What We Talk About When Quinn Talks About "Environmental Racism"

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Another week, another opportunity for the mayoral race to turn up the volume on its candidate-baiting side-chatter. The latest dealt with a comment Christine Quinn made last Thursday, when she responded to candidate Bill Thompson's decision to support a group of Upper East Siders lobbying to overturn of a crucial part of the city's 2006 garbage equity plan.

"The days of environmental racism have come to an end," Quinn said. "We have, for far too long in the City of New York, put all the municipal refuses into low income neighborhoods of color ... No community, regardless of how much money that community has, is going to be exempted from its municipal responsibility."

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Upper East Side Garbage Protest Now Has 5 Mayoral Candidates on Board (UPDATE)

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Like a fairy godmother, it appears that the mayoral race has bestowed righteous hype on one of the city's least sexy issues. With today's addition of Bill Thompson, a total of five mayoral candidates are now standing in opposition to rehabbing an Upper East Side waste transfer station--after a vocal group of Upper East Siders threatened to make their cause into an issue of votes.

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Upper East Siders Try to Make Waste Transfer Plan Into Mayoral Issue

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One neighborhood in the contentious battle over the location of the city's temporary garbage dumps is looking to up the stakes. This week, an Upper East Side community organization, Residents for Sane Trash Solutions, released a study highlighting the adverse impacts of putting a waste transfer station, or temporary dump, in their neighborhood. They also pledged to mobilize "thousands of New Yorkers to support only politicians who publically [sic] oppose the new garbage dump."

It's no secret that waste transfer stations are ugly, messy affairs. Essentially, they function as holding stations for garbage from all over the city until the trash is diesel-trucked out. Residents for Sane Trash Solutions claims that such a station in their neighborhood will result in an 8 percent increase in respiratory-related hospitalizations for children. A study by their partner organization, Pledge 2 Protect, also claimed that the location of the waste transfer station would disproportionately affect public housing and residents of color.

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Mayor Bloomberg's New Public Health Target: Styrofoam

In more ways than one, no one should really like Styrofoam. It has the half-life of most nuclear substances; it doesn't really keep your coffee that hot; it litters the streets of our beloved city; and, most importantly, it indirectly costs you money. How? Landfills.

Last week, the Sanitation Department requested a citywide ban on the material all together solely for the final reason. Besides the environmental aspects, the Department argued that the spongey substance is costing them bills to keep in landfills; all of which are filled to the brim. The legislation would target businesses that sell Styrofoam like hot cakes (read: Dunkin' Donuts) and put the responsibility of paying for its waste removal in the hands of the owners.

Also, it's not the first of its kind. The ban has been proposed to the City Council before but to no avail -- mostly because of the apparent economic strain it would potentially have on businesses.

However, the other day, the ban received a huge boost from a man who's never shy about his agenda: Mr. Michael R. Bloomberg.

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Anthony Weiner, Sexting Ex-Pol, Paid Private Eyes to Investigate Tallywacker Tweet

Anthony Weiner, the sext-loving, dick-pic tweeting, disgraced former congressman, used some $13,000 campaign money for damage control.

The Daily News says that Weiner paid private detectives to investigate the bogus claim that his Twitter account had been hacked, before he owned up to sending the porny photo and resigned.

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Life in the Pig City: New Yorkers Love Public Dumping

Here's some good news for the giant rats galavanting through our fair city (and bad news for the rest of us who want to avoid disease): Stats show that a decent amount New Yorkers are complete dirtbags who really like to dump their trash in public.

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There's a Lot of Trash in Williamsburg and Greenpoint

Two neighborhoods in New York City are trashier than ever, at least, in a manner of speaking. According to a new study released today, there are more garbage trucks in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, where 19 of New York City's 58 waste transfer stations are located -- "362 trucks per hour at six major intersections across the neighborhood, up from 300 in 2004." Although the trucks pick up trash, they also spew "noxious pollutants into the air," which has neighbors in a -- sorry -- stink.

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Sucklord on Art Critics: "If the Jerry Saltzes of the World Don't Like My Work, I Don't Give a Shit"

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"Who the hell is this guy? Get him out of here."

The second season of Bravo's Work of Art: The Search for the Next Great Artist, the gallery world's Top Chef, premieres tonight at 9pm. Completely randomly, the 14-person cast stars two recent Village Voice cover-story subjects: bike-accident victim/artist Michelle Matson and bootleg toymaker, the Sucklord.

As anticipated, the judges didn't know what to do with the latter, a huckster performance-artist who's made a name for himself by telling his collectors they're assholes for buying his work. In fact, at least one thought the 42-year-old who insisted he be called Sucklord was a practical joke.

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NYC Trash Can That Housed Improperly Discarded NYPD Docs Found in Trash

Bucky Turco at Animal NY, who is either the most vigilant police precinct passerby (or, if you listen to NYPD spokesman Paul Browne, something of a dumpster diver) has noted on two separate occasions that the NYPD might not be discarding their police paperwork properly. In one case, the very public trash can outside of the NYPD's Manhattan South Task Force station on 42nd Street was found to include an NYPD counterterrorism plan marked "law enforcement sensitive." More recently, police documents on how to identify drunks (and how much cops can drink, themselves, on duty) were found in that very same trash. At that point, we wondered not only about the wisdom of discarding business docs in a public garbage bin as a matter of security...but also, isn't it illegal to do that? Didn't a granny just get busted, with a hundred buck fine? (She did.)

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NYPD Once Again Dumps Police Documents in Public Trashcan

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Back in May, Bucky Turco over at Animal NY discovered a bunch of seemingly rather sensitive NYPD documents -- just a counterterrorism plan and whatnot -- plopped in a garbage can in front of NYPD's Manhattan South Task Force station at 42nd Street. He wrote about it (and so did we) hoping to inspire the cops to be a little more careful, maybe even invest in and/or use a shredder. But yesterday, it happened again. Turco discovered "a new batch of papers .... in the same exact place." At Animal NY, he highlights some of the info contained within the 12-page document, including intelligence-gathering tips, how not to be racist, and how to tell if a suspect is drunk (open alcoholic beverages are a dead giveaway).

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