Video: Witness a New York Manhattanhenge (and Moonhattanhenge!)

Manhattanhenge: "It's one of the few times in New York City where you see people being friendly to each other," says Jackie Faherty, an astronomer at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

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A Wall Under the Brooklyn Bridge Collapsed During Last Night's Crazy Storm

Image via @FDNY
Yesterday evening, New York saw one of those intense storms that makes summer in the city so memorable. The rain was sudden and absolutely torrential, and lightning cracked the sky for hours. Underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, a facade suddenly collapsed, injuring five people.

The Associated Press reports that about 25 feet of the facade, a decorative piece of wall under the bridge on the Brooklyn side, collapsed just before 8 p.m. There was no significant structural damage to the bridge -- other than, we guess, a piece of it falling off -- but the Daily News reports that a family was hit by falling pieces of wall. The family was standing right under the facade when it came down. Their four-month-old baby was knocked to the ground and promptly scooped up by a stranger, apparently unharmed.

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Photos: Manhattanhenge on Friday Was a Half-Henge

Categories: Weather

All phtos by Leah Kozak for the Village Voice
Manhattanhenge showed up over the New York skyline this past Friday -- if only partially through the clouds.

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"Umbrellas Were Useless:" A Grumpy Dispatch From 1882, On the Rainiest Day in New York History

Categories: Rain, Weather

Photo by Flickr user Chris Ford
It's kind of pretty when you don't have to stand in it.
A happy, soggy May Day to all of you. You may have noticed a torrential downpour generating from the sky yesterday, soaking your hair, your laptop, your socks, your life, and generally making everything unbearable. According to the National Weather Service, nearly 5 inches fell in Central Park, the 10th soggiest day on record. There was flooding on both the West Side Highway and FDR Drive, as well as from the Bronx River. A flood warning remained in effect for the whole city and southern New York State until 9:15 this morning, and until 11:15 for the Bronx because of continued leakage from the river. And at Times Square, the weather decided to venture into the subway station:

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De Blasio Tries to Cheer Up Miserable New Yorkers: "We Are Tough by Nature"

This mayor has given so many press conferences about winter weather we ought to start calling him de BlasiSNOW, amirite?

On Wednesday, the mayor tried to console New Yorkers increasingly grumpy over the string of storms by telling them, "We are tough by nature... We don't give in to challenges." Next, he tried channeling the ghost of mayor Ed Koch, who used to say, "I wake up every morning and say to myself, 'Well, I'm still in New York. Thank you, God.'"

Even in on our darkest days, we can take comfort in our illusory superiority.

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Nasty Winter Storm Wreaking Havoc on New York

emeryway via Flickr
It is ugly out there. Winter storm Nika swept into town late last night, bringing with her heavy snow, sleet, freezing rain, traffic jams, public transit delays, and a risk of power outages.

The National Weather Service is forecasting accumulations of 4 to 6 inches of snow, and a quarter inch to four tenths of an inch of ice. The ice building up on tree limbs and power lines could cause power outages. The winter storm warning will remain in effect until 6 p.m. Wednesday.

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New Yorkers Are Pretty Expletive Tired of All This Expletive Snow

Image via Twitter user @Beanielouisfab
But seriously. Eff this.
It's snowing. Again. It's real cold. Again. It's 30 degrees but feels colder, and the weather forecast says much of the city is currently experiencing something called "snow fog," which sounds absolutely disgusting. The National Weather Service is warning that we should expect six to eight inches, "treacherous" driving conditions, and terrible visibility. It's also heavy, wet snow that's hard to clear, or what they cheerily call "heart attack snow." According to the Federal Aviation Administration, flights arriving at LaGuardia are delayed by an average of 4 hours and 13 minutes. According to the Department of Education, the schools are open but field trips are cancelled, the cruelest combination known to man.

At this point, we've moved through all the stages of winter: initial wonderment and excitement, hot chocolate-making, mild complaining, major cabin fever, a brief feeling of relief at yesterday's miraculous 50-degree respite, and back to complaining. And today, finally, we've reached cursing. Lots and lots of cursing.

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What the Hell Is Going On, Weather Edition: Arctic Front Expected This Afternoon

Thumbnail image for BabyItsColdOutside.jpg
In which we feel how this dog looks.
What in God's name are we supposed to do with this weather? I ask you. This morning, we were all waffling over whether it was safe to change out of our Hoth-weight coats and back into something built for merely freezing temperatures. That gamble paid off: it was in the upper 30s to low 40s this morning in most parts of the city and it was great. For once, we all made it to work with our fingers, toes and nose-tips intact. Didn't even have to break out the desk liquor when we got here.

But say goodbye once again to those nose-tips, because according to the National Weather Service, an Arctic front is moving in fast this afternoon, bringing with it possible gusty winds of up to 45 miles per hour. Seriously. Seriously. Which one of you pissed off the Weather Gods?

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It's the Coldest January 7 Ever, but this is Nothing Compared to January 6, 1896

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New York Public Library
New York City snow removal technician, ca. 1896

It officially became the coldest January 7 New York City has ever seen when the mercury dipped to five degrees this morning, beating out January 7, 1896 by a single degree.

Forecasters say it "feels like" 14 below. And, yes, it's miserable, but it's nothing compared to January 6, 1896 when the temperature fell to 3 degrees below zero.

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De Blasio's New York: School Canceled, Roads Closed

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Sarah Ackerman via Flickr
Welcome to de Blasio's New York: a magical winter wonderland where the streets are deserted and the schools are closed.

The Long Island Expressway, which closed at midnight, is expected to remain closed until 8 a.m. Friday. Interstate 84 remains closed through 8 a.m. as well. I-87 is open to passenger vehicles as of 5 a.m., but the commercial traffic ban will remain in place until 8 a.m. Alternate-side parking rules remain suspended as well.

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