De Blasio Tries to Cheer Up Miserable New Yorkers: "We Are Tough by Nature"

This mayor has given so many press conferences about winter weather we ought to start calling him de BlasiSNOW, amirite?

On Wednesday, the mayor tried to console New Yorkers increasingly grumpy over the string of storms by telling them, "We are tough by nature... We don't give in to challenges." Next, he tried channeling the ghost of mayor Ed Koch, who used to say, "I wake up every morning and say to myself, 'Well, I'm still in New York. Thank you, God.'"

Even in on our darkest days, we can take comfort in our illusory superiority.

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Nasty Winter Storm Wreaking Havoc on New York

emeryway via Flickr
It is ugly out there. Winter storm Nika swept into town late last night, bringing with her heavy snow, sleet, freezing rain, traffic jams, public transit delays, and a risk of power outages.

The National Weather Service is forecasting accumulations of 4 to 6 inches of snow, and a quarter inch to four tenths of an inch of ice. The ice building up on tree limbs and power lines could cause power outages. The winter storm warning will remain in effect until 6 p.m. Wednesday.

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New Yorkers Are Pretty Expletive Tired of All This Expletive Snow

Image via Twitter user @Beanielouisfab
But seriously. Eff this.
It's snowing. Again. It's real cold. Again. It's 30 degrees but feels colder, and the weather forecast says much of the city is currently experiencing something called "snow fog," which sounds absolutely disgusting. The National Weather Service is warning that we should expect six to eight inches, "treacherous" driving conditions, and terrible visibility. It's also heavy, wet snow that's hard to clear, or what they cheerily call "heart attack snow." According to the Federal Aviation Administration, flights arriving at LaGuardia are delayed by an average of 4 hours and 13 minutes. According to the Department of Education, the schools are open but field trips are cancelled, the cruelest combination known to man.

At this point, we've moved through all the stages of winter: initial wonderment and excitement, hot chocolate-making, mild complaining, major cabin fever, a brief feeling of relief at yesterday's miraculous 50-degree respite, and back to complaining. And today, finally, we've reached cursing. Lots and lots of cursing.

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What the Hell Is Going On, Weather Edition: Arctic Front Expected This Afternoon

Thumbnail image for BabyItsColdOutside.jpg
In which we feel how this dog looks.
What in God's name are we supposed to do with this weather? I ask you. This morning, we were all waffling over whether it was safe to change out of our Hoth-weight coats and back into something built for merely freezing temperatures. That gamble paid off: it was in the upper 30s to low 40s this morning in most parts of the city and it was great. For once, we all made it to work with our fingers, toes and nose-tips intact. Didn't even have to break out the desk liquor when we got here.

But say goodbye once again to those nose-tips, because according to the National Weather Service, an Arctic front is moving in fast this afternoon, bringing with it possible gusty winds of up to 45 miles per hour. Seriously. Seriously. Which one of you pissed off the Weather Gods?

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It's the Coldest January 7 Ever, but this is Nothing Compared to January 6, 1896

Categories: Weather

New York Public Library
New York City snow removal technician, ca. 1896

It officially became the coldest January 7 New York City has ever seen when the mercury dipped to five degrees this morning, beating out January 7, 1896 by a single degree.

Forecasters say it "feels like" 14 below. And, yes, it's miserable, but it's nothing compared to January 6, 1896 when the temperature fell to 3 degrees below zero.

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De Blasio's New York: School Canceled, Roads Closed

Categories: Weather

Sarah Ackerman via Flickr
Welcome to de Blasio's New York: a magical winter wonderland where the streets are deserted and the schools are closed.

The Long Island Expressway, which closed at midnight, is expected to remain closed until 8 a.m. Friday. Interstate 84 remains closed through 8 a.m. as well. I-87 is open to passenger vehicles as of 5 a.m., but the commercial traffic ban will remain in place until 8 a.m. Alternate-side parking rules remain suspended as well.

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Snowpocalypse NYC! The City Digs Out

Click on image to enlarge
Two bikes and a basketful of snow

New York City lucked out with only 8 to 11 inches of snow, but the wind caused it to pile up in drifts, making it more difficult to trudge through the relentless white. Nevertheless, buses were up and running by noon, the Greenmarket at Union Square was doing business with a fraction of its usual booths, and a carnival atmosphere prevailed downtown as Villagers and East Villagers dug out their cars and bikes, and generally wandered around ogling the accumulated precip. Here are some photos taken around noon.

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5 Lesser-Known Ways to Survive the NYC Cold Snap of 2013

Categories: Weather

Not cool, weather. Literally, it is not cool. In fact, it's bitter cold. It's colder than a [insert body part of fantastical Winterland inhabitant here]. I said, brr it's cold in here, there must be some lingering Arctic air in the atmosphere!" Get used to these jokes because it's going to get even colder tomorrow.

"The combination of lingering Arctic air and two merging storms has the potential to spread a large swath of snow, wintry mix and slippery travel from the Midwest to the East at the end of the week," AccuWeather reports.

On Staten Island, staying warm is especially challenging for victims of Superstorm Sandy who still don't have heat. "This is New York and there are people freezing here," resident Anthony Marotto told CBS News.

"No heat, no hot water, no kitchens, no bathrooms, can't even take a shower, can't even go to the bathroom and wash your hands and there's so many people down here like that." Volunteers are setting up tents with hot food and space heaters for residents there who will definitely need them.

Even if your situation is not as dire as those affected by Sandy, you might need a little help turning up the heat this week. Here's a look at 5 unique ways to stay warm when your chills are multiplying.

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How To Survive Rain in New York City

What the hail?

If you were in New York City yesterday, you are certainly aware of the inclement weather which loudly dumped several inches of rain and quarter-size icerocks on our fair metropolis -- resulting in at least four lightening-related injuries and flooding in subway and highway hubs, according the Daily News.

And if you are here today, you might experience yet another round of rain, with the National Weather Service predicting some scattered showers before 1 p.m. and another set after 2 a.m.

We are not trying to downplay the dangers of sky electricity -- in fact, you can read safety tips here, because we're super responsible .

However, getting caught in rain won't just dampen your mood. At best, you will melt outright. At worst, you will wind up with Alice Cooper mascara. In any case, you will certainly grow webbing on your hands and feet and believe that Kevin Costner is a total dreamboat in Waterworld.

Needless to say, the consequences of an unexpected, unprotected brush with preciptitation are dire. So, we have put together a handy, helpful guide: How to survive rain in New York City.

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Rush Limbaugh Apologizes To Sandra Fluke; Students Protest As Kelly Speaks On Muslim Surveillance; Romney Wins Washington State Caucuses

Thumbnail image for rush limbaugh.jpg
Rush Limbaugh apologized to Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke Saturday, who he called a "slut" for testifying in favor of contraception coverage. "My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir," he said in a statement. "I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices." Meanwhile, Limbaugh continues to see fallout as a result of his continued attacks on Fluke, in which he's likened her to a "prostitute" and mocked President Barack Obama for calling to thank her for her testimony. Quicken Loans and five other advertisers have all pulled ads from Limbaugh's show. [Rush Limbaugh, ABC, NYT]

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