Salon Publishes, Retracts Article Defending 9/11 Truthers

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Today Salon got in a bit of trouble when it re-posted a story from one of its partners, The Weeklings, called "Give truthers a chance?" before immediately pulling it down after readers commented and tweeted their disgust. As pro-truther articles go, it wasn't all that bad, since it continued Salon's recent, awesome crusade against Sandy Hook truthers.

The problem came when the article's writer, Greg Olear, started with, ""Conspiracy" theories develop, first and foremost, because the official version is obviously bogus." This, of course, isn't true at all, but Olear continued, comparing the relatively well-known "Magic Bullet" conspiracy from the JFK assassination to the outrageous Sandy Hook theories from last month's elementary school massacre in Newtown. (Apparently, Sand Hook theorists are called Hookers).

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