Police Arrest Donnell Barden, Accused of Being Prospect Park's Ice Pick-Wielding Dog-Stabber

A detail from the warning flyer. Objects may be more stabby than they appear
Prospect Park has not been a very good place to take your dog lately, at least if you'd rather bring it home un-stabbed. That may have changed yesterday with the arrest of 42-year-old Flatbush resident Donnell Barden, the man accused of terrorizing other dog owners, using his pit bull to attack their pets before joining in himself. He reportedly used a metal cane to beat a number of dogs, and even stabbed one with what witnesses described as ice pick. In one instance, the Daily News reports, he could be heard shouting, "Eat it! Eat it!" as his dog attacked. Just in case you needed fodder for your nightmares.

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Astoria Man Caught With Enough Weapons for a Small Army

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Word of advice: do not go shooting your guns off late at night in the middle of the night in Queens. Another word of advice: especially if you have an arsenal that would make the NRA proud hiding in your basement.

Michael Milazzo, a 53-year-old native of Ditmars-Steinway, chose August 26th, a cool Sunday night, to test out a few weapons by shooting them off in the air because, you know, why not? Officials investigating the incident obtained a search warrant soon after and rummaged through the man's house. And they found exactly what they were looking for: a shit load of guns and highly dangerous weapons.

We're talking guns, machetes, mace, brass knuckles, tasers - the whole nine yards here. In other words, 53 counts (one for every year of Milazzo's age!) of criminal weapon possession and a charge of reckless endangerment on behalf of Milazzo for thinking it was safe to shoot off a few rounds in a densely populated area.
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A Cache of Reefer and a 9 Milli Were Found in Brooklyn Yesterday


On Thursday night, at around 11:45pm, Franze Williams, 32, was non-fatally shot in the stomach at his apartment building on Tapscott Street in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn. He was taken to the nearby Browndale Hospital and treated for his gun wounds.

Soon after, police officials applied for and received a search warrant to inspect the house the following morning. The next day, detectives went to Williams' apartment to gather some information about the shooting and the suspects involved. Except they found something completely different: 125 pounds of weed, a 9mm pistol and numerous rounds of ammunition. 

Not sure if the expression "hit two birds with one stone" is applicable here but we'll throw it in anyway.

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The Statue of Liberty Attracts a Heavily Weaponed Crowd

Leave your guns at home, Bill.
For some reason, tourists are bringing knives, brass knuckles, collapsible batons, screwdrivers, pepper spray, blackjacks, and other "miscellaneous weapons" with them to visit the Statue of Liberty. The Daily News reports that thousands of weapons have been seized from people headed onto the ferry to Liberty and Ellis Islands, who first must pass through an airport-style screening center with magnetometers and X-ray machines in Battery Park, in this year alone. And thank goodness they do, because some of them are packing heat. Officials remind people that their screwdrivers are unnecessary for a visit to Lady Liberty.

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NYPD Evacuates Station When Man Brings Hand Grenade to Gun Buy-Back Program

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A Harlem police station was evacuated today when a man walked in carrying a hand grenade, which he hoped to exchange for cash as part of the NYPD's gun buy-back program. The entire 26th precinct station had to be cleared until the Bomb Squad arrived to take the grenade to the Rodman's Neck Firing Range where they will determine what to do with the bomb. Through the gun buy-back program, you can return a weapon and get $200, no questions asked. The police have collected more than 6,000 guns since the program started in 2008. While police say that the man did not appear to be attempting to harm anyone, this whole story makes us wonder: what was he doing with a hand grenade in the first place? [NYDN]