Satellite Has Fallen, Location Unknown; 43% Think Obama Is Better Than Bush; Putin To Run For Prez Of Russia Again

UARS -- the 6-ton satellite that just maybe was going to hit you -- fell back to earth sometime between 11:23 p.m. Friday and 1:09 a.m. Saturday EDT, NASA has said. But even though it "penetrated the atmosphere" over the Pacific Ocean, when and where it exactly fell is still unknown, so let the conspiracy theories begin. If you do happen find one of the 26 pieces of UARS that were expected to have reached Earth, NASA says don't touch and call law enforcement. (Read: no souvenirs.) People in San Antonio, Texas and Hawaii have already reported seeing flying objects that could have been the satellite. [NASA, CNN]

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Vladimir Putin Goes Viral With Epic Rendition of "Blueberry Hill"

Vladimir Putin sang the 1950's classic "Blueberry Hill" at a recent charity gala in front of a cheering Goldie Hawn and Mickey Rourke. This isn't some weird fan-fiction story; this actually happened in real life. The hostess at the event apparently just walked up to him and asked him to get on stage, no doubt without realizing she'd be helping to create a viral Internet smash.More »