Watch 5,000 New Yorkers Join a Massive Pillow Fight

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Watch this video of the latest pillow fight in New York City, part of International Pillow Fight Day, a nine-year tradition. "We've been denied permits every year that we've applied," says organizer Kevin Bracken, who clarifies that the idea got started in Toronto, but was moved to New York City. "A lot of people like to say 'only in New York,' that's not true anymore, but only in New York can you get 5,000 people to a giant pillow fight." On Saturday in Washington Square Park, the pillow puns and feathers were flying -- and people in costume were easy targets.

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Miral Kotb Merges Light and Dance With iLuminate [Video]

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To say Miral Kotb is driven is an understatement. At 34, the Houston native and Columbia grad is already the CEO of iLuminate, a dance troupe that uses light technology to push storytelling to the next level.

(You may remember iLuminate as one of the finalists from America's Got Talent in 2011.)

iLuminate is performing Off-Broadway and Kotb not only wrote the software for the show, but also designed the patent-pending lightsuits, helped choreograph numbers, and occasionally dances in it.

Check out our video about Kotb and iLuminate after the jump.

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Legendary Phantom Tollbooth Illustrator Jules Feiffer On Wanting to Overthrow the Government [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Jules Feiffer in his Voice years
You've either never read the Phantom Tollbooth, or it's your favorite book. The first time you met Milo, you were probably his age, around 10, and Tollbooth seemed like a sweet little chapter book about a boy who's always bored and aimless. One day, a tollbooth materializes in his room, and with nothing much else to do, he hops into his little blue car and drives through, into a lovely story about words, math, and saving the two beautiful princesses of Rhyme and Reason. By the time you realize the whole book is an allegory, it's too late. You've already absorbed some meaningful life lessons about being ethical, industrious, and not eating too much Subtraction Soup.

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Watch One World Trade Center Go Up In An Incredible Time-Lapse Video

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To commemorate the twelfth anniversary of 9/11, Earth Cam, a Hacksensack, New Jersey-based webcam company, released a time-lapse video of the construction of the new World Trade Center. The nine years it's taken to put up the new building gets collapsed into a video less than two minutes long. Check out the full video after the jump.

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The Joys of Roller Derby and Kicking Ass [VIDEO]

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Andromeda Macri (aka Hela Skelter) has been skating with the Gotham Girls Roller Derby team for more than eight years. As captain of the Brooklyn Bombshells, one of six teams that comprise the non-profit skating league, Hela, 31, has seen the game evolve to semi-pro status since she joined in 2005. "I started doing it for fun, and it turned into a very serious thing after a while," she said. Besides helming the Bombshells, Hela also skates with the All Stars, a traveling team of top players that competes against leagues around the world. Video after the jump.

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The Ass That Won't Quit: Anthony Weiner's Bizarre Campaign Video [VIDEO]

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Seems he forgot to wipe off that smirk along with all that egg.
It's been eight days since the Anthony Weiner sexting saga began anew. Not that I much mind being bombarded by cell phone photos of hard dicks. In my house, at the office, on my phone, on TV. Whatever. After all, I get by in a city of assholes just fine.

So when Anthony Weiner's new campaign video went live, in which he promises not to quit, because "'quit' isn't the way we roll in New York City," it's not revulsion or contempt for the man that bubbles up. It's sadness. Anthony Weiner's campaign has by all accounts cratered, and yet here he is, clinging to the belief that there is anyone left in New York who has seen his johnson and still plans to vote for him.

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Mark Dice Is Asking Long Islanders to Sign a Mandatory Euthanasia for Old People Petition [VIDEO]

Remember back in 2010, when the new healthcare legislation was equated by Republicans with The Giver-style life planning, complete with executing newborns and murdering old people? After the apoplexy faded and Sarah Palin crawled back into her stasis pod, the debate entered a more reasonable register, but the bad taste of "death panels" lingers to this day. And yet, Mark Dice can still make us laugh when he petitions Long Islanders to support "mandatory euthanasia" for old people to keep healthcare costs down.

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Inside the Peppy and Jumpy World of Skipping Club [Video]

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What is skipping club?

Michelle Joni Lapidos, 28, started her skipping club six months ago as a way for people to come together and experience the joys of skipping. As far as she knows, it's the only one of its kind. Check out our video after the jump.

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One of New York City's First Pre-Fabricated Buildings Goes Up in Inwood [VIDEO]

Gluck+ Architects
The word "prefabricated" often leaves a bad taste in people's mouths. It evokes shoddiness or disrepair. The memory of trailers set up for survivors of Hurricane Katrina, whose shoddy construction materials leached poison, is never far off. But prefabricated housing, if done right, has the potential to fix New York's housing problem. The Bloomberg administration has pumped lots and lots of time and effort into initiatives to bring so-called replicable "micro-units" to the city. Now one architecture firm is close to finishing an apartment block made entirely out of prefabricated pieces in Upper Manhattan. And they've made a video proving it.

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Lefty Lucy: "I Was a Totally Normal Person for a Decade, and Then I Found Burlesque"

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Lefty Lucy didn't set out to become a burlesque performer, let alone Miss Coney Island 2012, when she left California for NYC about a decade ago. Although she came from a theater background and started college as a theater major, she eventually switched to English and went into publishing. It wasn't until she was laid off from a job in educational publishing that she decided to explore other options. "I was a totally normal person for a decade, and then I found burlesque."

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