Pierre Simmons Collects Cans by Day and Plays Beautiful Piano by Night

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Pierre Simmons, 62, spends his days picking up bottles and cans. He made $8 his first day. Then he met people who were "religiously" into picking up bottles and cans.

"I thought a lot of these people that did this were either drug addicts or homeless," he says. "But I was wrong." Simmons says he likes the job because "nobody tells me what to do, nobody tells me when I get paid." He's also a talented pianist. "Sometimes when I'm canning, and walking those distances, a song comes to me."

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Bronx Restaurateur Fires Back at Disgruntled Workers With a Lawsuit of His Own

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Courtesy Laundry Workers Center on Facebook
Activists protest outside Liberato Restaurant on a January evening in 2014.
He says they're conspirators. They say he's a thief. A restaurant owner and a food-service labor group are tangled in a web of legal battles over how far a group of disgruntled workers should be able to go to complain about working conditions.

Having filed a defamation lawsuit in 2014, Manuel Antonio Liberato, the owner of Liberato Restaurant, is bringing a RICO case against prominent labor organization the Laundry Workers Center for racketeering, extortion, and harassment.

Meanwhile, the Center has filed a suit of its own against Liberato. The group has also filed five complaints with the National Labor Relations Board for retaliation against workers who organized for workplace reforms. Liberato's attorneys call the complaints "baseless."

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New York City's Paid Sick Leave Law Kicks In Today

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Photo Credit: cdw9 via Compfight cc
How many of you are reading this while home with the "flu?"
New York City workers can begin using their paid sick leave today, as part of a measure originally passed by the city council in 2013 over the veto threats of former mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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The Paycheck Fairness Act Fails (Again)

Well, that's that.

The Paycheck Fairness Act, which would have would required that employers explain pay disparities between men and women, so that said staffers would know whether the differences are sex-based or not, failed 52-47 in the Senate, according to Politico. The proposed law -- which would have prohibited employers "from retaliating against employees who discuss or disclose salary information with their co-workers" needed 60 votes to advance to debate.

But is anyone that surprised?

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Mayor Bloomberg Is Looking For a New Speechwriter

bloomberg speaking .jpg
Could you be Mike Bloomberg's next speechwriter? A source forwarded an email from head City Hall speechwriter Francis Barry to Capital New York's Azi Paybarah. There's an opening for you budding Ted Sorensens out there! Barry even notes that City Hall is "casting a wide net," so apply away:

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Barack Obama Speaks on Dismal June Unemployment Numbers

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In a humbling morning for our country today, President Obama spoke to the press about the dismal June unemployment numbers -- we're now at 9.2% unemployment, with a mere 18,000 jobs added last month -- while Americans stood by to watch the bittersweet launch of the Atlantis, marking the last breaths of the space shuttle program. For those of you chose to watch livestream of astronauts soaring into space over the falling economy, a quick recap, after the jump:

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Babies: They May Be Catching (But Not in the Way You'd Think)

Alert: Babies are contagious, especially if you work with people who have babies. And we don't mean germy, although that's definitely true. Hey, at least you can take Theraflu for that. But if you "catch a baby" (and that's not what we mean) from a coworker, you're going to be stuck with that thing for a good 20 or more years! Take proper cautions. We recommend Purell.

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Real Footage of Steven Slater's Slide is Here, and It's Not Very Exciting

Turns out we don't have to content ourselves with the Taiwanese animator's version of Steven Slater's slide to victory. The actual security camera footage is here! And it's kind of boring. We expected theme music and fireworks. Watch:

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The MTA: Now Busting Even More of You for Tardies

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Well, this is awkward. Back in June, the MTA introduced the NYC Transit Delay Verification System, an Internet memo of sorts into which you enter in your subway information and time; the program will confirm whether you were legitimately late, or just faking it because you overslept after a night of debauchery.

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Steven Slater: Former JetBlue Flight Attendant, Skilled Evac Slider, American Hero

via Capital
Surely you've heard by now of 38-year-old Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who went on an alleged rant/flip-out/beer-grabbing emergency evacuation slide out of a plane at JFK yesterday. He's all over the papers today. Planely, we are all nuts.

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