The NSA Bugged the United Nations Headquarters

United Nations Photo
If you were camped outside Barclays Center today, eyes laser-focused on the red carpet for a glimpse of One Directon, you might have missed this other bit of news: the NSA bugged the United Nations headquarters, according to a report in the German newspaper Der Spiegel. At this point, it would be a revelation if the spook agency hadn't spied on the headquarters.

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East Village Residents Losing All Street Cred

via DNA Info
There are those who complain that New York City has lost its edge, and then there are those who throw hissy fits over red drapes hanging in a window of an upcoming comedy club because it looks too "bordello"-y. No, this is not a story about Park Slope, where there are actual things to worry about, like kindergartners getting waitlisted! This is in one of the "edgiest" of Manhattan nabes, the gritty, take-no-prisoners, don't-fuck-with-us East Village.

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Press Clips: Murderous Monday Feelings

Have you ever received a piece of mail with a tracking number and you know it's there but everyone keeps passing the buck off to someone else until someone finally says "Oh, it'll show up in a day or two!"? That just happened to me for the second time. I am going to Fucking. Kill. Someone. Press Clips, Day 18, DeathRage Lunchtime Edition, right here.

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Dear Rest-of-America: Take This Map, It's Why You're Wrong About the "Ground Zero Mosque"

According to a recent Siena Research Institute poll, over half of New Yorkers polled think that the "Ground Zero Mosque" will promote racial and religious tolerance, or are open to the idea of it. Yet: 68% of Americans oppose it, despite the endorsements of New York City's mayor and the President of the United States of America. But that's not why you're wrong, America. This, however, is.More »

Inevitable "I Write Like" Backlash Begins

Have you played with I Write Like yet? It's the site where we learned that Madonna's daughter and Kurt Vonnegut are basically the same writer. It's also been telling some users they write like Dan "Da Vinci Code" Brown, and people are getting pissed.

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Obama White House to Actually Do Job, Play "Ten Questions" With Press Regarding BP Disaster

The BP Oil Spill Disaster started on April 20th, over a month ago, for those keeping track. Which is why it's so strange to read through this morning's MediaBistro Newsfeed, and come across a Yahoo news story, where you will find information regarding the White House's response to what 'they've already admitted is the worst oil disaster in the history of the world. They are now "pulling out all the stops."

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