The Racist Tweet War Against Obama Comes to New York

It's no doubt that a few people were devastated when Romney lost the election. And by "few people," we mean everyone on this site. Oh, and this young kid, too. The 48 percent of the country that wanted Romney in (or, more so, wanted Obama out of) the White House was defeated by the tyranny of the 47 percent (which, really, was closer to 50 percent) majority. It was over - Obama had solidified another four years crashing America into the ground and there was nothing more that could be done.

Except, of course, resort to the 21st century version of sore-loser-ism: when all else fails, go on Twitter. You have 140 characters to broadcast to all 132 of your followers the post-election anguish, pain, night terrors and, according to Jezebel, good ol' fashioned American pastime known as heartless racism.

In the report, writer Tracie Egan Morrissey collected a ton of tweets a few days ago that are just.... yeah, they exist. That's all. The South will rise again and all that jazz. Here's a quick preview:

@Walken4GOP: "Why did Obama's great grandaddy cross the road? Because my great grandaddy tugged his neckchain in that direction."

@pukingvagina: "So the nigger is still living life in that big white apartment."

@KG39baseball: "The movie 2012 first New York floods and there is a nigger in office also. See a coinensadince."

Yes. A coinensadince.

Well, two of those lucky contestants were fellow New Yorkers like me and you. And not even old enough to vote yet.

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Rush Limbaugh: Saved by Sandra Fluke?

When Rush Limbaugh called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute" on his radio show Feb. 29, it sure seemed like the end of an era might be upon us.

Public outcry prompted sponsors to pull support from the show, leaving many to wonder whether the conservative stalwart would have much longer to lash out against liberals and ladies.

To be fair, Rush did damage control issue an apology, but many saw the mea culpa as meaningless -- worthy of all-out mocking.

But as bad as Rush's gaffe might be -- and to be clear, it is bad -- you have to wonder: could this bolster Limbaugh's languishing career?

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Rich People Have to Golf Instead of Ski Because of the Warm Weather

What's worse than white people problems (besides real ones)?

Rich people problems, of course!

InvestmentNews has a Bloomberg article detailing the travails of Winthrop Smith Jr. (his real name), a onetime Merrill Lynch & Co. exec who now owns the Warren, Vermont-based Sugarbush Resort.

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Little Adolf Hitler's Parents Lose Custody of Their Latest Baby

Thumbnail image for worstbabynames.jpg
The parents of Adolf Hitler, the 5-year-old New Jersey child with the most unfortunate name, have had their newest baby, a boy named Hons Campbell, taken away from them as well. Adolf and his sisters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie, were all taken into custody by New Jersey Youth and Family Services in 2009. The Campbells, Heath and Deborah, say they don't know why Hons was taken, and the agency has reportedly been prohibited from talking about it. However, last year an appeals court ruled that the older children were at risk due to the parents' "unspecified physical and psychological disabilities," including violence in the home.

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Columbia Drug Ring Kids Want to Protect Their Futures

In December, five Columbia students were arrested in a major drug sting, and yesterday, their lawyers turned down a no-jail plea deal. Four of the five were offered the bargain, which would have allowed them to serve zero jail time as long as they pleaded guilty to a felony. The students' lawyers refused to accept the offer insisting that a felony would prevent the boys from ever becoming doctors or lawyers. The fifth defendant, Harrison David, was offered a year in prison because he sold cocaine to an undercover cop while his friends were only peddling club drugs and pot. David's lawyer insists that his client only started selling cocaine when he was pressured by the undercover officer, and he hopes to have David's sentence reduced to the same punishment as his friends. [NYDN]

CNN Money Deftly Avoids Use of N-Word

cnn money kanye .png

You would never guess what the real lyrics are!


Barack Obama and the Birthers: Yes, White America's Mind is Still Lost, Poll Indicates

A paltry, pathetic 38 percent. According to the latest Gallup/USA Today poll, that's the percentage of Americans who definitely believe that President Barack Obama was born in the United States.

It's in this toxic environment that the White House has released a copy of Obama's long-form birth certificate.

We noted last September that "White America Has Lost Its Mind." Apparently it still hasn't found it.

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Oblivious White Woman Happy to Teach You How to Date Minorities

The cover photo for "I Got the Fever."
There are some things you should know, privileged white women seeking to date minorities. J.C. Davies, author of the (obviously self-published) new book I Got the Fever: Love, What's Race Gotta Do With It?, will be happy to help you. For example, the smell of curry seeps from the pores of Indian men. Also, there is a "contingency of brothers" who "do like their women bigger, or 'thick.'" Go on! More »

Native Society, a Country Club For Young Yuppies, Is New Yorkers Only, But In a Bad Way

The film Metropolitan
Thursday's New York Times features an article on Native Society, a collection of about 400 "preppy young men and women, mostly friends from the Upper East Side," who started a secret club so they can dress up and look down on people. It's like any social gathering in New York City, really, except they were dumb enough to give it a name. It's for networking, the club's founder Oliver Estreich says, but you can only get in if you're invited -- "You can't apply" -- and it's relegated to New York natives, by which they mean the kids of 10021, "the ZIP code of upper Park and Fifth Avenues," or at least you better have gone to a damn special prep school.

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Crazy White America, The Comments: Day 1 Word Cloud

thumbnail word cloud.jpg
Yesterday, we unleashed Steven Thrasher's cover story, White America Has Lost Its Mind, on an unsuspecting -- and partially mental-health-care-needing -- public. Since then, besides producing some pretty amusing, enlightening, and point-proving hate mail, Thrasher's story has also generated record amounts of comments for us: in just one day, 247.

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