Today Is the Last Day to Register To Vote For the Primaries!

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When I moved to New York, I hoped I was coming to the big show. Boy, was I right. This political season we've endured enough big-tent theatrics to last a lifetime. But it will all be for nothing if you don't register to vote in the September 10 primary (yes, you too, Republicans.) Looking to reward or repudiate Weiner's weiner? Do Christine Quinn's sound and fury make you want to make her day? What about Bill de Blasio? Are you one of those people who suddenly thinks he'll be good at being mayor?

Call it a PSA, call it one poor sap's way of giving thanks for New York's bizarre political landscape. Go, register and be merry.

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The Post-Sandy Voting Compromise: Cuomo Declares New Yorkers Can Vote Anywhere In State

"Just because you're displaced doesn't mean you're disenfranchised."

It's evident that, a week after Sandy, thousands of New Yorkers are still reeling from her aftermath, many of them without homes, power or, particularly on Election Day, the ability to get anywhere near their assigned polling station. Although the plight of the displaced might be prioritized over casting a ballot, the threat of missing hundreds, if not thousands, of votes has become a major issue here, in New Jersey and in the rest of the Sandy-stricken states.

For this reason, Governor Cuomo, in a statement that included the line above, declared a measure that would allow all New Yorkers to vote from anywhere in the state. But, there's a stipulation: you can only vote for the President and Senate from a different location; you cannot vote for your local elections if you're not in your own district.
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Voter Fraud: A New York Tradition. Here's Who To Call To Report Any Election Day Scumbaggery


Today is Election Day, which means two things: you are expected to perform your civic duty by participating in the Democratic process, and you can expect the possibility that slimeball political-types will be looking to cheat the system by doing things like getting your dead uncle to cast his vote for the candidate of the aforementioned slimeball's choice.

Since the days of Tammany Hall, voter fraud has been an ongoing problem in New York's political process. For example, between 1868 and 1871, the votes cast in the city totaled 8 percent more than the entire voting population. But federal authorities are on the lookout for any political scumbaggery and need your help to bring those who commit it to justice.

To help curb any potential voter fraud, the United States attorneys for the Eastern and Southern districts of New York have setup hotlines for voters to report any possible voter fraud.

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While Florida and Pennsylvania Make Voter Registration Harder, New York Makes It Easier Online

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While other states have made registering to vote harder, New York State has actually made it a lot easier
The states of Florida and Pennsylvania have been trying to make it harder to register to vote in 2012. While the former's efforts have been stalled somewhat and the latter's have been upheld in court, New York State has taken the radical step of actually making it a bit easier to register to vote.

As Governor Andrew Cuomo noted in a press release yesterday, New York State has "launched a sweeping new initiative to expand access to voter registration and streamline DMV services by allowing New Yorkers, for the first time ever, to apply to register to vote, or update their address or party enrollment, through a secure online site."

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