Delta Flight 1086 Skids Off Runway and Into a Fence at LaGuardia

Delta Flight 1086 from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to LaGuardia skidded off Runway 13 this snowy morning shortly after landing, but its 127 passengers and 5 crew members were not seriously injured. Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board will look into the cause of the crash, which occurred near the end of the 7,000-foot runway. According to FlightAware, the McDonnell Douglas MD-88 departed Atlanta at 9:23 a.m. and landed at 10:56 a.m.

Nine minutes later, it skidded, crashed into a berm, and stopped at a fence on the edge of Flushing Bay.

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Your Vacation From Alternate-Side Parking Rules May Be About to End

Jack Buehrer, the Village Voice
These cars will probably soon be required to move. But not yet.
Today, New Yorkers with cars will go through the now-familiar process of not getting in their cars, not pulling them over to the opposite side of the street to double-park, not waiting with their vehicles long after the city sanitation trucks have passed (for fear of parking too early and getting a ticket), and then not struggling to find a new parking spot when the chaos has finally subsided.

That's because New York City's alternate-side parking rules, which require drivers to move their cars so sanitation trucks can clean the streets, are suspended. Again. But with warmer temperatures (and even some sun!) being forecast for later this week, you might want to go fire up your engine just to make sure you're ready when the time comes to renew this frustrating ritual.

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Cold, Snap! De Blasio Warns New Yorkers: 'Stay Indoors'

Categories: Politics, Weather

Katie Toth, Village Voice
Staying in with a hot beverage is an important component of Mayor Bill de Blasio's Stay-Warm Plan for the holiday weekend.
During a February 12 press conference at City Hall, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio had a simple demand for residents over Presidents' Day weekend: "Stay indoors."

That's because, he said, the temperature in New York is expected to hit "near-record lows and remain dangerous through the weekend."

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Here's Why Manholes Explode Each Winter in New York City

Categories: WTF?, Weather

Besides train delays, canceled flights, and countless piles of lovely slush, the city's wintry conditions are also causing manhole covers to spontaneously pop out of the ground and, in some cases, do serious damage to pedestrians. Within the last 48 hours, there have been more than 200 cases of manholes smoking, catching fire, or even exploding, according to Con Ed.

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Round 2? Two to Seven Inches of Snow Expected by Monday

Categories: Weather

Photo by CS Muncy for the Village Voice
Get ready for Round 2.
Mayor Bill de Blasio's office has released a severe-weather warning for New York City.

According to the National Weather Service, a winter storm will arrive in New York starting the evening of Sunday, February 1, and stick around through 6 p.m. Monday, February 2. The agency expects New Yorkers to see two to seven inches of snow along with about a quarter-inch of ice on Monday. The dangerous combination of snow and freezing rain may lead to extra-slippery roads.

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Here's How Mayor Bill de Blasio's Expressive Sign Language Interpreter Got the Job

Categories: Politics, Weather

During recent emergency press conferences about Ebola and potentially life-threatening blizzards, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has had to share a little of the limelight.

That's because, just a little off to Hizzoner's right, a deaf interpreter has been drawing audience eyes with his deeply expressive sign language. His name's Jonathan Lamberton.

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Here's How the MTA Got All of Its Trains Underground

Categories: MTA, Weather

Screenshot from Twitter
The train schedule from last night until this morning

Following Governor Andrew Cuomo's directive for all state agencies to be prepared for Winter Storm Juno, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority stabled all of its passenger trains overnight on January 26 to protect them from the coming snowy onslaught. According to MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz, during the suspension of passenger service, which took effect at 11 p.m. that night, a handful of "work trains" armed with snow-fighting equipment continued running. MTA workers and trains cleared snow and ice from tracks and platforms throughout the evening.

See also: The MTA's 'Ghost Trains' Were Nothing More Than a Power-Generating Exercise

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The MTA's 'Ghost Trains' Were Nothing More Than a Power-Generating Exercise

Categories: MTA, Weather

Screenshot via YouTube
Subway trains resumed service at 9 a.m., and a Sunday schedule was expected to be in effect by noon. But while most of New York was asleep, many so-called "work trains" continued to run throughout the subway system, confusing some and angering others.

But Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials say that running the trains was necessary to keep the lines open.

"It's normal process," MTA Chairman Tom Prendergast said during a press briefing this morning.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio Defends Traffic Ban During the #BlizzardOf2015

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday that "We got lucky. Things turned out a lot better than we feared, but we were prepared."
Update, 12:11 p.m.
With New York having seen much less snow than anticipated, Mayor Bill de Blasio is defending the decision to institute a travel ban on all non-emergency vehicles — even food delivery bicycles — throughout the city. "The bottom line is, we got lucky," de Blasio said during a press conference on Tuesday. "Would you rather be ahead of the action or behind?...To me it was a no-brainer: We had to take precautions to keep people safe."

While New York City saw only about eight inches of snow, nearby counties on Long Island got about two feet, he said. "You can't be a Monday-morning quarterback on something like the weather.

"The good news is people took the travel ban seriously," de Blasio added, saying that because people stayed inside, snowplows were able to clear the streets quickly overnight. "That allowed the Sanitation Department to do an extraordinary job."

No summonses or arrests were issued for anyone violating the travel ban, according to police, who pointed to successfully emptied streets.

Parks throughout the city are now open, and public schools will be open again tomorrow.

"Was I heavily lobbied by a certain public school student? Yes," says de Blasio. "[My son] Dante made his best attempt to convince me schools should be closed tomorrow. But his attempt failed."

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New Yorkers, Be Thankful: This Will Be Just Our Second #Snowsgiving Since 1938

Categories: Weather

By Ralph Hockens from New York, United States (Uploaded by Ekabhishek) via Wikimedia Commons
Central Park could see up to four inches of snow for Thanksgiving.
You probably didn't expect to spend Thanksgiving eve in snarled traffic or trudging through ankle-deep snow on your evening commute, but meteorologists say that's just your luck this year.

According to forecasters, a coastal storm will bring a blend of snow and rain to the city today (have you been outside? It's already here). The sloppy conditions are expected to complicate travel plans for New Yorkers who plan on escaping for the holiday. This will be just the second time since 1938 that New Yorkers have celebrated a white Thanksgiving. The first one, on November 23, 1989, broke Thanksgiving snowfall records, dumping 4.7 inches of snow on Central Park, according to a New York Times report from that year.

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