Weiner's in the Race, And His Campaign Ad Is Remarkably Unsexy

The better-than-rumor rumors are true: We have a Weiner in the mayoral race, and he has 64 reasons why, according to the debut campaign ad.

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With More Television Interviews, Anthony Weiner Falls Further Into Cybersexting Past

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Overall, it's been a solid few weeks for Anthony Weiner.

Rumors of his mayoral campaign have been met with serious speculation and, given his reputation, have scored him some major points in hypothetical polls. He's back on Twitter--the social platform that led to his demise--and, in an interview with NY1, he promised New Yorkers that he would try to regain their trust after the cybersexting scandal that led him to resign two years ago.

But there is such a thing as too many interviews. Yesterday, Weiner went on air with several different stations to discuss city politics; instead, he was faced with more questions about the scandal. And he let it slip that he was actually sending pictures of his privates to a fairly large amount of girls "for a couple of years."

Sometimes, redemption starts with even more admissions.

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Four Basic Rules for Anthony Weiner Now That He's Back on Twitter

After a few months off the Twitter grid (for good reason), former Congressman Anthony Weiner returned to the social network yesterday with a fresh, new account. And that might've been done for a few reasons.

Maybe he's finally stopped having night terrors of tweets gone terribly wrong. Maybe he's really serious about apologizing to the public and this is him turning over a new leaf. Or maybe he wants to start his *possible* mayoral campaign off on the right digital foot.

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Should Anthony Weiner Be Comptroller?

United States Congress
Today the Post reported that disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner was considering a run for the city comptroller's office. According to several anonymous-yet-well-connected Manhattanites, pollsters are calling around to suss out the levels of support Weiner might receive if he decided to run.

What's a comptroller, you ask? It's the person who tells the mayor and city council how they ought to spend money. Should Weiner be one? We've weighed the pros and cons, but we're still on the fence.

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Suicidal Jumper Saved by Landing on Garbage; Arkansas Birds Fall From Sky; Facebook Now Worth $50 Billion

Good morning, happy back-to-work Monday, and welcome to 2011! Today is Joe Coscarelli's first day of weekday blogging on Runnin' Scared, which we are very excited about. Please join me in heckling him as much as possible. In other morning news...

• Yesterday in New York a suicidal man jumped from building in Midtown Manhattan, only to be saved by the pile of garbage, not picked up on account of the blizzard of '10, which he landed on. He is in critical but stable condition. [NYDN]

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Roosevelt Island Tram Service Restarts Tomorrow

After 9 months of repairs, the Roosevelt Island Tram is ready to start up again. Repairs became necessary after the tram was attacked by the Green Goblin in the first Spider-Man movie heavy winds and power outages were shown to render the tram completely useless. According to the Daily News, the new gondolas have "bigger windows, longer seats, and the promise of better views and seating."

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