Williamsburg Landlord Trashes Tenant's Apartment While She Was Out

Ben Lockhart
We've covered some wacky slumlord stories these past few weeks, but this one takes the cake.

On April 26, Jamal Alokasheh, landlord of a Bedford Avenue apartment, broke into a female tenant's home and demolished the place--ripping the doors off, taking apart parts of the roof, and placing the bathtub in the kitchen--according to a report by the Brooklyn Paper.

The tenant, Jadwiga Bronte, knew Alokasheh was going to enter her apartment, but she claimed he was supposed to be making minor renovations, like fixing the leak.

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If You Give Directions, You Might Get Robbed at Gunpoint -- Even in Williamsburg and Bushwick

Hey, New Yorker! Yeah, YOU! Now you finally have good reason to be that asshole -- you know, that guy or gal who doesn't want to give directions. It could be dangerous!

Cops say the four scumbags pictured here are preying on the city's good Samaritans -- they'll stop and ask you for directions and rob you while you're distracted.

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Seanna Sharpe, Aerialist, Arrested For Stunt on Williamsburg Bridge

Screen shot 2011-07-12 at 8.56.02 AM.png
At around 7 p.m. on Monday night, the Brooklyn aerialist Seanna Sharpe, along with her magician friend Savage Skinner, scaled about 300 feet on a tower of the Williamsburg Bridge and began performing on a 90-foot silk rope without a harness. A crowd of about 100 gathered, the Wall Street Journal reports, but after about 30 minutes, the NYPD showed up and arrested both artists. But not before something of a police chase!

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Williamsburg Rabbis Push Summer Tank Top Ban

Old-world beliefs are alive and well in Williamsburg, mostly the province of superficial young people these days, but also still a neighborhood with large pockets of religious families. The Central Rabbinical Congress, a group of leading Hasidic rabbis, has kicked off a poster campaign in South Williamsburg recommending "women to avoid wearing tank tops, T-shirts, and clingy dresses." The signs are entirely in Hebrew except for the words "tank tops."

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"Cool" New "Williamsburg" Cigarettes Very Concerning Despite Not Actually Being Cool

This just in! People who are against smoking, and especially people against kids smoking -- including, specifically, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (talk about working at an organization with few detractors) -- are quite concerned that those new Camel cigarette packs featuring awesomely cool and rebellious "hipster neighborhoods" like Williamsburg (and for that matter, Austin and Seattle) are going to attract kids because they make cigarettes "seem cool."

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Your Thursday Evening Recap: Squirrel Hits Wall

Today in news that seems to indicate the world is slowly continuing to cycle on its axis of crazy -- which is reassuring, really:

• Dick van Dyke was (allegedly) rescued by a group of friendly porpoises after falling asleep on his surfboard in the middle of the ocean. The man is officially his own folk tale.

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AOL Dubs Bedford Avenue "Safest NYC Neighborhood"

AOL's WalletPop site has revealed the safest neighborhoods in America's major cities based on neighborhood and FBI crime data. Guess what!? Bedford Avenue has ranked as one of those cozy locales, where your chance of becoming the victim to a crime is but 1 in 500 each year.

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Scene From the L Train: Help JJ Find His Halloween Love, Kristy (or Krissy, or Kristie)

MissedConnections (2).gif
Via enginesroar.
Halloween: The night (or nights) where single New Yorkers inevitably fall in love with handsome and/or "slutty" costumed incarnations of other New Yorkers, maybe for a night, maybe forever. But with all of those costumes and parties and all that booze, some of those connections are bound to be lost forever, unless, like one young man did, you take action.

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VICE Magazine vs. Real-Life Haitian Voodoo Zombies: The Second-Dumbest, Amazing Way VICE Has Spent Money (Video)

Last Halloween, the sealant-huffing organization behind hipster bible VICE magazine threw themselves a 15th anniversary party in a warehouse in Williamsburg, filling it with booze, skateboard ramps, bands, and wasted barely-legals from all over the land, claiming to have spent $250,000 on it. It was a shitshow of epic proportion likely to never be replicated. Ever. So how does VICE follow up this year?

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Intellectualizing Hipsters is the New Hipster Intellectualism

Does the idea of hipsters as a sociological group or hipsterism as a sociological trend really merit the studying of hipsters as if they were an anthropological goldmine waiting to be excavated for crucial insights into the contemporary human psyche?

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