Government Narrowly Avoids Shutdown

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The government was this close to shutting down last night but managed to reach an eleventh-hour (literally) compromise before the midnight deadline. House Speaker John "Smarmy" Boehner presented the laundry list of spending cuts and revisions and got Congress' positive response just before 11 p.m. What does this mean? It means that our government is still functioning -- for now -- and it means $38.5 billion in spending cuts. More »

New Generation of D.C. Pundits Reading Comic Books, Using Newfangled Internet

The D.C. political reporter is a changing animal. It's using the Internet to get ahead instead of clawing its way towards a column on the Washington Post's op-ed page; it has lived in "squalid houses" and read comic books; sometimes it drinks beer out of cans or even jars! As iconoclastic as it may seem, people now take it seriously. Do you kind of feel like you've heard this before? More »

Fear and Loathing in the Holland Tunnel: One More Take on Jon Stewart's Serious Speech

Have you heard enough about this rally that happened in D.C. this weekend? Maybe. We've already told you what it was like and what the best signs looked like. But what about what it looked like from TV, far away from the uncontested idealism and cheer? Village Voice film editor Allison Benedikt reports from a different elevation: down-to-earth and grounded in reality. Allison?

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What Did the Diplomats Who Were Shut Out of Their Own White House Party Miss?

That White House Social Secretary job must be cursed. CNN reports that "as many as 30 senior diplomats" were turned away from a party -- held in their honor -- at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue last night.More »

Washington, D.C., Mayor Adrian Fenty Sounds Like a Real Charmer/Asshole

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Washington, D.C.'s got a mayoral election coming up. As such, there's no better time for the Washington City Paper's Alan Suderman to run a terrific profile on the incumbent, Adrian Fenty, entitled "Adrian Fenty is a Jerk." Quite the thesis! How so?

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Bringing Down Dave Weigel Reactions Round-Up: Who Dunnit and Why?

Speculation continues to swirl surrounding the leaked listserv emails that led to the resignation of Dave Weigel, the Washington Post's blogger on the conservative beat. To recap: Weigel belonged to an exclusive group of political reporters and commentators, headed by fellow WaPo young Ezra Klein, called Journolist. Sometimes Weigel got feisty in emails he believed were private, joking about things like Matt Drudge setting himself on fire. Last weekend, Weigel's emails were leaked -- first to Betsy Rothstein at FishbowlDC and then to Tucker Carlson's The Daily Caller -- and the uproar ("Weigel loathes those he's expected to cover objectively!") led to him quitting. In the aftermath, we here at Runnin' Scared have been asking: Who smeared Dave Weigel? Why was he targeted? Is this just the beginning -- will Journolist (since shuttered) come back to bite others on the ass? We're not the only ones with opinions:

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Who Smeared Dave Weigel?

Yesterday afternoon, The Washington Post's conservative blogger, Dave Weigel, resigned. This was following the leak of some emails detailing his personal political views to a DC hack-gossip named Betsy Rothstein and bowtied blowhard Tucker Carlson's website, The Daily Caller. The emails were pulled from a private listserv run by fellow Washington Post blogger wunderkind Ezra Klein, the notorious Journolist. Now it's time to ask:

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The Sad, Bullshit Story of Washington Post Blogger Dave Weigel's Resignation

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This is a story you should familiarize yourself with, for two reasons: (1) You may hear more about it over the weekend. And (2) It's a story about the state of dialogue and opinion, of ethical gray lines and competing reporters, and the way a fast news cycle -- like a strong tide -- can politicize an issue until it ends in the worst way possible. Until earlier today, the Washington Post had a very popular, well-liked blogger named Dave Weigel. He handed in his resignation to the Post this afternoon. Why?

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