You'll Never Guess What TSA Inspectors Confiscated at NYC Airports in 2014

Courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration
For some reason, a traveler tried to carry this sickle in his carry-on bag at Newark Liberty Airport.

From expandable batons and "sword canes" to gun parts and a really terrifying-looking sickle, New York and New Jersey's Transportation Security Administration inspectors have made some interesting finds over the past year. While, thankfully, none of the region's three major airports are listed on the TSA's list of top airports for gun seizures, travelers in the area still managed to keep inspectors busy.

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Haters Gonna Hate on T-Swift's NYC PR Campaign

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It's a fact: Taylor Swift's new single, "Welcome to New York," is bullshit, but now that we know it was a PR campaign coordinated by NYC & Company, the city's tourism bureau, some of her latest Instagram photos at least make more sense.

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Taylor Swift's 'Welcome to New York' Is Literally a Tourism Campaign Disguised as a Single

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New York's new Global Welcome Ambassador
Last week when Taylor Swift released the song "Welcome to New York" we were confused. We were confused because it was bad. Very bad. So much worse than the single she released a few days earlier (which we sincerely love). Most of all, we were confused because there was nothing particularly familiar in this lab-engineered New York anthem.

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Mauna Loa Has Challenged Adventurers for Centuries

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Alex Sverdlov
The unpredictable weather conditions near the summit have challenged hikers for centuries.
This week's feature story, Over the Volcano, details 36-year-old New Yorker Alex Sverdlov's adventure gone wrong on Mauna Loa, a massive Hawaiian volcano. After Sverdlov reached the summit on the third day of the hike, an unexpected storm hit the mountain with freezing temperatures, 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts, and a foot of snow. Sverdlov would be stranded 13,000 above sea level for the next two days.

He lived to tell the tale, adding his own name to a centuries-old list of adventurers who have taken a punch from the world's biggest volcano.

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JetBlue Uses America's Hatred Of Politicians For Publicity Stunt; Offers To Ship Disgruntled Voters Overseas

How's this for a PR stunt: you know that obnoxious friend of yours (or perhaps your overly Conservative mother -- hi mom!) who always says that, "if (insert politicians name here) wins the election, I'm moving to Canada?"

Well, Queens-based JetBlue airlines wants to make that happen -- but they want to take disgruntled voters to locales a bit more exotic than our frigid neighbor to the North.

Just in time to seize some of the political buzz surrounding tonight's presidential debate, the airline has announced its "election protection" contest, where winners (or losers?) will receive a free flight to their choice of more than 20 countries if their pick in this year's presidential election loses.

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Delta Air Lines Offering Rangers Fans The Inconvenience Of A Free Flight To Jersey

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Laguardia Airport is pinned as point C on the above map. Newark is pinned as B. The two airports are separated by about 20 miles.
Delta Air Lines is offering a free flight for New York Rangers fans planning to attend game three of the NHL's Eastern Conference Finals on Saturday. Problem is, the game's in New Jersey, and it will probably take four times as long to fly there than it would to just drive or use public transportation.

The flight will take off from LaGuardia Airport at 10 a.m. Saturday. Seventeen minutes later, it will touch down in Newark, at which point airport ground transportation will take fans from Newark Liberty Airport to the Prudential Center for the game, and then back to LaGuardia when it's over.

According to geography, the two airports are separated by 21.56 miles. Driving from one airport to the other is estimated to take about 38 minutes, according to Mapquest.

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Grant Tied to Major Blackout in 2006 Gives Boost to Biking in Queens

via Facebook
Thanks to a devastating blackout six years ago, biking in Queens in 2012 might become a little bit easier.

In 2006, a major electrical power outage hit Western Queens in a damaging nine-day blackout that impacted 174,000 people in the borough.

Six years later, those neighborhoods in Queens are getting rewarded for their troubles. Through an initiative called the "Greening Western Queens Fund," -- an $8 million effort to invest in energy-efficiency and environmental projects in the affected areas -- a fairly diverse group of local organizations are now pushing forward with projects aimed at greening Queens (the borough deserves some love, guys!). The funds are part of a community settlement with Con Edison and are being administered by North Star Fund, a local granting agency.

This month, the organization gave out its second round of grants through this fund, totaling $2 million, to 16 groups.

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The Longest Taxi Ride Ever Makes a Stop in New York City

Sometimes the best ideas come to you while you're sitting drunk in the back of a taxi cab.

At least that's how it happened with three adventure-seeking buddies from England who are riding a taxi across the globe in an effort to break the world record for longest taxi ride ever.

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New York City Airports Are the Best at Being the Worst

We win! Once again, you guys! New York City airports are liked by few but used by many, which makes them generally problematic to all. According to Frommer's, and they know from travel, JFK is the worst of the worst, with La Guardia and Newark (which is, apparently, "dull" -- isn't that actually sort of good in an airport?) not doing too much better. Why so much airport haterade? Well...

All three major New York City airports are on this list, in large part because they're run by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, a hideously mismanaged money sink that does a poor job of responding to air travelers' needs.
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Your Hotel Safe Isn't Safe

Do you use your hotel safe to store things when traveling? You might want to rethink that. Watch the video above, via Reddit.

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