Andreas von Bülow: The World's Most Respectable 9/11 Conspiracy Nut

andreas von bulow.jpg
von Bulow: CIA blew up the World Trade Center
There are 9/11 conspiracy nuts who are nuts and then there's German politician Andreas von Bülow, a member of the center-left Social Democrats who spent 25 years in the Bundestag and was Helmut Schmidt's Minister for Research and Technology for a few years in the '80s.

Von Bülow's The CIA and September 11 (Die CIA und der 11.September) blames the CIA for directly causing the 9/11 deaths and destruction. Der Spiegel's Christian Stöcker has a good piece on the guy -- the excellent German news magazine has notably debunked him time and again, especially one of his claims that the 9/11 hijackers are in fact still alive. But like those "zombie terrorists," as Der Spiegel derisively called them, von Bülow's ideas won't stay dead, and his book still sells. He remains reasonable-sounding and may in fact be the only mainstream-type guy who is greatly admired by both left-wing and right-wing radicals.

His theory is at least interesting, considering that he rightly points out that the U.S. government has pathologically lied about so much stuff, so why not this? In his view, the CIA didn't screw up and allow 9/11 to happen. The spy agency actually did the bad deeds. As if the CIA could get it together enough to pull something like that off.

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City Won't Force Orthodox Jews to Go to Church — to Vote

st agatha's brooklyn.jpg
Holy voter rolls! St. Agatha's in Borough Park.
​Assemblyman Dov Hikind has intervened on behalf of his fellow Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn so they won't have to cast ballots this November in a Catholic church.

Ecumenism goes only so far. Big crosses adorn St. Agatha's in Sunset Park East/Borough Park, so this means that the Orthodox Jews may not have to be confronted with the question in the polling booth of who would Jesus vote for.

But many other New Yorkers have cast ballots in religious buildings, and they will again this year.

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Les Hinton's Exposure: WSJ Publisher Teeters on Edge of a Scandal's Abyss

WSJ boss Les Hinton
[Update, 4:15 p.m. July 15: He's out. WSJ itself reports: "Les Hinton, chief executive of News Corp.'s Dow Jones unit, is expected to resign today." 4:43 p.m.: He's officially out.]
How much longer can Les Hinton last as CEO of Dow Jones and publisher of the Wall Street Journal? He had planned to retire next year, so it's been said, but he won't last that long. The phone-hacking shitstorm that's got the U.K. in an uproar has washed up on our shores, and the FBI and publicity-hound-dog congressman Pete King are slavering after Rupert Murdoch and his minions for trying to hack into the lives of 9-11 victims. An employee of Murdoch's for 52 years -- think of him as Waylon Smithers -- Hinton would seem unlikely to be forced out of anything.

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Levi Aron, the Questions: Was Leiby Molested? Video Shows Aron 'Grooming' Him As Molesters Do. What Was Aron Up to in Memphis?

Levi Aron is suspected in the murder of Kletzky, but not yet been charged.jpeg
Just accept the fact that Levi Aron's reported confession for murdering Leiby Kletzky is mostly bullshit for what he has left out. After the funeral (a too quick one) Wednesday night, we may never know for sure whether the little boy was sexually molested. But go back to the surveillance video, and you'll see Aron indeed acting like a classic molester.

Notice how Aron mostly doesn't walk side-by-side with the little boy. Instead, Aron walks a few feet in front of him. Cops and shrinks who deal with molesters have told me that's a common, and shrewd, technique by molesters.

As the cops and prosecutors bear down on Levi Aron, maybe they'll find out just where he learned to pick up little boys on the street.

Which makes you wonder: Were there any missing children in Memphis — or unsolved sex crimes — during the couple of years during which Levi Aron lived there?

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Leiby Kletzky's Funeral Rush; Murder Suspect Levi Aron's Penchant for Karaoke, Glee

Levi Aron is suspected in the murder of Kletzky, but not yet been charged.jpeg
Spurred on by Jewish funeral laws mandating that the service take place within 24 hours of death, the funeral of murdered 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky could occur as early as tonight. Various times are circulating around the net, but Yeshiva World News, a good source for info in the Hasidic communities, says the service could be as early as 8 tonight, July 13. As of 4 p.m., however, no time has been confirmed. And it's not known whether the NYPD investigation in the shocking murder and dismemberment will delay the funeral.

Meanwhile, people in Brooklyn are still wondering about the schlubby suspect, Levi Aron (right). Although said to be an Orthodox Jew himself, Aron is apparently an avid fan of bland, mainstream culture like online karaoke, Glee, and American Idol, according to his Facebook page. Aron's profile also includes scores of moderately sexy girls from around the world who are listed as his "friends," even though they really aren't. By late this afternoon, Aron's number of "friends" had fallen from 239 to 220.

Jose Ocasio and Joseph Murphy, Bronx Cops, Charged With Beating Up Teen; One Cop Believed to Be on NYPD Boxing Team

NYPD boxer Jose Ocasio
​The NYPD arrested two of their own Monday for allegedly kicking and punching a Bronx teen last February 18 after issuing him a summons on East 181st Street, across the street from the 46th Precinct house. Officers Joseph Murphy, 26, and Jose Ocasio, 28, were charged with assault, official misconduct, and harassment, and the NYPD also suspended them.

The NYPD's announcement was terse, but the Voice has learned that there is a cop in the 46th Precinct named Jose Ocasio who is a member of the Fighting Finest, the NYPD's boxing team, which is set to travel to Budapest this fall. Team officials couldn't be reached for comment on whether this is the same cop.
WPIX/11 says the 17-year-old victim was beaten and kicked and suffered bruises and cuts to his head. So basically, the two cops allegedly stomped him.

Who Is — and Isn't — the Sunset Park Rapist?

Three weeks ago, the cops arrested William Giraldo, 24, for allegedly raping one of four women who they think are victims of a serial rapist in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn. But Giraldo (who was arraigned on the day he was supposed to be getting married in Florida) was charged with only one of the rapes, and yesterday the NYPD announced that a June 25 rape, also in Sunset Park, is also believed part of the pattern. Who is this unknown fiend? Above, you can catch a fleeting glimpse of the suspect.

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Jonathan Thomas, 19, Busted in 'Freaky Friday' House Party Shootings in East New York

donzell rogers.jpg
Dead: Donzell Rogers
​Brooklyn teen Jonathan Thomas has been charged with murder in the "Freaky Friday" house party shootings last weekend in East New York. Thomas, 19, is accused of killing Donzell "Zelly" Rogers, 20, who was apparently just a bystander at the party. Cops have said the Very Crispy Gangsters, a crew operating out of the Fiorentino projects in East New York, was likely involved in the mayhem, in which at least 20 rounds were sprayed into a crowd by a crazed, stupid gunman. At least five others were wounded.

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Darell Smith, 17, Stabbed to Death in Crown Heights; Teen Suspect ID'ed

Orpheus Nelson, wanted in connection with death
​Cops are looking for Crown Heights teen Orpheus Nelson in connection with the fatal stabbing of 17-year-old Darell Smith in Crown Heights late Tuesday night. Smith, who lived in Bed-Stuy, was found shortly before 11 p.m. at 1785 Pacific Avenue, with multiple stab wounds; he was DOA at Kings County Hospital. Nelson, 18, lives on the second floor at 1783 Pacific Avenue. Anybody with info on this senseless homicide can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or submit tips at or text info to 274637 (CRIMES), entering TIP577.

Gerald Abramovitz, 82, Noted Designer, Dies After Mugging

​Elderly designer Gerald Abramovitz, 82, died Thursday from injuries he suffered after being mugged May 25 on the Upper West Side. The scumbag who did this to Abramovitz is still at large.

Born in South Africa, Abramovitz was trained there and at the Royal College of Art in London. Well-known as a furniture designer, his Cantilever desk lamp of aluminum and steel rests in MOMA's permanent collection.

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