You Have Until Monday to Vote for The Village Voice Web Awards

A friendly reminder: You have until Monday, November 26th to vote for the Village Voice Web Awards. You know what they say: If you don't vote, you can't complain. And what the hell are you going to do with your life if you can't complain? Please go to our Web Awards site to vote. Categories after the jump.

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Announcing: The Judges for the 2012 Village Voice Web Awards

Hey there, Internet. Let's talk about the Internet.

If you didn't know, The Village Voice hosts this little thing every year called the Web Awards. It's a glorious time in early December when everyone closes their Twitter application, turns off their computer, and comes out to a bar to celebrate the things did with their Twitter applications and computers. You vote for the nominees before November 26 here, and our judges pick the winners. Voting also automatically enters you to win TWO free passes to the event.

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Mayor Bloomberg Congratulates @ElBloombito For Winning a Village Voice Web Award

The Village Voice Web Awards were last night, have you heard? People won stuff. People drank and it led to hangovers. And it looks as though Mayor Bloomberg/whoever runs his Twitter was in the loop, because his account tweeted a message of congratulations last night to @ElBloombito, winner of Best Parody Twitter Account:

bloomberg congrats tweet.png

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The Winners Of The 2011 Village Voice Web Awards

web awards foam hand.jpg
It's finally here! The 2011 Web Awards winners have been chosen. Check em out after the jump, and check back tomorrow for highlights from the awards show, including our video for the lifetime achievement award!

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Village Voice Web Awards: Announcing the Finalists for Best Neighborhood Blog

We're gearing up for the Village Voice Web Awards this coming Wednesday, and we'd like to take a moment to recognize the finalists for a category near and dear to our hearts: best neighborhood blog. Last year's award went to our pal EV Grieve, who continues to do amazing work. He was a judge this year, helping to decide between the worthy nominees...drumroll please...and here are our four finalists!

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It's Your Last Day to Nominate Candidates for the Village Voice Web Awards

On Friday we announced the judges for the upcoming 2011 Village Voice Web Awards (December 7! Save the date!). Today -- TODAY -- is your last chance to nominate candidates for awards. Nominate here! You know you need something to break up all that time spent slugging coffee and googling America's finest pumpkin pie recipes.

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Announcing: The Judges for the 2011 Village Voice Web Awards

Attention: Monday is the last day to write in your nominees for this year's Village Voice Web Awards! Please go to our online form and fill that shit out! If you don't vote, you don't get to complain when somebody else wins.

In other exciting news, we'd like to announce our esteemed judges for this year's event. They'll be helping us select the winners, and they are all winners from last year, which means they know what they're talking about.

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The Village Voice Web Awards Are Almost Here: Nominate Your Favorites!

It's that time of year again! The second-annual Village Voice Web Awards will be announced on December 7. We want you to sift through your browsing history and find your favorite websites (within reason), then nominate them for an award! Winners will receive the Likest of Likes: a big foam hand.

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The Village Voice Web Awards Are Coming: Nominate the Awesome

Thumbnail image for web awards foam hand.jpg
You like the internet, right? Of course you do! We love it too, which is why we're so into our annual Village Voice Web Awards, this year scheduled for December 7th. Have a favorite start-up? Nominate it! Have a favorite tweet? Nominate it! Internet persona? Nominate it! Winners will be rewarded with the largest of Likes, a big foam hand (among other accolades).

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The Village Voice Web Awards Are Approaching; Nominate Things!

Thumbnail image for webawards2thumb.gif

The second annual Village Voice Web Awards are coming up on December 7th, and we need you to nominate your favorite parts of the Internet. Twitter accounts! Bloggers! Animal videos! Etc etc. Those who win will be awarded with a big foam hand:

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