New Yorkers Trapped by Hurricane Odile in Mexico Describe Ineffectual U.S. Response

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Mark Brinda
Mark Brinda lives in Brooklyn, but he goes on a fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas every year in September. September is the month when his 82-year-old great-uncle, a farmer from South Dakota, has a lull in his harvest schedule long enough to allow a vacation like the one they took with Mark's father, brother, and two friends last week. The only difference this year was that their trip happened to coincide with one of the strongest hurricanes in Cabo's history.

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Does Julia Allison Know What Burning Man Is?

JA burning man .jpg

The above is a photo Julia Allison tweeted today of the bags that she's taking to Burning Man, the crunchy outdoor sweat-festival in Nevada.

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The Boggsville Boatel, a Boat Hotel and Art Project, Is Completely Booked for the Summer

Photo via Flux Factory
As part of its ongoing campaign to prove that the Rockaways are the new Williamsburg, the New York Times brings us word of the Boggsville Boatel, a not-for-profit art project by Constance Hockaday. The Boatel is a small flotilla of abandoned and repurposed sea-faring vessels moored around a floating movie theater where water-themed films and lectures are screened. Viewing options include documentaries about houseboat communities, Jaws, and vintage porn.

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Mike Bloomberg's Flight Records Reveal Flights

Thumbnail image for bloombergphilanthropy.jpg
The Wall Street Journal did some digging in an effort to find out exactly where Mayor Bloomberg goes during the weekends. He came under fire for being out of town as the city was hit with a blizzard in late December. So where was the billionaire mayor? Bermuda. Probably.

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More Lunatics Headed to Antarctica

Robert F. Scott and his doomed 1912 crew.
What is so great about barren, uninhabitable Antarctica? First people are chomping at the bit to run marathons there, now they're racing to the South Pole to celebrate the 100th anniversaries next year of Roald Amundsen's and Robert Scott's expeditions. Never mind that Scott and his crew all died!

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Qatar: A Great Place to Work on Your Tan, So Long as You Dress Modestly

Yeah, we're all upset because the big old strong and powerful US of A, which nobody needs help pronouncing and almost any decently educated first-grader can locate on a map, lost the World Cup 2022 hosting honors to a teensy little oil-rich Middle Eastern nation. But if this video of the five proposed stadiums is even slightly close to reality, this could be the best World Cup/beach vacay spot ever, minus, of course, the restrictions on booze and the fact that short skirts and bare shoulders are frowned upon, to say nothing of bikinis. Qatar, prepare for your pristine natural beauty to be soiled by drunken soccer goons and rowdy revelers. Russia...well, you're used to that sort of thing.

American Workaholic Nation Now Gets Stressed from Vacation

Oooh, stressful!
We're such a country of hard workers and upwardly mobile, always-on-the-go sorts that it seems we can't even relax when we're on vacation. According to the Wall Street Journal, a recent survey revealed that only 53% of those of us who work come back feeling rejuvenated after vacation, and 30% keep thinking about work the whole time we're away.

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The Taliban Would Like You to Know That They Are Not, in Fact, at a Peace Retreat in the Maldives

vacation plz.jpg
Sometimes, like many other people, I sit in the office and daydream of being somewhere else. And some of these times, it's simply just outside! And other times, it's in the Maldives, which if you don't know, is a really expensive, really beautiful, really secluded island retreat where people with a lot of money go to have their colons excavated and then lined with eucalyptus leaves so they can then come home and fart out petite clouds of freshness.

Unfortunately for the Taliban -- who likely wants (or at the very least: could use) the same thing -- they are not, in fact, going to a retreat in the Maldives, contrary to what you may have heard. If your reaction to this news is simply a stunned "What the fuck?" you can't really be faulted here.

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