Little Adolf Hitler's Parents Lose Custody of Their Latest Baby

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The parents of Adolf Hitler, the 5-year-old New Jersey child with the most unfortunate name, have had their newest baby, a boy named Hons Campbell, taken away from them as well. Adolf and his sisters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie, were all taken into custody by New Jersey Youth and Family Services in 2009. The Campbells, Heath and Deborah, say they don't know why Hons was taken, and the agency has reportedly been prohibited from talking about it. However, last year an appeals court ruled that the older children were at risk due to the parents' "unspecified physical and psychological disabilities," including violence in the home.

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Bloggers Be Crazy: White Supremacist Hal Turner Found Guilty of Threatening to Kill Three Judges

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WNYC, it isn't. Via NYT CityRoom, after two previous mistrials, white supremacist-nationalist internet radio host and blogger Harold "Hal" Turner -- who broadcasts from his home in North Bergen, New Jersey -- was convicted today of threatening to assault or kill not one, not two, but three federal judges from Chicago after blogging about them upholding a local handgun ban. He's looking at doing up to 10 years of hard time. What were the comments?

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