Donald Trump Touts Own Awesomeness at CPAC; Will Decide on Presidential Run in June

New York real estate mogul Donald Trump continues to maybe ready himself for a 2012 presidential run. Today he spoke at CPAC, saying that he'll officially decide whether he will or he won't "by June." Never one to shy away from controversy (or self-publicity), Trump may be the perfect candidate to go up against current Republican favorite Ron Paul, so the Donald made sure to take specific aim at Paul in his short speech before walking off the stage to (what else but his theme song?) "For the Love of Money."

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Rudy Giuliani Better Say "I'm Running"or We're Going to Stop Caring

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Just say it already!
Last month we urged our old mayor to give becoming the POTUS another try. We think that he might have heard our calls. He said last night on CNBC that he would "take a look at 2012. It's really a question of, can I play a useful role, would I have a chance of getting the nomination?" Oh, come on, Rudy, stop tippy-toe-ing around. Video of his remarks about China and the presidency after the jump.

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Donald Trump Denies 2012 Presidential Run, But Rants About China and OPEC Anyway

Donald Trump, real estate mogul and Celebrity Apprentice boss, went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday and played coy, as usual, about a 2012 presidential run. He then ran through the cast of the new Apprentice season which features Mark McGrath, Lil' John, Latoya Jackson and Star Jones. But more importantly he ranted pretty crazily about China and OPEC: "I hate to see what's happening to this country. We're no longer that great place that we were." The full text of the rant after the jump.

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