Snowpocalypse NYC! The City Digs Out

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Two bikes and a basketful of snow

New York City lucked out with only 8 to 11 inches of snow, but the wind caused it to pile up in drifts, making it more difficult to trudge through the relentless white. Nevertheless, buses were up and running by noon, the Greenmarket at Union Square was doing business with a fraction of its usual booths, and a carnival atmosphere prevailed downtown as Villagers and East Villagers dug out their cars and bikes, and generally wandered around ogling the accumulated precip. Here are some photos taken around noon.

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Two Thirds of Single People Have Given Up on Sex (on Valentine's Day, at Least)

Only one third of singles expect to get laid on Valentine's Day -- about the same number that Facebook stalk their exes, a new study reveals.

The survey of 515 self-identified singles, conducted by Facebook dating app, finds that 33 percent plan on winding up in bed on what's marketed as the most commercialized romantic day of the year. (Gross.)

Apparently, singles are not deterred by blind dates -- 74 percent would totally meet up with a stranger "indicating singles are not intimidated by the romantic pressure the holiday typically brings."

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Weekend Subway Service Has Gotten A Little Better, But That Won't Stop Us From Complaining

One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is gripe, bitch, and generally complain as much as we possibly can about how shitty the subway service is. A lot. But new data reported in the New York Post shows the bane of our existence actually made a small step toward becoming less of a bane. Kind of.

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