The Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan Museum Gala Was Actually a Killer Party

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Laura June Kirsch
"Does anybody know how to work a projector?" shouts Viviana Olen over a PBR-saturated room of about 100, mostly millennials with a sprinkling of Gen X–ers. Matt Harkins fiddles with the open MacBook. This is Williamsburg, rooftop film capital of the U.S.A. Somebody knows how to work a projector. The show goes on.

That was pretty much how the Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan 1994 Museum Gala unfolded Saturday night. Olen and Harkins, the founders/curators/guides/live-in custodians of the highly publicized museum and the event's hosts, were a bit harried throughout the variety hour but charismatic enough to carry the crowd.

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Attention Upscale Homeless! Urban Outfitters' Space Ninety 8 to Open in Williamsburg on Friday

Tessa Stuart
Space Ninety 8
Last year, when news emerged that Urban Outfitters would be opening up on North 6th Street in Williamsburg -- a stone's throw from a planned Whole Foods and Anthropologie (both on Bedford), and next door to a new American Apparel -- an informal poll yielded consensus: neighbors were unenthusiastic. Some even swore they would never shop there.

But everyone bemoans gentrification; resisting it, when you're passing that $39 crop top every day on your way home from work, is another matter entirely. Just ask Spike Lee.

Will those negative Neds and Nancys be able to withstand the siren song of a macramé watermelon holder? Find out on Friday, when the multi-level Urban Outfitters, "Space Ninety 8," opens in Williamsburg.

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Was a Banksy Work on Bedford Avenue Painted Over for a Pearl Jam Ad?

Sascha Ciezata
Banksy on Bedford?
Update: Debunked! An eagle-eyed reader points out that particular stencil is used by the Iranian artists Icy and Sot. Check out more of their work on Instagram.

A tipster spotted this piece at Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street in Williamsburg last night and figured it might be part of Banksy's New York exhibition. Sure, it certainly bears some resemblance to the graffito's style, but it hasn't appeared on his website yet.

Is it or isn't it? Well, we may never know ...

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The Domino Sugar Factory Deal: $160 Million and a Waterfront View

The Domino Sugar Factory: the closest thing we have to Willy Wonka in Williamsburg
If you've ever drove/ran/biked across the Williamsburg Bridge, you have probably seen the Domino Sugar factory. 

The pre-Civil-War industrial building used to be the largest sugar refinery in the world; now, its worn-down streaks are covered with bright graffiti and its drabness is reminiscent of some weird byproduct of the Industrial Revolution from a Charles Dickens's novel. And it might be the newest property to be chewed up by an ever-expanding Waterfront.

According to the New York Daily News, a DUMBO company called Two Trees Management Group - known for its emphasis on the start-up tech scene in the Brooklyn enclave - might be buying the property for $160 million in a deal that blows the hinges off the Williamsburg craze.

What's better than one towering condo on the East River? 

(Here's the answer: many, many more).
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Long Live the G-Train? New Petition Tries to Preserve Park Slope Extension (UPDATE)

Well, here are four words we never thought we would type: Save the G-train?

Brooklyn's straphangers, known to love the looping line as much as they hate it, are now rallying in support of the G: District Leader Lincoln Restler has organized a petition to keep the MTA from cutting off full Church Avenue-to-Queens service. Nearly 1,200 have signed the online petition, which began Sunday. The move comes as communities continue to feel the effect of MTA cuts -- which resulted in the loss of two subway lines, 36 bus routes, and 570 bus stops in the last several years.

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If You Give Directions, You Might Get Robbed at Gunpoint -- Even in Williamsburg and Bushwick

Hey, New Yorker! Yeah, YOU! Now you finally have good reason to be that asshole -- you know, that guy or gal who doesn't want to give directions. It could be dangerous!

Cops say the four scumbags pictured here are preying on the city's good Samaritans -- they'll stop and ask you for directions and rob you while you're distracted.

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The Brooklyn (Hipster) Christmas Tree Gets a (Hipster) Time-Lapse Video

Brooklyn Christmas Tree from Chris Kirkinis on Vimeo.

Everything good and decent in this world gets a time-lapse video, right? Right. Such is the case for the Brooklyn (Hipster) Christmas Tree, created by 26-year-old Aussie expat Julian Cole. Watch the stylized time-lapse of the making, by Chris Kirkinis, and feel holiday-ish. There are snowflakes. There are hoodies!

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The McCarren Park 'Hipster' Christmas Tree Gets Some Upgrades

Yesterday we noted, thanks to New York Shitty and the L Magazine, that there was a Christmas tree "growing" in Brooklyn. Made of PBRs implanted in a tree-shape in the McCarren Park fence at Bedford and North 12th, plus red and green painted sneakers, a star made of Metrocards, plastic bags, tinsel, and other found items, the tree was immediately dubbed the "Hipster Christmas Tree," partly because of the PBR, partly because of its location, and partly because the word hipster is bandied about like a pair of sweat socks at a Dirty Christmas party.

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'Occupy Williamsburg' Meeting Tonight at Union Pool, Obviously

Now that Occupy Wall Street no longer has a home, will it end up in Williamsburg? Well -- probably not. But tonight some people are meeting up at Union Pool (of course) to talk about a possible "Occupy Williamsburg" movement.

The Facebook event description begins: "Many of us in Williamsburg have been involved in and inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement. OWS is not about abstract politics. It's about unemployment, health care, dwindling social services, huge student debts, brutally expensive housing and bleak futures. In the most fundamental and personal ways, and in the places where we live them, OWS is a worldwide movement to reclaim our lives."

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In 2012, You Will Love the L Train a Little More (or Hate It Slightly Less?)

According to a statement today released by State Senator Daniel Squadron, the MTA will be improving weekend service on the L train, with more frequent trains expected starting in mid 2012. Squadron had requested a review back in July of the service; the results show that the much-maligned line has, as many an L-train rider could tell you, not kept up with the "meteoric" rise in ridership, which has "increased by 141% since 1998 -- while service has only increased by 58% on Saturdays and 52% on Sundays." That growth in ridership is three times the rate of the rest of the subway system.

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