit, and then he came back in an angry movie about an angry guy looking for revenge! Well, maybe some of that method acting business or whatever carried over. Because Mel's at it again!

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